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Jorge Molina, Director: Molina's Ferozz. After studying cinema in the USSR, Molina finished his studies at the International School of Film and Television (EICTV) in Cuba, specializing in direction. A fan of horror films, he has graced arty films as well as grade-Z shorts. He's also the director of the cult film Culpa (1993), one of the most widely exhibited film thesis in the history of...

Palma Soriano, Kuba
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68 Juan de los Muertos
Juan de los Muertos
53 Ďábelský vtip
Ďábelský vtip
La vida es silbar
La vida es silbar
Sidoglio Smithee
Sidoglio Smithee
Molinas Mofo
Molinas Mofo
Plano, El
Plano, El

2015La obra del siglofilm

2015Ďábelský vtipfilm

2014Alejandrito y el Cucofilm

2013Lobito, Thefilm


2011Juan de los Muertosfilm

2008Molina's Mofofilm

1998La vida es silbarfilm

1998Policlínico miserablefilm

1998Sidoglio Smitheefilm

1997Kleines Tropicana - Tropicanitafilm

1993Plano, Elfilm

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