John Bunny (1863 - 1915)

John Bunny, Actor: Her Old Sweetheart. When John Bunny died the New York Times stated, "The name John Bunny will always be linked to the movies." Little did movie fans of 1915 realize that he would be completely forgotten the next year and completely omitted from many books on silent movies 70-80 years later. Bunny was the ninth in a line of English sea captains and would be the first ...

New York City, New York, USA
(51 let) Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
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One Good Joke Deserves Another
One Good Joke Deserves Another
The Feudists
The Feudists
Teaching McFadden to Waltz
Teaching McFadden to Waltz
The Wooing of Winifred
The Wooing of Winifred
The Autocrat of Flapjack Junction
The Autocrat of Flapjack Junction
The Girl at the Lunch Counter
The Girl at the Lunch Counter

1955All in Good Funa.z.

1953Yesterday and Todaya.z.

1932The Movie Album #2a.z.

1914A Change in Baggage Checksfilm

1914A Strand of Blond Hairfilm

1914A Train of Incidentsfilm

1914Bunco Bill's Visitfilm

1914Bunny Backslidesfilm

1914Bunny Buys a Haremfilm

1914Bunny's Birthdayfilm

1914Bunny's Little Brotherfilm

1914Bunny's Mistakefilm

1914Bunny's Schemefilm

1914Bunny's Swell Affairfilm

1914Father's Flirtationfilm

1914Hearts and Diamondsfilm

1914How Cissy Made Goodfilm

1914Love's Old Dreamfilm

1914Love, Luck and Gasolinefilm

1914Mr. Bunny in Disguisefilm

1914Mr. Bunnyhug Buys a Hat for His Bridefilm

1914Pigs Is Pigsfilm

1914Polishing Upfilm

1914Private Bunnyfilm

1914Setting the Stylefilm

1914Such a Hunterfilm

1914Tangled Tangoistsfilm

1914The Honeymoonersfilm

1914The Locked Housefilm

1914The Misadventures of a Mighty Monarchfilm

1914The Old Fire Horse and the New Fire Chieffilm

1914The Old Maid's Babyfilm

1914The Vases of Hymenfilm

1913A Gentleman of Fashionfilm

1913A Millinery Bombfilm

1913And His Wife Came Backfilm

1913Bunny Blarneyed; or, The Blarney Stonefilm

1913Bunny Versus Cuteyfilm

1913Bunny and the Bunny Hugfilm

1913Bunny as a Reporterfilm

1913Bunny for the Causefilm

1913Bunny's Birthday Surprisefilm

1913Bunny's Dilemmafilm

1913Bunny's Honeymoonfilm

1913Cupid's Hired Manfilm

1913Flaming Heartsfilm

1913He Answered the Adfilm

1913His Honor, the Mayorfilm

1913His Tired Unclefilm

1913Hubby Buys a Babyfilm

1913Hubby's Toothachefilm

1913John Tobin's Sweetheartfilm

1913Love's Quarantinefilm

1913Ma's Apron Stringsfilm

1913Mr. Bolter's Niecefilm

1913One Good Joke Deserves Anotherfilm

1913Seeing Doublefilm

1913Stenographer Troublesfilm

1913Suspicious Henryfilm

1913The Adventure of the Shooting Partyfilm

1913The Autocrat of Flapjack Junctionfilm

1913The Feudistsfilm

1913The Fortunefilm

1913The Girl at the Lunch Counterfilm

1913The Golf Game and the Bonnetfilm

1913The Locket; or, When She Was Twentyfilm

1913The Man Higher Upfilm

1913The Pickpocketfilm

1913The Pickwick Papersfilm

1913The Piratesfilm

1913The Schemersfilm

1913The Wonderful Statuefilm

1913There's Music in the Hairfilm

1913Those Troublesome Tressesfilm

1913Three Black Bagsfilm

1913When the Press Speaksfilm

1913Which Way Did He Go?film

1912A Cure for Pokeritisfilm

1912A Persistent Loverfilm

1912An Eventful Elopementfilm

1912At Scrogginses' Cornerfilm

1912Bachelor Buttonsfilm

1912Bunny All at Seafilm

1912Bunny and the Dogsfilm

1912Bunny and the Twinsfilm

1912Bunny at the Derbyfilm

1912Bunny's Suicidefilm

1912Burnt Corkfilm

1912Captain Barnacle's Messmatesfilm

1912Captain Jenks' Dilemmafilm

1912Captain Jenks' Diplomacyfilm

1912Chased by Bloodhoundsfilm


1912Diamond Cut Diamondfilm

1912Doctor Bridgetfilm


1912Her Old Sweetheartfilm

1912His Mother-in-Lawfilm

1912How He Papered the Roomfilm

1912Ida's Christmasfilm

1912Irene's Infatuationfilm

1912Leap Year Proposalsfilm

1912Martha's Rebellionfilm

1912Michael McShane, Matchmakerfilm

1912Mr. Bolter's Infatuationfilm

1912Pandora's Boxfilm

1912Red Ink Tragedyfilm

1912Stenographers Wantedfilm

1912Suing Susanfilm

1912The Awakening of Jonesfilm

1912The Bogus Napoleonfilm

1912The First Violinfilm

1912The First Woman Jury in Americafilm

1912The Lovesick Maidens of Cuddletonfilm

1912The Pseudo Sultanfilm

1912The Suit of Armorfilm

1912The Troublesome Step-Daughtersfilm

1912The Unknown Violinistfilm

1912Thou Shalt Not Covetfilm

1912Two Cindersfilm

1912Umbrellas to Mendfilm

1912Who Stole Bunny's Umbrella?film

1912Who's to Win?film

1912Working for Hubbyfilm

1911A Queen for a Dayfilm

1911A Slight Mistakefilm

1911A Tale of Two Citiesfilm

1911A Widow Visits Springtownfilm

1911An Unexpected Reviewfilm

1911Captain Barnacle's Babyfilm

1911Captain Barnacle's Courtshipfilm

1911Davy Jones in the South Seasfilm

1911Davy Jones; or, His Wife's Husbandfilm

1911Doctor Cupidfilm

1911Her Crowning Gloryfilm

1911Her Herofilm

1911His Sister's Childrenfilm

1911In the Arctic Nightfilm

1911In the Clutches of a Vapor Bathfilm

1911Intrepid Davyfilm

1911Kitty and the Cowboysfilm

1911Little Nemofilm

1911Madge of the Mountainsfilm

1911My Old Dutchfilm

1911Proving His Love; or, The Ruse of a Beautiful Womanfilm

1911Selecting His Heiressfilm

1911Soldiers Three; or, When Scotch Soldier Laddies Went in Swimmingfilm

1911Teaching McFadden to Waltzfilm

1911The Clown's Best Performancefilm

1911The Gossipfilm

1911The Latent Sparkfilm

1911The Leading Ladyfilm

1911The Missing Willfilm

1911The New Stenographerfilm

1911The Old Dollfilm

1911The One Hundred Dollar Billfilm

1911The Politician's Dreamfilm

1911The Return of 'Widow' Pogson's Husbandfilm

1911The Subduing of Mrs. Nagfilm

1911The Tired, Absent-Minded Manfilm

1911The Ventriloquist's Trunkfilm

1911The Woes of a Wealthy Widowfilm

1911The Wooing of Winifredfilm

1911The Wrong Patientfilm

1911Treasure Trovefilm

1911Troublesome Secretariesfilm

1911Two Overcoatsfilm

1911Ups and Downsfilm

1911Vanity Fairfilm

1910Captain Barnacle's Chaperonefilm

1910Cupid and the Motor Boatfilm

1910Davy Jones and Captain Braggfilm

1910He Who Laughs Lastfilm

1910In Neighboring Kingdomsfilm

1910Jack Fat and Jim Slim at Coney Islandfilm

1909Cohen at Coney Islandfilm

1909Cohen's Dreamfilm

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