Oscar Beregi Jr. (1918 - 1976)

Oscar Beregi Jr., Actor: Young Frankenstein. Heavyweight Hungarian-born character actor Oscar Beregi Jr.'s best performances were on the small screen, usually as Germanic or Russian heavies. His stock-in-trade villainy was of a cultured or psychological, rather than physical nature, urbane and intellectual, yet inevitably sinister. His father, matinee idol Oscar Beregi Sr., had appeared on the Hungarian and German stage in Shakespearean ...

Budapešť, Uhry, Rakousko-Uhersko
(58 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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86 My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady
86 Norimberský proces
Norimberský proces
81 Všechno, co jste kdy chtěli vědět o sexu ale báli jste se zeptat
Všechno, co jste kdy chtěli vědět o sexu ale báli jste se zeptat
73 Na sever Aljašky
Na sever Aljašky
77 Mladý Frankenstein
Mladý Frankenstein
78 Morituri

1974Mladý Frankensteinfilm

1973Columbo: Nebezpečná hraTV film

1972Všechno, co jste kdy chtěli vědět o sexu (ale báli jste se zeptat)film

1971Cactus in the Snowfilm


1970Christine Jorgensen Story, Thefilm

1970The Great White Hopefilm

1968Panic in the Cityfilm

1967Scorpio Letters, TheTV film

196536 Hoursfilm

1965Loď bláznůfilm


1964My Fair Ladyfilm

1964The Incredible Mr. Limpetfilm

1964Youngblood Hawkefilm

1963Decision at Midnightfilm

1963Police Nursefilm

1961Norimberský procesfilm

1961Operation Eichmannfilm

1961The Fiercest Heartfilm

1960Na sever Aljaškyfilm

1960Pojď, budeme se milovatfilm

1959The Oregon Trailfilm

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