Jamie Gillis (1943 - 2010)

Jamie Gillis, Actor: The Opening of Misty Beethoven. Born in New York City, Jamie Gillis trained as a legitimate actor. In the early 1970s he drifted into performing in pornographic films, and continued to work in that field through the late 1990s. Despite the occasional foray into "legitimate" film, such as a cameo in Nocní dravci (1981), Gillis remained identified with the porn industry, ...

New York City, New York, USA
(66 let) New York City, New York, USA
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The Fireworks Woman
The Fireworks Woman
The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann
The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann
Eighth Erotic Film Festifal
Eighth Erotic Film Festifal
64 Taboo IV: The Younger Generation
Taboo IV: The Younger Generation
The Double Exposure of Holly
The Double Exposure of Holly
Talk Dirty to Me, Part III
Talk Dirty to Me, Part III

201442nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 5a.z.

2014Carter Stevens' Dirty Home Moviesa.z.

2007Collen Brennan: Porns 1st Grandma!a.z.

2007Extreme Sleaze Showcase: 8mm Madness Part Va.z.

2005Die You Zombie Bastards!film

2002Sunset Strippedfilm

2001Edge Playfilm

2001Virgin Kink 17film

2000Bad Intentionsfilm

2000Humiliation of Heidifilm

1999Dark Gardenfilm

1999Devious Old Gillisfilm

1999Secrets of the Fleshvyp.

1999Swedish Erotica Four Hour, Vol. 19a.z.

1999Torment 1film

1998Back on the Prowlfilm

1998Back on the Prowl 2film

1998Back on the Prowl 3film

1998Back on the Prowl 4film

1998Forever Nightfilm


1998Masseuse 3film

1998Screw My Wife Please 5: Deeperfilm

1997New Wave Hookers 5: Příští generacefilm

1997Power Playfilm

1996Bobby Soxfilm

1996Deep Inside Brittany O'Connella.z.

1996Dirty Dirty Debutantes 2film

1996Inner City Black Cheerleader Search 6film

1996Sex for Hirefilm

1996Virgin Dreamsfilm

1996Wacky World of Ed Powersa.z.

1996Zlatý prutfilm

1995Fresh Meatfilm

1995Kink: Police Chroniclesfilm

1995More Dirty Debutantes 41film

1995More Dirty Debutantes 47film


1994More Bad Girl Handlingfilm

1993Dog Walkerfilm

1993Double Trouble Spankingfilm

1993Gangbang Girl 9film

1993Hollywood Exposed 2a.z.

1993Rehearsal, Thefilm

1993Slave to Lovefilm

1993Taboo XIfilm

1992Anal Extasyfilm

1992Anal Extasyfilm

1992Anal Infernofilm

1992Anal Madnessfilm


1992Best of Talk Dirty, Vol. 1, Thea.z.

1992Blue Angelfilm

1992Blue Angel: Part IIfilm

1992Bruised Bunsfilm

1992Captain Butt's Beachfilm

1992Curse of the Cat Womanfilm

1992Domestic Trainingfilm

1992Gangbang Girl 6film

1992Hard-line Sessionsfilm

1992Leather Belt, Red Cheeksfilm

1992Sin City: The Moviefilm

1992Teaching Her a Lessonfilm

1992True Legends of Adult Cinema: The Erotic 80'sa.z.

1992Uncle Jamie's Double Troublefilm

1991Anal Starletsfilm


1991Daddy Gets Punishedfilm

1991Dances with Foxesfilm

1991Dr. Buttsfilm


1991More Dirty Debutantes 7film

1991On the Prowl IIfilm

1991Playin' Dirtyfilm

1991Postcards from Abroadfilm

1991She Had It Comingfilm

1991Taboo IXfilm

1991Tasting, Thefilm

1990Abused Husbandfilm

1990Backdoor to Paradisefilm

1990Diaries of Fire & Ice, Part IIfilm

1990Fantasy Nightsfilm

1990Ginger Then and Nowfilm

1990Hot Scaldingfilm

1990Jamie, Carol and Moeshafilm

1990Juicy Lucyfilm


1990Midnight Womanfilm

1990Mummy Dearestfilm

1990Naked Truth, Thefilm

1990Nothing But Contemptfilm

1990Pretty Peaches 3: The Questfilm

1990Princess of the Nightfilm

1990Silver Tonguefilm

1990Violation of Tori Wellesfilm


1990Walking Toilet Bowl 1film

1990Walking Toilet Bowl 2film

1990Walking Toilet Bowl 3film

1990Walking Toilet Bowl 4film

1990Whore, Thefilm

1989Adventures of Buttman, Thefilm

1989All the Best, Barbaraa.z.

1989At the Porniesfilm


1989Deep Throat IIIfilm

1989Diaries of Fire & Icefilm

1989Dirty Lingeriefilm


1989Girls of the Double D 13film

1989Head Lockfilm

1989Last Rumba in Parisfilm

1989Loose Ends VIfilm

1989Midnight Ballerfilm

1989More Dirty Debutantesfilm

1989More Dirty Debutantes 5film

1989On the Prowlfilm

1989Phantom Xfilm

1989Phantom of the Cabaret II, Thefilm

1989Phantom of the Cabaret, Thefilm

1989Second Skinfilm

1989Slick Honeyfilm

1989Superstars of the '80sa.z.

1989Taboo VII: The Wild and the Innocentfilm

1989Talk Dirty to Me, Part 6film

1989The Bitter Endfilm


1989Up Up and Awayfilm

1989Vetřelci - Teroristéfilm

1988Black Widowfilm

1988Classic Sekaa.z.


1988Forbidden Worldsa.z.

1988Mrs. Robbinsfilm

1988Only the Best of Breastsa.z.

1988Oral Ecstasy 4a.z.

1988Outrageous Orgies 1a.z.

1988Outrageous Orgies 2a.z.

1988Rhine Waltzfilm

1988Robofox II: 'The Collectorfilm

1988Romeo and Juliet IIfilm


1988Sex and the Secretaryfilm

1987Afro Erotica 17a.z.

1987Babes in Joylandfilm

1987Bad Attitudefilm

1987Classic Swedish Erotica 27a.z.

1987Dangerous Womenfilm


1987Ginger & Spicefilm

1987Golden Gate Girlsfilm

1987Let's Get It Onfilm

1987Lifestyles of the Blonde and Dirtya.z.

1987Lust on the Orient Xpressfilm

1987Oral Majority 3a.z.

1987Oral Majority 4a.z.

1987Porn in the USA 2film

1987Pretty Peaches 2film

1987Raw Talent IIfilm

1987San Fernando Valley Girlsfilm

1987Sex Maniacsa.z.

1987Too Hot to Touchfilm

1987WPINK-tv 2film

19861001 Erotic Nights 2film

1986Baby Face 2film

1986Bad Girls IVfilm

1986Ber 52film

1986Beverly Hills Coxfilm

1986Blame It on Gingerfilm


1986Ecstasy Girls IIfilm

1986Erotic Cityfilm

1986Famous Ta-Tasa.z.

1986Ginger's Greatest Boy/Girl Hitsfilm

1986Good to the Last Dropa.z.

1986If Looks Could Killfilm

1986Please Don't Stopfilm

1986Sex Asylum IIfilm

1986Sexy Delightsfilm

1986Street Heatfilm


1986Sweet Revengefilm

1986Taboo Vfilm

1986Taxi Girls Part II: In Search of Tonifilm

1986This Stud's for Youa.z.

1986With Love, Lisaa.z.

1986Young Nurses in Lovefilm

1985Anal Annie Just Can't Say Nofilm

1985Ball Bustersfilm

1985Blue Icefilm


1985Coming of Angels, the Sequel, Afilm

1985Corporate Assetsfilm

1985Cumshot Revue 2a.z.

1985Debbie Does 'em Allfilm

1985Diary of a Bad Girlfilm

1985Erotic Golda.z.

1985Erotic Gold 2a.z.

1985Erotic Zonefilm

1985Golden Girls: The Moviefilm

1985Hot Nights at the Blue Note Cafefilm

1985Hot Wirefilm

1985How Do You Like It?film

1985Illusions of Ecstasyfilm


1985Lusty Adventurerfilm


1985New Wave Hookersfilm

1985Perfect Partnersfilm

1985Physical IIa.z.


1985Slip Into Silkfilm

1985Squalor Motelfilm

1985Super Sekafilm

1985Taboo IV: The Younger Generationfilm

1985Ten Little Maidensfilm

1985The Erotic World of Crystal Lakefilm

1985Thought You'd Never Askfilm

1985Too Naughty to Say Nofilm

1985Wild Thingsfilm

1985With Love, Annettefilm

1985With Love, Lonifilm

1985Working Girlsfilm

1984Amour, L'film

1984Blue Voodoofilm

1984Breaking Itfilm

1984Chocolate Creamfilm

1984Coffee, Tea or Mefilm

1984Dirty Girlsfilm

1984Fooling Aroundfilm

1984For Your Thighs Onlyfilm

1984Girls on Firefilm

1984Hot Onesfilm

1984Insatiable IIfilm

1984Little Bit of... Hanky Panky, Afilm

1984Nasty Ladyfilm

1984Night of Loving Dangerously, Thefilm

1984On Golden Blondefilm

1984Oriental Temptationsa.z.

1984Running Wildfilm

1984Samurai Dickfilm

1984Soft as Silk Sweet as Honeyfilm

1984Talk Dirty to Me, Part IIIfilm

1984Trinity Brownfilm

1983Babylon Golda.z.



1983Eighth Erotic Film Festifalfilm

1983Feels Like Silkfilm

1983Flesh and Lacesfilm

1983Flesh and Laces: Part IIfilm

1983Flight Sensationsa.z.


1983High School Memoriesfilm

1983Hot Dreamsfilm


1983Merle Michaels' Fantasiesa.z.

1983Midnight Heatfilm

1983My Sinful Lifefilm

1983Naughty Girls Need Love Toofilm

1983Snow Honeysa.z.

1983Super Sexa.z.

1983Sweet Alicea.z.

1983Taste of Money, Afilm

1983That's Outrageousfilm

1983The Dark Angelfilm


1983Wine Me, Dine Me, 69 Mea.z.

1982All About Annettea.z.

1982Pleasure Zonesfilm

1982Starmaker, Thefilm

1982Swedish Erotica 43film

1981Amanda by Nightfilm


1981Blonde Ambitionfilm

1981Illusion of Lovefilm

1981Love Goddessesa.z.

1981Neon Nightsfilm

1981Night of the Zombiesfilm

1981Noční dravcifilm

1981Pandora's Mirrorfilm



1981Sexual Heightsfilm

1981Street Girls of New Yorka.z.

1981Swedish Erotica 11film

1981Swedish Erotica 12a.z.

1981Swedish Erotica 14film

1981Swedish Erotica 7film

1981Tara Tara Tara Tarafilm


1981Vista Valley PTAfilm

1981Wanda Whips Wall Streetfilm

1981Wet Shotsa.z.

1981World of Henry Parisa.z.

1980All About Gloria Leonardfilm

1980Aunt Pegfilm

1980Blue Ecstasy in New Yorkfilm

1980Co-Ed Feverfilm

1980Dracula Exoticafilm

1980Hot Lovefilm

1980Limited Edition 2film

1980Midnight Blue 2film

1980Night Flightfilm

1980Rockin' with Sekafilm

1980Seduction of Cindy, Thefilm

1980Serena: An Adult Fairytalefilm

1980The Sensuous Detectivefilm

1980Ultra Fleshfilm

1980Woman's Dream, Afilm


1979800 Fantasy Lanefilm

1979Dracula Sucksfilm

1979Ecstasy Girls, Thefilm

1979Extreme Close-Upfilm

1979For the Love of Pleasurefilm

1979French Wivesa.z.

1979Fulfilling Young Cupsfilm

1979Heavenly Desirefilm

1979Little Blue Boxfilm

1979More Than Sistersfilm

1979N.Y. Babesfilm

1979Pleasure Palacefilm


1979Sensual Firefilm

1979Steam Heata.z.

1979Summer Heatfilm

1979Taxi Girlsfilm

1979That's Erotica.z.

1979That's Pornofilm

1978Fiona On Firefilm

1978Ganja Express, Thefilm

1978Hollywood Goes Harda.z.

1978Hot Honeyfilm




1978Slave of Pleasurefilm

1978The Final Testfilm

1977A Coming of Angelsfilm

1977Barbara Broadcastfilm

1977Big Thumbsfilm

1977Captain Lustfilm

1977Invasion of the Love Dronesfilm

1977Little Orphan Sammyfilm

1977Lustful Feelingsfilm



1977Teenage Bikersfilm

1977The Violation of Claudiafilm

1977Water Powerfilm


1976Dominatrix Without Mercyfilm

1976Double Exposure of Holly, Thefilm

1976Midnight Desiresfilm



1976Saturday Night Specialfilm


1976That Lady from Riofilm

1976The Opening of Misty Beethovenfilm

1976Through the Looking Glassfilm

1976Winter Heatfilm

1975Abigail Lesley Is Back in Townfilm

1975Baby Oilfilm

1975Boy 'Nappedfilm


1975Defiance of Good, Thefilm

1975Every Inch a Ladyfilm

1975Fireworks Woman, Thefilm

1975Heavy Loadfilm

1975Kathy's Graduation Presentfilm

1975Night After Nightfilm

1975Oriental Bluefilm

1975Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann, Thefilm

1975Sex Fantasiesfilm


1975Sexual Freedom in Brooklynfilm

1975Sometime Sweet Susanfilm

1975Story of Joanna, Thefilm

1975Teenage Playmatesfilm

1975The Big Confilm

1975The Hot Ovenfilm

1975The Mount of Venusfilm

1975The Passions of Carolfilm

1975The Vixens of Kung Fu (A Tale of Yin Yang)film

1975Too Many Piecesfilm

1975Two Senoritasfilm

1975When a Woman Callsfilm

1975Wild Girlsfilm

1975Wild Pussycatsfilm

1974Angel Number 9film

1974Barbie's Fantasyfilm

1974Come Fly with Usfilm

1974Deep Throat Part IIfilm

1974Fantasy Girlsfilm

1974Hotel Hookerfilm

1974Illusions of a Ladyfilm

1974Lady on the Couchfilm

1974Love Bus, Thefilm

1974Seduction of Lynn Carter, Thefilm

1974Slip Upfilm

1974Sweet & Sourfilm

1974Teenage Cheerleaderfilm

1974Teenage Nursesfilm

1974Teenage Step-motherfilm

1973All in the Sex Familyfilm

1973Come and Be Purifiedfilm

1973Devil's Duefilm

1973Dirty Jokefilm

1973Flying Acquaintancesfilm


1973High Risefilm


1973It Happened in Hollywoodfilm

1973Joe Rock Superstarfilm

1973Linda Can't Stopfilm

1973Madame Zenobiafilm

1973New Comers, Thefilm

1973Over Sexposurefilm

1973Prurient Interestfilm

1973Sleepy Headfilm

1972Deep Sleepfilm


1972Forbidden Under Censorship of the Kingfilm

1972Her Way to Starfilm

1972Like Mother... Like Daughterfilm


1972Sexual Customs in Scandinaviafilm

1972The Trials of Chickie Tetrazzinifilm

1971Love in the Rainfilm

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