Herbert Rawlinson (1885 - 1953)

Herbert Rawlinson, Actor: The Flame Fighter. Herbert Rawlinson was born on November 15, 1885 in Brighton, East Sussex, England as Herbert Banemann Rawlinson. He was an actor and producer, known for The Flame Fighter (1925), The Carter Case (1919) and The Victor (1923). He was married to Loraine Abigail Long, Roberta Arnold and Josephine Norman. He died on July 12, 1953 in Los Angeles, ...

Brighton, Východní Sussex, Anglie, Velká Británie
(67 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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I Wanted Wings
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81 Old Acquaintance
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57 Superman

1966Nyoka and the Lost Secrets of HippocratesTV film

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1966Robinson Crusoe of Mystery IslandTV film

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1944Oklahoma Raidersfilm

1944Sailor's Holidayfilm

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1943Colt Comradesfilm

1943Cosmo Jones, Crime Smasherfilm

1943Daredevils of the Westfilm

1943Days of Old Cheyennefilm

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1943King of the Cowboysfilm

1943Old Acquaintancefilm

1943Reveille with Beverlyfilm

1943Riders of the Deadlinefilm

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1943The Masked Marvelfilm

1943The Woman of the Townfilm

1943Two Weeks to Livefilm

1943Where Are Your Children?film

1942Broadway Big Shotfilm

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1942Foreign Agentfilm

1942Hello, Annapolisfilm

1942I Live on Dangerfilm

1942Just Off Broadwayfilm

1942Lady Gangsterfilm

1942Lost Canyonfilm

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1942Perils of the Royal Mountedfilm

1942S.O.S. Coast Guarda.z.

1942Silver Queenfilm

1942Smart Alecksfilm

1942Sons of the Pioneersfilm

1942Stagecoach Buckaroofilm

1942The Panther's Clawfilm

1942The Yukon Patrola.z.

1942Tramp, Tramp, Trampfilm

1942War Dogsfilm

1942We Were Dancingfilm

1941Adventure in Washingtonfilm

1941Arizona Cyclonefilm

1941Bad Man of Deadwoodfilm

1941Blondie in Societyfilm

1941Flying Wildfilm

1941Gentleman from Dixiefilm

1941I Killed That Manfilm

1941I Wanted Wingsfilm

1941King of the Texas Rangersfilm

1941Kráska z Nového Orleánsufilm


1941Mystery Shipfilm

1941Riot Squadfilm

1941Scattergood Meets Broadwayfilm

1941Sheriff of Tombstonefilm

1941Strange Alibifilm

1941Věčná Evafilm

1940Cross-Country Romancefilm

1940Five Little Peppers at Homefilm

1940Flash Gordon Conquers the Universefilm


1940Free, Blonde and 21film

1940I Want a Divorcefilm

1940King of the Royal Mountedfilm

1940Sedm hříšníkůfilm

1940Swiss Family Robinsonfilm

1939Blackwell's Islandfilm

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1939Hořké vítězstvífilm

1939Money to Burnfilm

1939Naughty But Nicefilm

1939Secret Service of the Airfilm

1939Sudden Moneyfilm

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1938Hard to Getfilm

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1937Back in Circulationfilm

1937Blake of Scotland Yardfilm

1937Blake of Scotland Yarda.z.

1937Every Day's a Holidayfilm

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1937Nobody's Babyfilm

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1937S.O.S. Coast Guardfilm

1937Something to Sing Aboutfilm

1937The Go-Getterfilm

1936A Son Comes Homefilm

1936Bullets or Ballotsfilm

1936Dancing Feetfilm

1936Hitch Hike to Heavenfilm

1936Hollywood Boulevardfilm

1936Mad Holidayfilm

1936Mysterious Crossingfilm

1936Námořníci jdoufilm

1936Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Islandfilm

1936Ticket to Paradisefilm


1935Convention Girlfilm

1935Men Without Namesfilm

1935Show Them No Mercy!film

1935The People's Enemyfilm

1935Tuned Outfilm

1934Enlighten Thy Daughterfilm

1933Get That Venusfilm

1933Moonlight and Pretzelsfilm

1933The Working Manfilm

1931Palmy Daysfilm

1927Burning Goldfilm

1927Hour of Reckoningfilm

1927Life in Hollywood No. 7film

1927Slipping Wivesfilm

1927The Bugle Callfilm

1927Wages of Consciencefilm

1926Her Big Adventurefilm

1926Her Sacrificefilm

1926Men of the Nightfilm

1926Phantom Policefilm

1926The Belle of Broadwayfilm

1926The Gilded Butterflyfilm

1926The Millionaire Policemanfilm

1926Trooper 77film

1925Every Man's Wifefilm

1925Flame Fighter, Thefilm

1925My Neighbor's Wifefilm

1925The Adventurous Sexfilm

1925The Great Jewel Robberyfilm

1925The Man in Bluefilm

1925The Prairie Wifefilm

1925The Unnamed Womanfilm

1924Dancing Cheatfilm

1924Dark Stairwaysfilm

1924High Speedfilm

1924Jack O'Clubsfilm

1924Stolen Secretsfilm

1924The Tomboyfilm

1923A Million to Burnfilm

1923Fools and Richesfilm

1923His Mystery Girlfilm

1923Mary of the Moviesfilm

1923Nobody's Bridefilm


1923The Clean-Upfilm

1923The Prisonerfilm

1923The Scarlet Carfilm

1923The Victorfilm

1922Another Man's Shoesfilm


1922Don't Shootfilm

1922Man Under Coverfilm

1922One Wonderful Nightfilm

1922The Black Bagfilm

1922The Scrapperfilm

1921Charge Itfilm

1921Cheated Heartsfilm

1921Playthings of Destinyfilm

1921The Conflictfilm

1921The Millionairefilm

1921Wakefield Case, Thefilm


1921You Find It Everywherefilm

1920Chang and the Lawfilm

1920Man and His Womanfilm

1920Outlaws of the Deepfilm


1920Poppy Trail, Thefilm

1920The $1,000,000 Rewardfilm

1920The Fakersfilm

1920The Five Dollar Platefilm

1920The Kalda Rubyfilm

1920The Phantom Butlerfilm

1920The Silkless Bank Notefilm

1919A House Dividedfilm

1919Carter Case, Thefilm

1919Dangerous Affair, Afilm

1919Good Gracious, Annabellefilm

1919The Common Causefilm

1918Back to the Woodsfilm

1918Brace Upfilm

1918Flash of Fate, Thefilm

1918Kiss or Killfilm

1918Mating, Thefilm

1918Out of the Nightfilm

1918Smashing Throughfilm

1918The Turn of the Wheelfilm

1917Caught in the Actfilm

1917Come Throughfilm

1917Flirting with Deathfilm

1917Great Torpedo Secret, Thefilm

1917Like Wildfirefilm

1917Man Trap, Thefilm

1917Sorceress, Thefilm

1917The High Signfilm

1917The Scarlet Crystalfilm

1916After the Playfilm

1916Darcy of the Northwest Mountedfilm

1916Dupe, Thefilm

1916Eagle's Wings, Thefilm

1916False Part, Thefilm

1916Lee Blount Goes Homefilm

1916Little Eve Edgartonfilm

1916Main 4400film

1916Mark of a Gentleman, Thefilm

1916Nature Incorporatedfilm

1916Reward of Chivalry, Thefilm

1916Rose Colored Scarf, Thefilm

1916The Best Man's Bridefilm

1916The Family Secretfilm

1916They Wouldn't Take Him Seriouslyfilm

1916Wire Pullers, Thefilm

1915As the Shadows Fallfilm

1915Changed Livesfilm

1915Fair God of Sun Island, Thefilm

1915Flash, Thefilm

1915Gopher, Thefilm

1915Grail, Thefilm

1915Great Ruby Mystery, Thefilm

1915Her Preyfilm


1915In Search of a Wifefilm


1915On the Levelfilm

1915Queen of Hearts, Thefilm

1915Social Lion, Thefilm

1915The Black Boxfilm

1914As the Wind Blowsfilm

1914Big Sister's Christmas, Thefilm

1914By Radium's Rayfilm

1914Called Backfilm

1914Captain Jenny, S.A.film

1914Chorus Girl's Thanksgiving, Thefilm

1914Damon and Pythiasfilm

1914Dangers of the Veldtfilm

1914For the Freedom of Cubafilm

1914Kid Regan's Handsfilm

1914Link That Binds, Thefilm

1914Martin Edenfilm

1914On the Rio Grandefilm

1914On the Verge of Warfilm

1914One of the Bravestfilm

1914Opened Shutters, Thefilm

1914Page from Life, Afilm

1914Prince of Bavaria, Afilm

1914Prowlers of the Wildfilm

1914Sob Sister, Thefilm

1914The Law of His Kindfilm

1914The Sands of Lifefilm

1914The Spyfilm

1914Through the Flamesfilm

1914Traffic in Babiesfilm

1914Vagabond, Thefilm

1914Woman in Black, Thefilm

1914Won in the Cloudsfilm

1913A Black Hand Elopementfilm

1913A Wise Old Elephantfilm

1913Beaded Buckskin Bag, Thefilm

1913Buck Richard's Bridefilm

1913Flag of Two Wars, Afilm

1913Her Only Sonfilm

1913In God We Trustfilm

1913In the Days of Witchcraftfilm

1913In the Midst of the Junglefilm

1913Indian Summerfilm

1913Pierre of the Northfilm

1913Rancher's Failing, Thefilm

1913The Acid Testfilm

1913The Child of the Seafilm

1913The Flaming Forgefilm

1913The Girl and the Judgefilm

1913The Old Clerkfilm

1913The Sea Wolffilm

1913The Trail of Cardsfilm

1913The Woodman's Daughterfilm

1912A Crucial Testfilm

1912A Diplomat Interruptedfilm

1912Ace of Spades, Thefilm

1912Arthur Preston Hankinsfilm


1912Brains and Brawnfilm

1912Carmen of the Islesfilm

1912Darkfeather's Strategyfilm



1912Girl and the Cowboy, Thefilm

1912Girl of the Mountains, Thefilm

1912Hobo, Thefilm

1912In Exilefilm

1912John Colter's Escapefilm

1912Legend of the Lost Arrow, Thefilm

1912Liar, Thefilm

1912Me an' Billfilm

1912Merely a Millionairefilm

1912Miss Aubry's Love Affairfilm

1912Monte Cristofilm

1912Our Lady of the Pearlsfilm


1912Peacemaker, Thefilm

1912Sergeant Byrne of the Northwest Mounted Policefilm


1912The Bandit's Maskfilm

1912The Danitesfilm

1912The End of the Romancefilm

1912The Fisherboy's Faithfilm

1912The God of Goldfilm

1912The Lost Hatfilm

1912The Old Stagecoachfilm

1912The Ones Who Sufferfilm

1912The Polo Substitutefilm

1912The Shrinking Rawhidefilm

1912The Testfilm

1912The Trianglefilm

1912The Vision Beautifulfilm

1912Trade Gun Bullet, Thefilm

1912Vow of Ysobel, Thefilm

1912When Edith Played Judge and Juryfilm

1911A Diamond in the Roughfilm

1911Artist's Sons, Thefilm


1911Cowboy and the Shrew, Thefilm

1911Craven Heart, Thefilm


1911For His Pal's Sakefilm

1911Heart of John Barlow, Thefilm

1911How Algy Captured a Wild Manfilm

1911It Happened in the Westfilm

1911Lieutenant Grey of the Confederacyfilm

1911Little Injinfilm

1911Little Widow, Thefilm

1911Making a Man of Himfilm

1911Old Billyfilm

1911On Separate Pathsfilm


1911Range Palsfilm

1911Slick's Romancefilm

1911Stability vs. Nobilityfilm

1911Still Alarm, Thefilm

1911The Blacksmith's Lovefilm

1911The Coquettefilm

1911The Maid at the Helmfilm

1911The New Superintendentfilm

1911The Novicefilm

1911The Profligatefilm

1911The Regeneration of Apache Kidfilm

1911The Right Name, But the Wrong Manfilm

1911The Rival Stage Linesfilm

1911Their Only Sonfilm

1911Through Fire and Smokefilm

1911Told in the Sierrasfilm

1911Where There's a Will, There's a Wayfilm

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