John Ridgely (1909 - 1968)

John Ridgely, Actor: The Big Sleep. John Ridgely was a versatile character actor who made over 100 films at Warner Brothers during the 1930s and 1940s. Starting out in bit roles in such films as Dark Victory (1939), They Died with Their Boots On (1941) and The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942), Ridgely eventually graduated to larger roles in such classics as Howard Hawks' Air Force (1943), Hluboký spánek (1946), ...

Chicago, Illinois, USA
(58 let) New York City, New York, USA
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John Ridgely oblíbené filmy

71 Confessions of a Nazi Spy
Confessions of a Nazi Spy
83 Hluboký spánek
Hluboký spánek
81 Místo na výsluní
Místo na výsluní
71 Northern Pursuit
Northern Pursuit
76 Perutě pomsty
Perutě pomsty
As You Were
As You Were

1953Off Limitsfilm

1952Fort Osagefilm

1952Největší představení na světěfilm

1952Room for One Morefilm

1952The Congregationfilm

1952The Outcasts of Poker Flatfilm

1951Al Jennings of Oklahomafilm

1951As You Werefilm

1951Half Angelfilm

1951Místo na výslunífilm

1951Pal's Gallant Journeyfilm

1951The Blue Veilfilm

1951The Last Outpostfilm

1951Thunder in God's Countryfilm

1951When Worlds Collidefilm

1951When the Redskins Rodefilm


1950Beauty on Paradefilm

1950Edge of Doomfilm

1950Pal, Canine Detectivefilm

1950Rookie Firemanfilm

1950Saddle Trampfilm

1950South Sea Sinnerfilm

1950The Lost Volcanofilm

1950The Petty Girlfilm

1949Dog of the Wildfilm

1949Incident v pohraničífilm

1949Once More, My Darlingfilm

1949Task Forcefilm


1948Big Sister Bluesfilm

1948Command Decisionfilm

1948Luxury Linerfilm

1948Night Windfilm

1948Pal's Returnfilm

1948Sealed Verdictfilm

1948Trouble Makersfilm

1948Železná oponafilm


1947Cry Wolffilm

1947High Wallfilm

1947Nora Prentissfilm


1947That Way with Womenfilm

1947That's My Manfilm

1947The Man I Lovefilm

1946Hluboký spánekfilm

1946My Reputationfilm

1946Two Guys from Milwaukeefilm

1945Danger Signalfilm

1945God Is My Co-Pilotfilm

1945Pride of the Marinesfilm

1944Hollywood Canteenfilm

1944Jezinky a bezinkyfilm

1944The Doughgirlsfilm

1943Northern Pursuitfilm

1943Perutě pomstyfilm

1943Směr Tokiofilm

1942Bullet Scarsfilm

1942Muž, který přišel na večeřifilm

1942Secret Enemiesfilm

1942The Big Shotfilm

1942Wings for the Eaglefilm

1941At the Stroke of Twelvefilm

1941Dangerously They Livefilm

1941Here Comes Happinessfilm

1941Highway Westfilm

1941Honeymoon for Threefilm

1941International Squadronfilm


1941Million Dollar Babyfilm

1941Navy Bluesfilm

1941Nine Lives Are Not Enoughfilm

1941Sedmá kavalériefilm

1941Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestrafilm

1941Steel Against the Skyfilm

1941Strange Alibifilm

1941The Great Mr. Nobodyfilm

1941The Wagons Roll at Nightfilm

1941Those Good Old Daysfilm

1941Throwing a Partyfilm

1940'Til We Meet Againfilm

1940Alice in Movielandfilm

1940Brother Orchidfilm

1940Castle on the Hudsonfilm

1940Father Is a Princefilm

1940Flight Angelsfilm

1940Gambling On the High Seasfilm

1940Jezdci nocifilm

1940Knute Rockne All Americanfilm

1940Lady with Red Hairfilm


1940March On, Marinesfilm

1940Money and the Womanfilm

1940No Time for Comedyfilm

1940Pony Express Daysfilm

1940River's Endfilm

1940Saturday's Childrenfilm

1940Service with the Colorsfilm

1940Spills for Thrillsa.z.

1940Teddy the Rough Riderfilm

1940The Fighting 69thfilm

1940The Man Who Talked Too Muchfilm

1940The Singing Dudefilm

1940Three Cheers for the Irishfilm

1940Torrid Zonefilm

1939A Child Is Bornfilm

1939Angels Wash Their Facesfilm

1939Bouřlivá dvacátá létafilm

1939Confessions of a Nazi Spyfilm

1939Each Dawn I Diefilm

1939Everybody's Hobbyfilm

1939Hořké vítězstvífilm

1939Indianapolis Speedwayfilm

1939Invisible Stripesfilm

1939Kid Nightingalefilm

1939King of the Underworldfilm

1939Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircasefilm

1939Nancy Drew... Reporterfilm

1939Naughty But Nicefilm

1939On Dress Paradefilm

1939Private Detectivefilm

1939Quiet, Pleasefilm

1939Secret Service of the Airfilm

1939Slapsie Maxie'sfilm

1939Smashing the Money Ringfilm

1939The Adventures of Jane Ardenfilm

1939The Bill of Rightsfilm

1939The Cowboy Quarterbackfilm

1939The Kid from Kokomofilm

1939The Return of Doctor Xfilm

1939They Made Me a Criminalfilm

1939Torchy Blane in Chinatownfilm

1939Torchy Blane... Playing with Dynamitefilm

1939Torchy Runs for Mayorfilm


1939Wings of the Navyfilm

1939Women in the Windfilm

1939You Can't Get Away with Murderfilm

1938Blondes at Workfilm

1938Boy Meets Girlfilm

1938Broadway Musketeersfilm

1938Cowboy from Brooklynfilm

1938Crime Schoolfilm

1938Forbidden Valleyfilm

1938Garden of the Moonfilm

1938Going Placesfilm

1938Hard to Getfilm

1938He Couldn't Say Nofilm

1938Hollywood Hotelfilm

1938Little Miss Thoroughbredfilm

1938Men Are Such Foolsfilm

1938My Billfilm

1938Nancy Drew -- Detectivefilm

1938Racket Bustersfilm

1938Sons of the Plainsfilm

1938The Invisible Menacefilm

1938The Patient in Room 18film

1938The Spy Ringfilm

1938Torchy Blane in Panamafilm

1938Torchy Gets Her Manfilm

1938Western Trailsfilm

1938When Were You Bornfilm

1938White Bannersfilm

1937Missing Witnessesfilm

1937Submarine D-1film

1937The Man Without a Countryfilm

1937They Won't Forgetfilm

1935Streamline Expressfilm

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