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Jonathan M. Parisen, Director: Adrift. Briefly educated at Film Video Arts in New York City. After leaving FVA in 1996 Mr. Parisen formed a partnership with C.M. Murphy and created Parivision Entertainment, a small production company based in Staten Island, New York. Through Parivision Entertainment Mr. Parisen has written, produced and directed three films. He is a teacher of Journalism and Television performance at The Connecticut ...

Staten Island, New York City, New York, USA
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56 Obchodník se smrtí
Obchodník se smrtí
Toilet Gator
Toilet Gator
Attack of the Giant Gull
Attack of the Giant Gull

2017Toilet Gatorfilm

2008Obchodník se smrtífilm

2002Attack of the Giant Gullfilm

1999Atomic Space Bug, Thefilm

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