Christy Cabanne (1888 - 1950)

Christy Cabanne, Director: The Great Secret. Christy Cabanne was, along with Sam Newfield and William Beaudine, one of the most prolific directors in the history of American films. Cabanne spent several years in the navy, leaving the service in 1908. He decided on a career in the theater, and became a director as well as an actor. Although acting was his primary profession, when he finally ...

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
(62 let) Filadelfie, Pennsylvania, USA
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68 The Informer
The Informer
The Yaqui Cur
The Yaqui Cur
60 Home Folks
Home Folks
68 A Misunderstood Boy
A Misunderstood Boy
56 A Beast at Bay
A Beast at Bay

1915His Lessonfilm

1914Princezna z Betuliefilm

1913A Chance Deceptionfilm

1913A Misunderstood Boyfilm

1913A Timely Interceptionfilm

1913Almost a Wild Manfilm

1913Her Mother's Oathfilm

1913His Mother's Sonfilm

1913Near to Earthfilm

1913The Coming of Angelofilm

1913The House of Darknessfilm

1913The Mothering Heartfilm

1913The Sorrowful Shorefilm

1913The Wandererfilm

1913The Yaqui Curfilm

1913Work Habit, Thefilm

1912A Beast at Bayfilm

1912A Blot on the 'Scutcheonfilm

1912A Cry for Helpfilm

1912A Lodging for the Nightfilm

1912A Pueblo Legendfilm

1912A String of Pearlsfilm

1912A Temporary Trucefilm

1912Algy the Watchmanfilm

1912At the Basket Picnicfilm

1912Billy's Stratagemfilm

1912Black Sheepfilm

1912Child's Remorse, Afilm

1912Club-Man and the Crook, Thefilm

1912For His Sonfilm

1912Heaven Avengesfilm


1912Home Folksfilm

1912Inner Circle, Thefilm

1912Just Like a Womanfilm

1912Lena and the Geesefilm

1912My Herofilm

1912Narrow Road, Thefilm

1912Oh, Those Eyesfilm

1912Old Actor, Thefilm

1912So Near, Yet So Farfilm

1912Sunbeam, Thefilm

1912The Girl and Her Trustfilm

1912The God Withinfilm

1912The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulchfilm

1912The Informerfilm

1912The Musketeers of Pig Alleyfilm

1912The Painted Ladyfilm

1912The Punishmentfilm

1912The Transformation of Mikefilm

1912The Would-Be Shrinerfilm

1912Tragedy of the Dress Suitfilm

1912Two Daughters of Evefilm

1912Under Burning Skiesfilm

1912When Kings Were the Lawfilm

1911A Romany Tragedyfilm

1911The Battlefilm

1911The Failurefilm

1911Through Darkened Valesfilm

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