Dorothy Vernon (1875 - 1970)

Dorothy Vernon, Actress: The Fighting Guide. Titian haired, full figured, voluptuous Dorothy Vernon had a career that spanned from the early days of moving pictures through the boxed screen known as television. Rather it was a comedy, a western, a musical or whatever was needed, Dorothy did it all. Her unforgettable glow and her almost heavenly serene appearance was the focal point of many ...

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(94 let) Granada Hills, California, USA
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85 Na západní frontě klid
Na západní frontě klid
81 Místo na výsluní
Místo na výsluní
75 Heidi
Operator 13
Operator 13
75 Night and Day
Night and Day
I Met My Love Again
I Met My Love Again

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1949Square Dance Jubileefilm

1947Down to Earthfilm

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1946The Blonde Stayed Onfilm

1942Lost Canyonfilm

1942Silver Queenfilm

1941Sunset in Wyomingfilm

1941The Officer and the Ladyfilm

1941The Richest Man in Townfilm

1941The Ring and the Bellefilm

1941The Watchman Takes a Wifefilm

1940Riders from Nowherefilm

1939Home on the Prairiefilm

1939Kapitán Furyfilm

1938I Met My Love Againfilm


1937Heroes of the Alamofilm

1937Loď ztracených dušífilm

1937Trouble at Midnightfilm

1936Divoká Theodorafilm

1936Song of the Saddlefilm

1935Forced Landingfilm

1935Gun Playfilm

1934Operator 13film

1934The Keyfilm

1933After Tonightfilm

1933Alimony Madnessfilm

1933Melody Cruisefilm

1933Reunion in Viennafilm

1933The Nuisancefilm

1933Vůz Jeho Veličenstvafilm

1932False Facesfilm

1932Law and Orderfilm

1932Penguin Pool Murderfilm

1932State's Attorneyfilm

1932The Fighting Champfilm

1932The Tenderfootfilm

1932Washington Merry-Go-Roundfilm

1931A Private Scandalfilm

1931Penrod and Samfilm


1931Sidewalks of New Yorkfilm

1931The Montana Kidfilm

1931The Texas Rangerfilm


1930Moby Dickfilm

1930Na západní frontě klidfilm

1930Should a Girl Marry?film

1930The Costello Casefilm

1930The Fighting Parsonfilm

1929Footlight Fannyfilm

1929Headin' Westwardfilm

1929Sappy Servicefilm

1929The Broadway Melodyfilm

1928Fighting Fanniefilm

1928Hold 'Er Cowboyfilm

1928Love's Young Screamfilm

1928Manhattan Cowboyfilm

1928The Bicycle Flirtfilm

1927French Friedfilm

1927Mad Scramblesfilm

1927The Glorious Fourthfilm

1926Bear Catsfilm

1926Buried Treasurefilm

1926Flying Foolfilm

1926Her Ambitionfilm

1926She's a Princefilm

1926Telling Whoppersfilm

1926The Scarlet Letterfilm


1925Dog Daysfilm

1925Educating Busterfilm

1925Looking Downfilm

1925Powdered Chickensfilm

1925Putting on Airsfilm

1925Slippery Feetfilm

1925The Big Townfilm

1925The Monsterfilm

1925The Queen of Acesfilm


1924A Family Rowfilm

1924Commencement Dayfilm

1924Conductor 1492film

1924Cradle Robbersfilm

1924Lovers' Lanefilm

1922Doktor Jackfilm

1922The Fighting Guidefilm


1920The Dentistfilm

1919Fireman, Save My Gal!film

1919Jazz and Jailbirdsfilm

1919The Grocery Clerkfilm

1919The Janitorfilm

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