William Desmond (1878 - 1949)

William Desmond, Actor: Around the World in Eighteen Days. Born in the upstate New York town of Horseheads in 1878, William Desmond began his show business career in vaudeville and on the stage. He had his own theatrical company by the time he made his film debut in Kilmeny (1915). Starting out in dramatic parts, Desmond soon switched to westerns and action serials, and became a major western star. When ...

Salamanca, New York, USA
(71 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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72 Fantom opery
Fantom opery
The Scarlet Horseman
The Scarlet Horseman
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
53 The Mummys Ghost
The Mummys Ghost
The Michigan Kid
The Michigan Kid
Frontier Gal
Frontier Gal

1976Meanwhile, Back at the Rancha.z.

1956Savage Furya.z.

1948Are You with It?film


1947Code of the Westfilm

1947The Egg and Ifilm

1947The Michigan Kidfilm

1946Desert Commanda.z.

1946The Scarlet Horsemanfilm

1945Beyond the Pecosfilm

1945Frontier Galfilm

1945See My Lawyerfilm

1945Song of the Sarongfilm

1945Strange Confessionfilm

1945That Night with Youfilm

1945The Naughty Ninetiesfilm

1945The Return of the Durango Kidfilm

1945The Royal Mounted Rides Againfilm

1944Bowery to Broadwayfilm

1944Firebrands of Arizonafilm

1944Hi, Beautifulfilm

1944Marshal of Gunsmokefilm

1944National Barn Dancefilm

1944Oklahoma Raidersfilm

1944Tall in the Saddlefilm

1944The Climaxfilm

1944The Mummy's Ghostfilm

1944The Old Texas Trailfilm

1944The Scarlet Clawfilm

1944The Yellow Rose of Texasfilm

1943Cheyenne Roundupfilm

1943Fantom operyfilm

1943Frontier Badmenfilm

1943Frontier Furyfilm

1943Prairie Chickensfilm

1943Thank Your Lucky Starsfilm

1943The Lone Star Trailfilm

1942Don Winslow of the Navyfilm

1942Down Rio Grande Wayfilm

1942Gang Bustersfilm

1942Junior G-Men of the Airfilm

1942Overland Mailfilm

1942Raiders of the Westfilm

1942Sin Townfilm

1942Stagecoach Buckaroofilm

1942The Silver Bulletfilm

1941Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairiefilm

1941Nice Girl?film

1941Sky Raidersfilm

1941Where Did You Get That Girl?film

1940A Little Bit of Heavenfilm

1940Junior G-Menfilm

1940The Boys from Syracusefilm

1940Winners of the Westfilm

1939Man of Conquestfilm

1937Arizona Daysfilm

1937The Mysterious Pilotfilm

1937Tim Tyler's Luckfilm

1937Wild West Daysa.z.


1936Custer's Last Standfilm

1936Custer's Last Standfilm

1936Flash Gordonfilm

1936Flash Gordona.z.

1936Headin' for the Rio Grandefilm

1936Hollywood Boulevardfilm

1936Song of the Gringofilm

1936The Adventures of Frank Merriwellfilm

1936The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Handfilm

1936The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Handa.z.

1936The Black Coinfilm

1936The Broken Coinfilm

1936The Vigilantes Are Comingfilm

1936Treachery Rides the Rangefilm

1935Born to Battlefilm

1935Courage of the Northfilm

1935Cyclone of the Saddlefilm

1935Defying the Lawfilm

1935Devil's Canyonfilm

1935Five Bad Menfilm

1935Frisco Kidfilm


1935Powdersmoke Rangefilm

1935Princezna inkognitofilm

1935Rough Riding Rangerfilm

1935Rustlers of Red Dogfilm

1935Social Errorfilm

1935Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mysteryfilm

1935The Call of the Savagefilm

1935The Cowboy and the Banditfilm

1935The Ghost Riderfilm

1935The Phantom Cowboyfilm

1935The Roaring Westfilm

1935The Tia Juana Kidfilm

1935Timber Terrorsfilm

1935Wild Watersfilm

1934Border Gunsfilm


1934Death Fangsfilm

1934Frontier Daysfilm


1934I Can't Escapefilm

1934Pirate Treasurefilm

1934Tailspin Tommyfilm

1934The Rawhide Terrorfilm

1934The Red Riderfilm

1934The Vanishing Shadowfilm

1934The Way of the Westfilm

1934When Lightning Strikesfilm

1933Clancy of the Mountedfilm

1933Fargo Expressfilm

1933Gordon of Ghost Cityfilm

1933Laughing at Lifefilm

1933Mr. Broadwaya.z.

1933Strawberry Roanfilm

1933The Perils of Paulinefilm

1933The Phantom of the Airfilm

1933The Rustler's Roundupfilm

1933The Three Musketeersfilm

1933The Whispering Shadowfilm

1932A Scarlet Week-Endfilm

1932Jungle Mysteryfilm

1932The Black Ghosta.z.

1932The Last Frontierfilm

1931Battling with Buffalo Billfilm

1931First Aidfilm

1931Hell-Bent for Friscofilm

1931Oklahoma Jimfilm

1931The Lightning Warriorfilm

1931The Phantom of the Westfilm

1931The Vanishing Legionfilm

1930Murder on the Rooffilm

1929No Childrenfilm

1929No Defensefilm

1928The Devil's Trademarkfilm

1928The Mystery Riderfilm

1928The Vanishing Riderfilm

1927Finger Printsfilm

1927Red Clayfilm

1927The Return of the Riddle Riderfilm

1927Tongues of Scandalfilm

1926Strings of Steelfilm

1926The Winking Idolfilm

1925Barriers of the Lawfilm

1925Blood and Steelfilm



1925Ridin' Prettyfilm

1925Straight Throughfilm

1925The Ace of Spadesfilm

1925The Burning Trailfilm

1925The Meddlerfilm

1924Big Timberfilm

1924Hello, 'Friscofilm

1924The Breathless Momentfilm

1924The City of Starsfilm

1924The Measure of a Manfilm

1924The Riddle Riderfilm

1924The Sunset Trailfilm

1923Around the World in Eighteen Daysfilm

1923Beasts of Paradisefilm

1923McGuire of the Mountedfilm

1923Stíny severufilm

1923The Extra Girlfilm

1923The Phantom Fortunefilm

1922Night Life in Hollywoodfilm

1922Perils of the Yukonfilm

1921Dangerous Toysfilm

1921Don't Leave Your Husbandfilm

1921Fightin' Madfilm

1921The Child Thou Gavest Mefilm

1921The Policeman and the Babyfilm

1921Women Men Lovefilm

1920A Broadway Cowboyfilm

1920The Parish Priestfilm

1920Twin Bedsfilm

1919A Sagebrush Hamletfilm

1919Bare-Fisted Gallagherfilm

1919Dangerous Watersfilm

1919Her Code of Honorfilm

1919Life's a Funny Propositionfilm

1919The Blue Bandannafilm

1919The Mints of Hellfilm

1919The Prince and Bettyfilm

1919The Prodigal Liarfilm

1919Whitewashed Wallsfilm

1918An Honest Manfilm

1918Beyond the Shadowsfilm

1918Captain of His Soulfilm

1918Closin' Infilm

1918Deuce Duncanfilm

1918Hell's Endfilm

1918Old Hartwell's Cubfilm

1918Society for Salefilm

1918The Marriage Bubblefilm

1918The Pretenderfilm

1918The Sea Pantherfilm

1918Wild Lifefilm

1917Blood Will Tellfilm

1917Fighting Backfilm

1917Flying Colorsfilm

1917Married in Name Onlyfilm

1917Master of His Homefilm

1917Paddy O'Harafilm

1917Paws of the Bearfilm

1917The Iced Bulletfilm

1917The Last of the Ingramsfilm

1917The Sudden Gentlemanfilm

1917Time Locks and Diamondsfilm

1916A Gamble in Soulsfilm

1916Bullets and Brown Eyesfilm

1916Lieutenant Danny, U.S.A.film

1916Not My Sisterfilm


1916The Captive Godfilm

1916The Criminalfilm

1916The Dawn Makerfilm

1916The Paymentfilm

1916The Sorrows of Lovefilm

1916The Waifsfilm


1915Peer Gyntfilm

1915The Majesty of the Lawfilm

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