Charles Lamont (1895 - 1993)

Charles Lamont, Director: Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd. One of the more prolific American directors, Charles Lamont entered films as an actor in 1919 and became a director in 1922. He churned out numerous one- and two-reel comedies for various producers, including Mack Sennett and Al Christie, and began directing features in the mid-'30s. Lamont was a staple of such independent studios as Chesterfield and Republic, for whom he turned out many action, ...

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(98 let) Woodland Hills, California, USA
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I Was a Shoplifter
I Was a Shoplifter
The Untamed Breed
The Untamed Breed
Frontier Gal
Frontier Gal
Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation
Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation
Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd
Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd
The Runaround
The Runaround

1956The Kettles in the Ozarksfilm

1955Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kopsfilm

1955Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummyfilm

1955Carolina Cannonballfilm

1955Lay That Rifle Downfilm

1954Ma and Pa Kettle at Homefilm

1954Ricochet Romancefilm

1954Untamed Heiressfilm

1953Abbott a Costello potkávají dr. Jekylla a pana Hydeafilm

1953Abbott and Costello Go to Marsfilm

1953Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacationfilm

1952Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kiddfilm

1951Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Manfilm

1951Comin' Round the Mountainfilm

1951Flame of Arabyfilm

1950Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legionfilm

1950Curtain Call at Cactus Creekfilm

1950I Was a Shoplifterfilm

1950Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Townfilm


1949Ma and Pa Kettlefilm

1948Untamed Breed, Thefilm

1947Slave Girlfilm

1946She Wrote the Bookfilm

1946The Runaroundfilm

1945Frontier Galfilm

1945Salome, Where She Dancedfilm

1945That's the Spiritfilm

1944Bowery to Broadwayfilm

1944Chip Off the Old Blockfilm

1944Her Primitive Manfilm

1944The Merry Monahansfilm

1943Fired Wifefilm

1943Hit the Icefilm

1943It Comes Up Lovefilm

1943Mister Bigfilm

1943Top Manfilm

1942Almost Marriedfilm

1942Don't Get Personalfilm

1942Get Hep to Lovefilm

1942Hi, Neighborfilm

1942When Johnny Comes Marching Homefilm

1942You're Telling Mefilm

1941Melody Lanefilm

1941Moonlight in Hawaiifilm

1941Road Agentfilm

1941San Antonio Rosefilm

1941Sing Another Chorusfilm

1940Give Us Wingsfilm

1940Love, Honor and Oh Baby!film

1940Oh Johnny, How You Can Lovefilm

1940Sandy Is a Ladyfilm

1939Inside Informationfilm

1939Little Accidentfilm

1939Long Shotfilm

1939Panama Patrolfilm

1939Pride of the Navyfilm

1939Unexpected Fatherfilm

1939Verbena trágicafilm

1938Cipher Bureaufilm

1938Doggone Mixup, Afilm

1938Fiddling Aroundfilm

1938International Crimefilm

1938Shadows Over Shanghaifilm

1938Slander Housefilm

1937Calling All Doctorsfilm

1937Community Sing: Series 2, No. 3 - College Football Songsfilm

1937Community Sing: Series 2, No. 4film

1937Community Sing: Series 2, No. 5film


1937He Done His Dutyfilm

1937Jail Baitfilm

1937Knee Actionfilm

1937Love Nest on Wheelsfilm

1937My Little Fellerfilm

1937New Newsfilm

1937Playing the Poniesfilm

1937Sailor Maidfilm

1937Wallaby Jim of the Islandsfilm

1937Wrong Miss Wright, Thefilm

1936A Nose for Newsfilm

1936August Weekendfilm

1936Below the Deadlinefilm

1936Bulldog Editionfilm

1936Don't Get Personalfilm

1936Grand Slam Operafilm

1936Lady Luckfilm

1936Oh, Duchess!film

1936Ring Around the Moonfilm

1936Thanks, Mr. Cupidfilm

1936The Dark Hourfilm

1936The Little Red Schoolhousefilm

1936Three on a Limbfilm

1935A Shot in the Darkfilm

1935Alimony Achesfilm

1935Circumstantial Evidencefilm

1935False Pretensesfilm



1935Hayseed Romancefilm

1935His Last Flingfilm

1935Knockout Dropsfilm

1935Lady in Scarlet, Thefilm

1935Last Trap, Thefilm

1935Only the Bravefilm

1935Palooka from Paducahfilm

1935Restless Knightsfilm

1935Tars and Stripesfilm

1935The Captain Hits the Ceilingfilm

1935The E-Flat Manfilm

1935The Girl Who Came Backfilm

1935Tramp Tramp Trampfilm

1934Allez Oopfilm

1934Gold Ghost, Thefilm

1934Half-Baked Relationsfilm

1934Hello, Prosperityfilm

1934Managed Moneyfilm

1934No Sleep on the Deepfilm

1934Pardon My Pupsfilm

1934Plumbing for Goldfilm

1934Sons of Steelfilm

1934The Curtain Fallsfilm

1934The World Accusesfilm

1934Tomorrow's Youthfilm

1934Trimmed in Fursfilm

1933Big Squealfilm

1933Git Along Little Wifiefilm

1933Keyhole Katiefilm

1933Merrily Yoursfilm

1933Pair of Socks, Afilm


1933The Big Squealfilm

1933What's to Do?film

1933Yankee Doodle Dukefilm

1932Foiled Againfilm

1932Glad Rags to Richesfilm

1932Half-Pint Hero, Thefilm

1932Hollywood Kidsfilm

1932Kid in Hollywoodfilm

1932Kid's Last Fight, Thefilm

1932Live Newsfilm

1932Marriage Vowsfilm

1932Pie Covered Wagonfilm

1932Polly Tix in Washingtonfilm

1932Quiet Worker, Thefilm

1932Running Hollywoodfilm

1932The Hollywood Handicapfilm

1932War Babiesfilm

1931All Excitedfilm

1931Bachelor Babiesfilm

1931Circus Bluesfilm

1931Divorce a la Cartefilm

1931Fast and Furiousfilm

1931Hollywood Halfbacksfilm

1931Hot and Botheredfilm

1931Models and Wivesfilm

1931My Kidfilm

1931One Hundred Dollarsfilm


1931The Gossipy Plumberfilm

1930Dance with Mefilm

1930Drumming It Infilm

1929Auntie's Mistakefilm

1929Don't Get Excitedfilm

1929Fire Prooffilm

1929Joy Tonicfilm

1929Social Sinnersfilm

1929The Crazy Nutfilm

1929Top Speedfilm

1928Angel Eyesfilm

1928Circus Bluesfilm

1928Companionate Servicefilm

1928Misplaced Husbandsfilm

1928Wildcat Valleyfilm

1927Atta Babyfilm

1927Brunettes Prefer Gentlemenfilm

1927Half-Pint Hero, Afilm

1927Live Newsfilm

1927Scared Sillyfilm

1927Thanks for the Boat Ridefilm

1927Wedding Yellsfilm

1927Who's Afraid?film

1926A Yankee Doodle Dukefilm

1926Accidents Can Happenfilm

1926Al's Troublesfilm

1926Bear Catsfilm

1926Close Shavesfilm

1926Excess Baggagefilm

1926Going Crazyfilm

1926Helpful Alfilm

1926Her Ambitionfilm

1926My Kidfilm

1926Naughty Boyfilm

1926Open Housefilm

1926Open Spacesfilm

1926Sea Scampsfilm

1926Why George!film

1925Almost a Husbandfilm

1925Baby Be Goodfilm

1925Bachelors' Babiesfilm

1925Buster Be Goodfilm

1925Clear the Wayfilm

1925Cupid's Victoryfilm

1925Dog Dazefilm

1925Educating Busterfilm

1925In Deepfilm

1925Love Sickfilm

1925Maid In Moroccofilm

1925Married Neighborsfilm

1925Paging a Wifefilm

1925Piping Hotfilm

1925Puzzled by Crosswordsfilm

1925Raisin' Cainfilm

1925Rough Party, Afilm

1925Sailing Alongfilm

1925Tourists De Luxefilm

1925Winning Pair, Afilm


1924Her City Sportfilm

1924The Diving Foolfilm

1923Built on a Blufffilm

1923Don't Play Hookeyfilm

1923Hollywood Boundfilm

1923Mama's Baby Boyfilm

1923The Big Gamefilm

1923The Lucky Rubefilm

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