James Wellington

James Wellington, Actor: The Gambler. Originally from the east coast, James Wellington spent his early adult years in the casino gambling industry. Since becoming a performer in the late 1980's he has become an established character actor with recurring roles on NYPD Blue, Young & Restless and Las Vegas with guest spots on dozens of other television productions. He is also credited ...
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62 The Gambler
The Gambler
83 Smrtonosná past 2
Smrtonosná past 2
38 Rudé nebe
Rudé nebe
10 Zkáza Las Vegas
Zkáza Las Vegas
The Sighting
The Sighting
53 Noc, co se nestala
Noc, co se nestala

2017Mike Boyfilm

2017My Daughter's Kidnappingfilm

2015Lilin's Broodfilm

2015The Sightingfilm

2014Rudé nebefilm

2014The Gamblerfilm

2013Zkáza Las VegasTV film


2006Ray of Sunshinefilm

2003Easy Sixfilm


1998WinchellTV film

1997Noc, co se nestalafilm

1997Podlé zbraněfilm

1997Sleduju tě!film

1997Van Helsing ChroniclesTV film

1996Bílá smrtfilm

1996Druhá šancefilm

1995Příliš rychlý, příliš mladýfilm

1995White Gorilla, Thefilm

1993Člověk listopadufilm

1990Smrtonosná past 2film

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