Charles Trowbridge (1882 - 1967)

Charles Trowbridge, Actor: The Man with Nine Lives. This veteran character and his younger brother, western actor Jack Rockwell, were born to American parents south of the border in Vera Cruz, Mexico in 1882. Charles Trowbridge was educated in Napa, California and Hawaii, then studied for his degree at Stanford University. He forsook a thriving career as an architect in his twenties for stage ...

Veracruz, Mexiko
(85 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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81 Moře trávy
Moře trávy
82 Konvoj do Murmanska
Konvoj do Murmanska
73 Confessions of a Nazi Spy
Confessions of a Nazi Spy
84 Stateční kapitáni
Stateční kapitáni
87 Edison
87 After the Thin Man
After the Thin Man

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1949The Fountainheadfilm

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1948The Scarfilm

1947Black Goldfilm

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1947Key Witnessfilm

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1947Tarzan and the Huntressfilm

1947The Beginning or the Endfilm

1947The Michigan Kidfilm

1947The Private Affairs of Bel Amifilm


1946Colonel Effingham's Raidfilm

1946Don't Gamble with Strangersfilm

1946Gallant Bessfilm


1946Smooth as Silkfilm

1946The Hoodlum Saintfilm

1946The Secret of the Whistlerfilm


1946Valley of the Zombiesfilm

1945Byli obětovánifilm

1945Keep Your Powder Dryfilm

1945Mildred Pierceováfilm

1945The Red Dragonfilm

1945Within These Wallsfilm

1945Youth for the Kingdomfilm

1944Captain Americafilm

1944Easy Lifefilm

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1944Hey, Rookiefilm

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1943Adventures of the Flying Cadetsfilm

1943Don't You Believe Ita.z.

1943Konvoj do Murmanskafilm

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1943Mission to Moscowfilm

1943Salute to the Marinesfilm

1943She's for Mefilm

1943Sweet Rosie O'Gradyfilm

1943The Amazing Mrs. Hollidayfilm

1943The Falcon in Dangerfilm

1942Blue, White and Perfectfilm

1942Meet the Stewartsfilm

1942Over My Dead Bodyfilm

1942Sex Hygienefilm

1942Sweetheart of the Fleetfilm

1942Ten Gentlemen from West Pointfilm

1942Tennessee Johnsonfilm

1942That Other Womanfilm

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1942The Mummy's Tomba.z.

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1942Who Is Hope Schuyler?film

1941Back Streetfilm

1941Belle Starrfilm

1941Cadet Girlfilm

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1941Four Mothersfilm

1941Hurricane Smithfilm


1941King of the Texas Rangersfilm

1941Let's Make Musicfilm

1941Life with Henryfilm

1941Rags to Richesfilm

1941Strange Alibifilm

1941The Great Liefilm

1941The Great Mr. Nobodyfilm

1941The Nurse's Secretfilm

1941They Met in Bombayfilm

1941To je John Doefilm

1941Tobacco Roadfilm

1941Too Many Blondesfilm

1941We Go Fastfilm

1941Četař Yorkfilm

1940Andy Hardy Meets Debutantefilm

1940Before I Hangfilm

1940Charlie Chan v muzeu voskových figurínfilm

1940Cherokee Stripfilm

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1940The Man with Nine Livesfilm

1940The Mummy's Handfilm

1940The Son of Monte Cristofilm

1940This Thing Called Lovefilm

1940Trail of the Vigilantesfilm

1940Virginia Cityfilm

1939Angels Wash Their Facesfilm

1939Boy Troublefilm

1939Cafe Societyfilm

1939Confessions of a Nazi Spyfilm

1939Disputed Passagefilm

1939Each Dawn I Diefilm

1939Full Confessionfilm

1939Grand Jury Secretsfilm

1939Homicide Bureaufilm

1939Hotel for Womenfilm

1939Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the Presidentfilm

1939King of Chinatownfilm

1939King of the Underworldfilm

1939Lady of the Tropicsfilm

1939Let Us Livefilm

1939Mutiny on the Blackhawkfilm

1939On Trialfilm

1939Pacific Linerfilm

1939Pride of the Navyfilm

1939Risky Businessfilm

1939Sergeant Maddenfilm

1939Smashing the Money Ringfilm

1939Swanee Riverfilm

1939The Lady's from Kentuckyfilm

1939The Man They Could Not Hangfilm

1939Tropic Furyfilm

1939Undercover Doctorfilm


1939While America Sleepsfilm



1938City Girlfilm

1938College Swingfilm

1938Crime Ringfilm

1938Crime Schoolfilm

1938Four's a Crowdfilm

1938Gang Bulletsfilm

1938Gangs of New Yorkfilm


1938Hříšní anděléfilm


1938Little Tough Guyfilm

1938Nancy Drew -- Detectivefilm

1938No Time to Marryfilm

1938Of Human Heartsfilm

1938Ponorky hrozífilm

1938Racket Bustersfilm

1938Smashing the Racketsfilm

1938Stíny v oblacíchfilm

1938Thanks for Everythingfilm

1938The Invisible Menacefilm

1938The Last Expressfilm

1938The Patient in Room 18film


1937Alcatraz Islandfilm

1937Dangerous Numberfilm


1937Exiled to Shanghaifilm

1937Fit for a Kingfilm

1937Indické mystériumfilm


1937Mama Steps Outfilm

1937Man of the Peoplefilm

1937Právě ta ženafilm

1937Reported Missingfilm

1937Saturday's Heroesfilm

1937Sea Racketeersfilm

1937Servant of the People: The Story of the Constitution of the United Statesfilm

1937Stateční kapitánifilm

1937That's My Story!film

1937Torture Moneyfilm

1937Zbraň v rucefilm

1936Absolute Quietfilm

1936After the Thin Manfilm

1936Děvče se špatnou pověstífilm

1936Exclusive Storyfilm

1936Important Newsfilm

1936Láska s 1000 HPfilm

1936Mad Holidayfilm

1936Moonlight Murderfilm

1936Robin Hood z Eldoradafilm

1936Sinner Take Allfilm


1936The Devil Is a Sissyfilm

1936The Garden Murder Casefilm

1936The Gorgeous Hussyfilm

1936U slaměných vdovfilm

1936Velký Ziegfeldfilm

1936We Went to Collegefilm

1936Wife vs. Secretaryfilm

1935Alibi Racketfilm

1935Calm Yourselffilm

1935I Live My Lifefilm

1935It's in the Airfilm

1935Last of the Pagansfilm

1935Mad Lovefilm


1935The Murder Manfilm


1935Woman Wantedfilm

1931Damaged Lovefilm

1931Honor Among Loversfilm

1931I Take This Womanfilm


1931The Secret Callfilm

1922Island Wivesfilm

1920The Fortune Hunterfilm

1919The Eternal Magdalenefilm




1915The Fightfilm

1915The Siren's Songfilm

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