Alvy Moore

Alvy Moore (1921 - 1997)

Alvy Moore, Actor: Kaze no tani no Naushika. Comic light actor in U.S. films and TV. Born in Vincennes and raised in Terre Haute, IN, Moore studied drama at Indiana State Teachers College before serving in the Marines in WWII. He had a tough time breaking into movies, although he performed in local and regional live theatre. He finally found his niche in television, starring as the ...

Vincennes, Indiana, USA
(75 let) Palm Desert, California, USA
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69 Páni mají radši blondýnky
Páni mají radši blondýnky
68 Mortuary
A Very Special Favor
A Very Special Favor
The Perfect Furlough
The Perfect Furlough
72 Divoch
66 Válka světů
Válka světů

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1981Early Warningfilm


1979Smokey and the Hotwire Gangfilm

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1974Herbie a stará dámafilm

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1973Time to Runfilm

1971The Brotherhood of Satanfilm

1971The Late Lizfilm

1969The Witchmakerfilm

1967Dobrodružství Bullwhipa Griffinafilm

1967Gnome-Mobile, Thefilm

1965Love and Kissesfilm

1965One Way Wahinefilm

1965Very Special Favor, Afilm

19643 Nuts in Search of a Boltfilm

1964Devil's Bedroom, Thefilm

1963For Love or Moneyfilm

1963Později, miláčku!film

1963Sunday in New Yorkfilm

1961Everything's Duckyfilm

1961Twist Around the Clockfilm

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1958The Heart Is a Rebelfilm

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1957Módní návrhářkafilm

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1956Screaming Eaglesfilm

19555 Against the Housefilm

1955An Annapolis Storyfilm

1954Není nad showbyznysfilm

1954Return from the Seafilm

1954Riot in Cell Block 11film

1954Secret of the Incas, Thefilm

1954So You Want to Be a Bankerfilm

1954Susan Slept Herefilm

1953Affair with a Strangerfilm

1953Battle Circusfilm

1953China Venturefilm


1953Místo určení: Gobifilm

1953Off Limitsfilm

1953Páni mají radši blondýnkyfilm

1953The Affairs of Dobie Gillisfilm

1953The Girls of Pleasure Islandfilm

1953The Glory Brigadefilm

1953Válka světůfilm

1952Battle Zonefilm

1952Fearless Faganfilm

1952Flat Topfilm


1952Skirts Ahoy!film

1952Talk About a Strangerfilm

1952You for Mefilm

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