Richard Wallace (1894 - 1951)

Richard Wallace, Director: Captain Caution. Richard Wallace was born in Sacramento, California, in 1894. At 14 years of age he got a job as a theater projectionist, a job he held for four years. He later traveled to Los Angeles to get into the film industry, and wound up as an editor for such studios as Triangle and Robertson-Cole. His career was interrupted by service in the US Army Signal Corps during World War I, but upon his return he ...

Sacramento, California, USA
(57 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Richard Wallace oblíbené filmy

96 The Little Minister
The Little Minister
75 Tycoon
Captain Caution
Captain Caution
Because of Him
Because of Him
A Night to Remember
A Night to Remember

1949A Kiss for Corlissfilm

1949Adventure in Baltimorefilm

1948Let's Live a Littlefilm


1947Sinbad the Sailorfilm


1946Because of Himfilm

1945It's in the Bag!film

1945Kiss and Tellfilm

1944Bride by Mistakefilm


1943My Kingdom for a Cookfilm

1943The Fallen Sparrowfilm

1942A Night to Rememberfilm

1942Obliging Young Ladyfilm

1942The Wife Takes a Flyerfilm

1941A Girl, a Guy, and a Gobfilm

1941She Knew All the Answersfilm

1940Captain Cautionfilm

1939The Under-Pupfilm

1938Láska a mládífilm

1937Blossoms on Broadwayfilm

1937John Meade's Womanfilm

1936Wedding Presentfilm

1934Eight Girls in a Boatfilm

1934The Little Ministerfilm

1933The Masqueraderfilm

1932Thunder Belowfilm

1932Tomorrow and Tomorrowfilm

1931Kick Infilm

1931Man of the Worldfilm

1931The Road to Renofilm

1930Anybody's Warfilm

1930Seven Days' Leavefilm

1930The Right to Lovefilm

1929Innocents of Parisfilm

1929River of Romancefilm

1928Butter and Egg Man, Thefilm

1928Heart Troublefilm

1928Lady Be Goodfilm

1928The Shopworn Angelfilm

1927A Texas Steerfilm

1927McFadden's Flatsfilm

1927Poor Nut, Thefilm

1927The American Beautyfilm

1926Dizzy Daddiesfilm

1926Honeymoon Hotel, Thefilm

1926Madame Mysteryfilm

1926Never Too Oldfilm

1926Raggedy Rosefilm

1926So This Is Paris?film

1926Syncopating Suefilm

1926The Merry Widowerfilm

1926Tight Cargofilm

1926What's the World Coming To?film

1925Beware of Your Relativesfilm

1925Ice Coldfilm

1925Jiminy Cricketsfilm

1925One Wild Nightfilm

1925Starvation Bluesfilm

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