William Phipps (1922 - 2018)

William Phipps, Actor: The War of the Worlds. In the early days of 1950s science-fiction, one of the first people to become identified with the genre was actor William Phipps. Aside from furnishing the voice of Prince Charming in Disney's cartoon classic Popelka (1950), Phipps also hid his boyish face beneath a beard as the star of Arch Oboler's end-of-the-world melodrama Five (1951); made a ...

Vincennes, Indiana, USA
(96 let) Santa Monica, California, USA
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William Phipps oblíbené filmy

85 Popelka
76 Neuvěřitelná cesta
Neuvěřitelná cesta
75 I Want to Live
I Want to Live
82 Žízeň po životě
Žízeň po životě
Northern Patrol
Northern Patrol
72 Daleké obzory
Daleké obzory

2000Život k ničemufilm

1994Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstonea.z.

1993Neuvěřitelná cestafilm

1988Little Girl LostTV film

1988Posel smrtifilm

1986Horrible Horrora.z.

1985Lots of LuckTV film

1983I Want to LiveTV film

1982The Ambush MurdersTV film

1980BogieTV film

1977Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, TheTV film

1976Eleanor and FranklinTV film

1970Intruders, TheTV film

1967Gunfight in Abilenefilm

1967Valley of MysteryTV film

1966Incident at Phantom Hillfilm

1966S mojí ženou ne!film

1966Vyloupení banky v L. A.film


1964Frankensteinovo zlofilm


1962Black Goldfilm

1959The FBI Storyfilm

1958Cavalry Commandfilm

1958Escape From Red Rockfilm

1958Man on the Runfilm

1957Badlands of Montanafilm

1957Dejte jim za mě pusufilm

1957The Brothers Ricofilm

1956Great Day in the Morningfilm

1956Muž v šedém flanelovém oblekufilm

1956The Bossfilm

1956The Desperados Are in Townfilm

1956The First Texanfilm

1956Všechny čluny na vodufilm

1956Wild Party, Thefilm

1956Žízeň po životěfilm

1955Daleké obzoryfilm

1955Indiánský bojovníkfilm

1955Lord of the Junglefilm

1955Násilní mužifilm

1955Smoke Signalfilm

1955The Eternal Seafilm

1955Zuřivý úsvitfilm

1954Executive Suitefilm

1954Francis Joins the WACSfilm

1954Jesse James vs. the Daltonsfilm

1954Snow Creaturefilm

1954Two Guns and a Badgefilm

1954Vzpoura v bloku 11film

1953Cat-Women of the Moonfilm

1953Fort Algiersfilm

1953Invaders from Marsfilm

1953Julius Caesarfilm

1953Northern Patrolfilm

1953Red River Shorefilm

1953Savage Frontierfilm

1953The Blue Gardeniafilm

1953The Twonkyfilm

1953Válka světůfilm

1952Flat Topfilm

1952Fort Osagefilm

1952Loan Sharkfilm

1952Rose of Cimarronfilm

1952The Yellow Haired Kida.z.


1951No Questions Askedfilm

1951The Red Badge of Couragefilm

1950Key to the Cityfilm


1950Rider from Tucsonfilm

1950The Outridersfilm

1950The Vanishing Westernerfilm

1949Man on the Eiffel Tower, Thefilm

1949Scene of the Crimefilm

1948Belle Starr's Daughterfilm

1948Desperadoes of Dodge Cityfilm

1948Station Westfilm

1948The Arizona Rangerfilm

1948Train to Alcatrazfilm

1948Žijí v nocifilm

1947Galileo Galileifilm

1947Křížový výslechfilm

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