Shemp Howard (1895 - 1955)

Shemp Howard, Actor: Scrambled Brains. Shemp Howard was born Samuel Horwitz in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He was also the brother of fellow stooges Moe Howard and Curly Howard. Larry Fine was not related to any of the other stooges. When not working with The Three Stooges, Shemp made a lot of feature film appearances, such as The Bank Dick (1940) with W.C. Fields. Shemp, Moe, Larry and ...

Brooklyn, New York, USA
(60 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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The Strange Case of Doctor Rx
The Strange Case of Doctor Rx
67 The Invisible Woman
The Invisible Woman
68 Arabské noci
Arabské noci
Crazy House
Crazy House
82 Hellzapoppin
Keep Em Slugging
Keep Em Slugging


1956Flagpole Jittersfilm

1956For Crimin' Out Loudfilm

1956Husbands Bewarefilm

1955Bedlam in Paradisefilm

1955Blunder Boysfilm

1955Fling in the Ringfilm

1955Gypped in the Penthousefilm

1955Hot Icefilm

1955Of Cash and Hashfilm

1955Stone Age Romeosfilm


1954Income Tax Sappyfilm

1954Knutzy Knightsfilm

1954Musty Musketeersfilm

1954Pals and Galsfilm

1954Scotched in Scotlandfilm

1954Shot in the Frontierfilm

1953Booty and the Beastfilm

1953Bubble Troublefilm

1953Goof on the Rooffilm

1953Loose Lootfilm

1953Pardon My Backfirefilm

1953Rip, Sew and Stitchfilm


1953Tricky Dicksfilm

1953Up in Daisy's Penthousefilm

1952Corny Casanovasfilm

1952Cuckoo on a Choo-Choofilm

1952Gents in a Jamfilm

1952He Cooked His Goosefilm

1952Listen, Judgefilm

1952Missed Fortune, Afilm

1952Three Dark Horsesfilm

1951Baby Sitters' Jittersfilm

1951Don't Throw That Knifefilm

1951Gold Raidersfilm


1951Merry Mavericksfilm

1951Pest Man Winsfilm

1951Scrambled Brainsfilm

1951Three Arabian Nutsfilm

1951Tooth Will Out, Thefilm

1950Dopey Dicksfilm

1950Hugs and Mugsfilm

1950Love at First Bitefilm

1950Punchy Cowpunchersfilm

1950Self Made Maidsfilm

1950Slaphappy Sleuthsfilm

1950Snitch in Time, Afilm

1950Studio Stoopsfilm

1950Three Hams on Ryefilm

1949Abbott a Costello: Afrika voláfilm

1949Dunked in the Deepfilm

1949Fuelin' Aroundfilm

1949Ghost Talks, Thefilm

1949Hokus Pokusfilm

1949Jerks of All TradesTV film

1949Malice in the Palacefilm

1949Vagabond Loafersfilm

1949Who Done It?film

1948Crime on Their Handsfilm

1948Fiddlers Threefilm

1948Heavenly Dazefilm

1948Hot Scots, Thefilm

1948I'm a Monkey's Unclefilm

1948Mummy's Dummiesfilm

1948Pardon My Clutchfilm

1948Shivering Sherlocksfilm

1948Squareheads of the Round Tablefilm

1947All Gummed Upfilm

1947Bride and Gloomfilm

1947Brideless Groomfilm

1947Fright Nightfilm

1947Hold That Lion!film

1947Out Westfilm

1947Sing a Song of Six Pantsfilm

1946Blondie Knows Bestfilm

1946Dangerous Businessfilm

1946Mr. Noisyfilm

1946One Exciting Weekfilm

1946Society Mugsfilm

1946The Gentleman Misbehavesfilm

1945A Hit with a Missfilm

1945Off Again, on Againfilm

1945Trouble Chasersfilm

1944Crazy Knightsfilm

1944Moonlight and Cactusfilm

1944Open Season for Sapsfilm

1944Pick a Peck of Plumbersfilm

1944Strange Affairfilm

1944Three of a Kindfilm

1943Crazy Housefilm

1943How's About Itfilm

1943It Ain't Hayfilm

1943Keep 'Em Sluggingfilm

1942Arabské nocifilm

1942Butch Minds the Babyfilm

1942Mississippi Gamblerfilm


1942Private Buckaroofilm

1942Strictly in the Groovefilm

1942The Strange Case of Doctor Rxfilm

1941Buck Privatesfilm

1941Cracked Nutsfilm


1941Hit the Roadfilm

1941Hold That Ghostfilm

1941In the Navyfilm

1941Kráska z Nového Orleánsufilm

1941Meet the Chumpfilm

1941Mr. Dynamitefilm

1941Road Showfilm

1941San Antonio Rosefilm

1941Six Lessons from Madame La Zongafilm

1941Tight Shoesfilm

1941Too Many Blondesfilm

1940Boobs in the Woodsfilm

1940Give Us Wingsfilm

1940Millionaires in Prisonfilm

1940Money Squawksfilm

1940Murder Over New Yorkfilm

1940Pleased to Mitt Youfilm

1940The Bank Dickfilm

1940The Invisible Womanfilm

1940The Leather Pushersfilm

1940The Lone Wolf Meets a Ladyfilm

1939Another Thin Manfilm

1939Behind Prison Gatesfilm

1939Glove Slingersfilm

1938Home on the Ragefilm

1938Not Guilty Enoughfilm

1937Headin' Eastfilm

1937Hollywood Round-Upfilm

1936Blonde Bomber, Thefilm

1936For the Love of Petefilm

1936Punch and Beautyfilm

1936While the Cat's Awayfilm

1935Convention Girlfilm

1935His First Flamefilm

1935On the Wagonfilm

1935Serves You Rightfilm

1935Why Pay Rent?film

1934A Peach of a Pairfilm

1934Art Troublefilm

1934Corn on the Copfilm

1934Daredevil O'Darefilm

1934Dizzy and Daffyfilm

1934Henry the Achefilm

1934How'd You Like That?film

1934I Screamfilm

1934Knife of the Party, Thefilm


1934My Mummy's Armsfilm

1934Pugs and Kissesfilm

1934Smoked Hamsfilm

1934So You Won't T-T-T-Talkfilm

1934The Wrong, Wrong Trailfilm

1934Very Close Veinsfilm

1933Close Relationsfilm

1933Here Comes Flossie!film

1933Salt Water Daffyfilm

1932In the Doughfilm

1930Polévka pro bláznyfilm

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