Wheeler Oakman (1890 - 1949)

Wheeler Oakman, Actor: Lights of New York. Born in Washington, DC, in 1890, screen villain "par excellance" Wheeler Oakman got into films in 1912. He specialized in playing villains, but he wasn't just a one-note, mustache-twirling "bad guy"--a tall, solidly-built, distinguished-looking, almost patrician man, he could effectively play cold-blooded mob bosses, slick-talking crooked ...

Washington, District of Columbia, USA
(59 let) Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Texaští střelci
58 Superman
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Operator 13
The Show of Shows
The Show of Shows
75 Buck Rogers
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Annapolis Farewell
Annapolis Farewell

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1942Fall Infilm

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1941The Medico of Painted Springsfilm

1940Men with Steel Facesa.z.

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1939The Lone Ranger Rides Againfilm

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1936Gambling with Soulsfilm

1936Ghost Patrolfilm

1936Kelly the Secondfilm

1936Roarin' Gunsfilm

1936Song of the Trailfilm

1936The Mysterious Avengerfilm

1935'G' Menfilm

1935Annapolis Farewellfilm

1935Born to Gamblefilm

1935Code of the Mountedfilm

1935Death from a Distancefilm

1935Motive for Revengefilm

1935Special Agentfilm

1935Square Shooterfilm

1935The Adventures of Rex and Rintyfilm

1935The Case of the Curious Bridefilm

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1935The Man from Guntownfilm

1935The Phantom Empirefilm


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1934The Lost Junglea.z.

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1933Hot Hoofsfilm

1933Man of Actionfilm

1933Revenge at Monte Carlofilm

1933Rusty Rides Alonefilm

1933Silent Menfilm

1933Soldiers of the Stormfilm

1932Beauty Parlorfilm

1932Devil on Deckfilm

1932End of the Trailfilm

1932Gorilla Shipfilm

1932Guilty or Not Guiltyfilm

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1929Father and Sonfilm



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1929Shanghai Ladyfilm

1929Srdce na pravém místěfilm

1929The Devil's Chaplainfilm

1929The Donovan Affairfilm

1929The Girl from Woolworth'sfilm

1929The Head of the Familyfilm

1929The Show of Showsfilm

1928Black Featherfilm

1928Danger Patrolfilm

1928Lights of New Yorkfilm

1928The Broken Maskfilm

1928The Good-Bye Kissfilm

1928The Heart of Broadwayfilm

1928The Masked Angelfilm

1928The Power of the Pressfilm

1928Top Sergeant Mulliganfilm

1928What a Night!film

1928While the City Sleepsfilm

1927Heroes of the Nightfilm

1927Hey! Hey! Cowboyfilm

1927Out All Nightfilm

1927The Snarl of Hatefilm

1926Fangs of Justicefilm

1926In Borrowed Plumesfilm

1925Lilies of the Streetsfilm

1925The Pace That Thrillsfilm

1923Mine to Keepfilm

1923Other Men's Daughtersfilm

1923Slippy McGeefilm

1923The Love Trapfilm

1922The Half Breedfilm

1922The Son of the Wolffilm

1921A Wise Foolfilm

1921Peck's Bad Boyfilm

1921Penny of Top Hill Trailfilm

1920Outside the Lawfilm

1920The Virgin of Stamboulfilm

1920What Women Lovefilm

1919A Woman of Pleasurefilm

1919Back to God's Countryfilm

1919Eve in Exilefilm

1919False Evidencefilm

1919The Splendid Sinfilm

1918Face Valuefilm

1918I Love Youfilm



1918The Claimfilm


1917Between Man and Beastfilm

1917Her Heart's Desirefilm

1917Her Salvationfilm

1917Princess Virtuefilm

1917The Law North of 65film

1917The Love of Madge O'Marafilm

1917The Victor of the Plotfilm

1916A Social Deceptionfilm

1916Hell's Hingesfilm

1916The Battle of Heartsfilm

1916The Black Orchidfilm

1916The Brand of Cainfilm

1916The Crisisfilm

1916The Cycle of Fatefilm

1916The Devil-in-Chieffilm

1916The Dragnetfilm

1916The Ne'er Do Wellfilm

1916The Private Bankerfilm

1916Toll of the Junglefilm

1915'Neath Calvary's Shadowsfilm

1915Ebb Tidefilm

1915Just as I Amfilm

1915Sands of Timefilm

1915Sweet Alyssumfilm

1915The Carpet from Bagdadfilm

1915The Golden Spursfilm

1915The Melting Potfilm

1915The Rosaryfilm

1915The Runtfilm

1915The Strange Case of Talmai Lindfilm

1915The Vision of the Shepherdfilm

1915Willie Goes to Seafilm

1914Chip of the Flying Ufilm

1914Etienne of the Glad Heartfilm

1914Hearts and Masksfilm

1914Her Guardianfilm

1914Her Sacrificefilm

1914His Fightfilm

1914In Defiance of the Lawfilm

1914In the Days of the Thundering Herdfilm

1914Me an' Billfilm

1914On the Breast of the Tidefilm

1914Shotgun Jonesfilm

1914The Cherry Pickersfilm

1914The Fire Jugglersfilm

1914The Going of the White Swanfilm

1914The Lily of the Valleyfilm

1914The Lonesome Trailfilm

1914The Losing Fightfilm

1914The Mother Heartfilm

1914The Revelerfilm

1914The Salvation of Nance O'Shaughnessyfilm

1914The Smuggler's Sisterfilm

1914The Speck on the Wallfilm

1914The Squattersfilm

1914The Story of the Blood Red Rosefilm

1914The Tragedy That Livedfilm

1914The Tragedy of Ambitionfilm

1914The Uphill Climbfilm

1914The White Mousefilm

1914The Wilderness Mailfilm

1914The Woman of Itfilm

1914Till Death Us Do Partfilm

1914When the Cook Fell Illfilm

1914When the West Was Youngfilm


1914Země zlatafilm

1913A Dip in the Brineyfilm

1913A Prisoner of Cabanasfilm

1913A Revolutionary Romancefilm

1913A Wild Ridefilm

1913Alas! Poor Yorick!film

1913Alone in the Junglefilm

1913Budd Doble Comes Backfilm

1913Dollar Down, Dollar a Weekfilm

1913Greater Wealthfilm

1913Hiram Buys an Autofilm


1913In the Long Agofilm

1913Mrs. Hilton's Jewelsfilm


1913Sally in Our Alleyfilm

1913Songs of Trucefilm

1913Terrors of the Junglefilm

1913The Artist and the Brutefilm

1913The Dancer's Redemptionfilm

1913The Early Birdfilm

1913The Flaming Forgefilm

1913The Hopeless Dawnfilm

1913The Master of the Gardenfilm

1913The Ne'er to Return Roadfilm

1913The Story of Laviniafilm

1913The Three Wise Menfilm

1913The Wordless Messagefilm

1913Until the Seafilm

1913Vengeance Is Minefilm

1913When Lillian Was Little Red Riding Hoodfilm

1913When Men Forgetfilm

1912A Sad Devilfilm

1912Her Educatorfilm

1912How the Cause Was Wonfilm

1912Opitsah: Apache for Sweetheartfilm


1912Saved by Firefilm

1912Sergeant Byrne of the Northwest Mounted Policefilm

1912The God of Goldfilm

1912The Great Droughtfilm

1912The Indelible Stainfilm

1912The Last of Her Tribefilm

1912The Little Indian Martyrfilm

1912The Little Organ Player of San Juanfilm

1912The Millionaire Vagabondsfilm

1912The Pity of Itfilm

1912The Vintage of Fatefilm

1912When Helen Was Electedfilm

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