Connie Gilchrist (1901 - 1985)

Connie Gilchrist, Actress: Cry 'Havoc'. With more than two decades of stage experience in France, England and on Broadway behind her, this moon-faced, heavy-set character actress first entered films in 1940. But no matter a film's genre - contemporary drama, historical costumer or shoot 'em up western - her Brooklyn roots always sounded through.

Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
(84 let)
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Connie Gilchrist oblíbené filmy

77 Houdini
80 Little Women
Little Women
62 Long John Silver
Long John Silver
73 Vzdálená země
Vzdálená země
74 Sedmý kříž
Sedmý kříž
79 The Valley of Decision
The Valley of Decision

1969Some Kind of a Nutfilm



1965The Monkey's Unclefilm

1965Tickle Mefilm

1965Two on a Guillotinefilm

1964A House Is Not a Homefilm

1964A Tiger Walksfilm

1964The Misadventures of Merlin Jonesfilm

1962The Internsfilm

1961Swingin' Alongfilm

1959Say One for Mefilm

1958Auntie Mamefilm

1958Machine-Gun Kellyfilm

1958Some Came Runningfilm

1956Muž v šedém flanelovém oblekufilm

1954Long John Silverfilm

1954The Great Diamond Robberyfilm

1954To by se mělo stát vámfilm

1954Vzdálená zeměfilm


1952Flesh and Furyfilm

1952One Big Affairfilm

1952The Half-Breedfilm

1951Chain of Circumstancefilm

1951Přichází ženichfilm

1951Thunder on the Hillfilm

1950A Ticket to Tomahawkfilm

1950Buccaneer's Girlfilm



1950Stars in My Crownfilm

1950The Killer That Stalked New Yorkfilm


1950Undercover Girlfilm

1949Chicken Every Sundayfilm

1949Dopis třem manželkámfilm

1949Little Womenfilm

1949Story of Molly X, Thefilm

1948Big Cityfilm

1948Luxury Linerfilm

1948Násilný činfilm

1948Tenth Avenue Angelfilm

1948The Bride Goes Wildfilm

1947Good Newsfilm

1947Really Important Person, Afilm

1947Song of the Thin Manfilm

1947The Unfinished Dancefilm


1946Bad Bascombfilm

1946Faithful in My Fashionfilm

1946Up Goes Maisiefilm

1946Young Widowfilm

1945Junior Missfilm

1945The Thin Man Goes Homefilm

1945The Valley of Decisionfilm

1944Andy Hardy's Blonde Troublefilm

1944Important Businessfilm

1944Music for Millionsfilm

1944Nothing But Troublefilm

1944Patrolling the Etherfilm


1944Sedmý křížfilm

1944The Heavenly Bodyfilm

1943Cry 'Havoc'film

1943Presenting Lily Marsfilm

1943Swing Shift Maisiefilm

1942Apache Trailfilm

1942Born to Singfilm

1942Grand Central Murderfilm

1942Pláň Tortillafilm

1942Sunday Punchfilm

1942This Time for Keepsfilm

1942War Against Mrs. Hadley, Thefilm

1942We Were Dancingfilm

1941Barnacle Billfilm

1941Billy the Kidfilm

1941Down in San Diegofilm

1941Dr. Kildare's Wedding Dayfilm

1941H. M. Pulham,

1941Johnny Eagerfilm

1941Married Bachelorfilm

1941The Wild Man of Borneofilm

1941Tvář ženyfilm


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