Irving Rapper (1898 - 1999)

Irving Rapper: The Adventures of Robin Hood. Irving Rapper was one of the last surviving directors from the "Golden Age of Hollywood", passing away on Dec. 20, 1999, at the age of 101, four weeks shy of his 102nd birthday. Rapper is best remembered for the films he made with Bette Davis, including the classics Now, Voyager (1942) and The Corn Is Green (1945). He also directed the first film ...

Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
(101 let) Woodland Hill, California, USA
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Irving Rapper oblíbené filmy

84 Rapsodie v modrém
Rapsodie v modrém
60 Pilát Pontský
Pilát Pontský
78 The Glass Menagerie
The Glass Menagerie
One Foot in Heaven
One Foot in Heaven
The Gay Sisters
The Gay Sisters
Dobrodružství Marka Twaina
Dobrodružství Marka Twaina

1978Born Againfilm

1970Christine Jorgensen Story, Thefilm

1962Pilát Pontskýfilm

1959The Miraclefilm

1958Marjorie Morningstarfilm

1956Brave One, Thefilm

1956Strange Intruderfilm

1953Bad for Each Otherfilm

1953Forever Femalefilm

1951Another Man's Poisonfilm

1950The Glass Menageriefilm

1949Anna Lucastafilm

1947The Voice of the Turtlefilm


1945Rapsodie v modrémfilm

1945The Corn Is Greenfilm

1944Dobrodružství Marka Twainafilm

1942The Gay Sistersfilm

1942Život je cestafilm

1941One Foot in Heavenfilm

1941Shining Victoryfilm

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