Edward F. Cline (1892 - 1961)

Edward F. Cline, Director: The Boat. Edward "Eddie" Cline began his career in the film business as one of the Keystone Kops. The former vaudevillian appeared sporadically in films as an actor until 1922, but became increasingly active behind the camera as a gagman and scenario writer for Mack Sennett. From 1916 he worked on a steady stream of two-reelers, either as director or assistant director, for such comedians as Buster Keaton, ...

Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
(68 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Edward F. Cline oblíbené filmy

82 Frigo pod šibenicí
Frigo pod šibenicí
86 Frigo na námluvách
Frigo na námluvách
73 Když jsi odešel
Když jsi odešel
Crazy House
Crazy House
The Forward Pass
The Forward Pass
86 Frigo a soused
Frigo a soused

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1941Never Give a Sucker an Even Breakfilm

1940My Little Chickadeefilm

1940The Bank Dickfilm

1940The Villain Still Pursued Herfilm

1939You Can't Cheat an Honest Manfilm

1938Breaking the Icefilm

1938Go Chase Yourselffilm

1938Hawaii Callsfilm

1938Peck's Bad Boy with the Circusfilm

1937Forty Naughty Girlsfilm

1937High Flyersfilm

1937On Again Off Againfilm


1936Love in Septemberfilm

1935Cowboy Millionairefilm

1935It's a Great Lifefilm

1935When a Man's a Manfilm

1934Business Is a Pleasurefilm

1934Fighting to Livefilm

1934Morocco Nightsfilm

1934Not Tonight, Josephinefilm

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1934The Dude Rangerfilm

1933Girl Troublefilm

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1933So This Is Africafilm

1933Uncle Jakefilm

1932Million Dollar Legsfilm

1932The Door Knockerfilm

1931Cracked Nutsfilm

1931In Conferencefilm

1931Mlle. Irene the Greatfilm

1931No, No, Ladyfilm

1931The Girl Habitfilm

1931The Naughty Flirtfilm

1930Don't Bite Your Dentistfilm

1930Hook, Line and Sinkerfilm

1930In the Next Roomfilm


1930Take Your Medicinefilm

1930The Widow from Chicagofilm

1929Broadway Feverfilm

1929His Lucky Dayfilm

1929The Forward Passfilm

1928Ladies' Night in a Turkish Bathfilm

1928Love at First Flightfilm

1928Man Crazyfilm

1928The Crashfilm

1928The Head Manfilm

1928Vamping Venusfilm

1927A Small Town Princessfilm

1927Broke in Chinafilm

1927Let It Rainfilm

1927Peaches and Plumbersfilm

1927Soft Cushionsfilm

1927The Bull Fighterfilm

1927The Girl from Everywherefilm

1927The Jolly Jilterfilm

1926A Blonde's Revengefilm

1926A Harem Knightfilm

1926A Love Sundaefilm

1926Alice Be Goodfilm

1926Flirty Four-Flushersfilm

1926Gosh-Darn Mortgage, Thefilm

1926Her Actor Friendfilm

1926Hesitating Horsesfilm

1926Kitty from Killarneyfilm

1926Puppy Lovetimefilm

1926Should Husbands Marry?film

1926Smith's Babyfilm

1926Smith's Landlordfilm

1926Smith's Vacationfilm

1926Spanking Breezesfilm

1926The Ghost of Follyfilm

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1924Along Came Ruthfilm

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1924Galloping Bungalowsfilm

1924Good Bad Boyfilm

1924Little Robinson Crusoefilm

1924Off His Trolleyfilm

1924When a Man's a Manfilm

1923Circus Daysfilm

1923Frigo kapitánemfilm

1923Frigo v balonufilm

1923Láska kvete v každém věkufilm

1923The Meanest Man in the Worldfilm

1922Frigo a strážnícifilm

1922Frigo elektrikářemfilm

1922Frigo mezi indiányfilm

1922Frigo má smůlufilm

1922Frigo na Aljašcefilm

1921Frigo - král střelcůfilm

1921Frigo na divadlefilm

1921Frigo sebevrahemfilm

1921Frigo ve člunufilm

1921Strašidelný důmfilm

1920Frigo a sousedfilm

1920Frigo na námluváchfilm

1920Frigo pod šibenicífilm

1920Frigo staví důmfilm

1920Monkey Businessfilm

1920Sheriff Nell's Comebackfilm

1920Ten Nights Without a Barroomfilm

1920Training for Husbandsfilm

1919Cupid's Day Offfilm

1919East Lynne with Variationsfilm

1919Hearts and Flowersfilm

1919Schoolhouse Scandal, Afilm

1919Uncle Tom Without a Cabinfilm

1919When Love Is Blindfilm

1918Her Screen Idolfilm

1918Hide and Seek Detectivesfilm

1918His Hidden Purposefilm

1918His Smothered Lovefilm

1918The Kitchen Ladyfilm

1918The Summer Girlsfilm

1918Those Athletic Girlsfilm

1918Whose Little Girl Are You?film

1918Whose Little Wife Are You?film

1917A Bedroom Blunderfilm

1917A Dog Catcher's Lovefilm

1917Catcher's Lovefilm

1917Dog, Thefilm

1917That Nightfilm

1917The Pawnbroker's Heartfilm

1917Villa of the Moviesfilm

1916Better Late Than Neverfilm

1916Bubbles of Troublefilm

1916Her First Beaufilm

1916His Bread and Butterfilm

1916His Busted Trustfilm


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