Mike Ragan (1918 - 1995)

Mike Ragan, Actor: Montana Belle. Los Angeles-born Holly Bane (who later changed his name to the more macho-sounding Mike Ragan) didn't start out to be an actor--he wanted to be a big-band musician. That didn't work out for him, unfortunately, so he wound up getting a job as an office boy at MGM at age 15. From there he worked his way into the makeup department, working on such productions as The Good Earth (1937) and under the ...

Los Angeles, Kalifornie, USA
(77 let) Los Angeles, Kalifornie, USA
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84 Co se vlastně stalo s Baby Jane?
Co se vlastně stalo s Baby Jane?
78 Den, kdy se zastavila Země
Den, kdy se zastavila Země
84 Ride Clear of Diablo
Ride Clear of Diablo
70 Nevada Smith
Nevada Smith
Montana Belle
Montana Belle
73 Záchrana vzácného plemene
Záchrana vzácného plemene

1973Černá výpravafilm

1968Three Guns for Texasfilm

1967Dobré časyfilm


1966Nevada Smithfilm

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1966Záchrana vzácného plemenefilm

1965Dark Intruderfilm

1964Elvis: Viva Las Vegasfilm

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1962Co se vlastně stalo s Baby Jane?film

1962Stagecoach to Dancers' Rockfilm

1960Hell Bent for Leatherfilm

1958Darby's Rangersfilm

1958Frontier Gunfilm

1957Hear Me Goodfilm

1956Blackjack Ketchum, Desperadofilm

1956Ride the High IronTV film

1956The Bold and the Bravefilm

1956The Man Is Armedfilm

1956UFO útočí!film


1955Bobby Ware Is Missingfilm

1955Dial Red Ofilm

1955Headline Huntersfilm

1955Last of the Desperadosfilm

1955One Desirefilm

1955Panther Girl of the Kongofilm

1955Tall Man Ridingfilm

1955The Rawhide Yearsfilm

1955The Spoilersfilm

1955Zuřivý úsvitfilm

1954Bitter Creekfilm

1954Ride Clear of Diablofilm

1954The Bounty Hunterfilm

1954The Yellow Mountainfilm

1954Two Guns and a Badgefilm


1953Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invadersfilm


1953Law and Orderfilm

1953Son of Belle Starrfilm

1952Back at the Frontfilm

1952Flesh and Furyfilm


1952Loan Sharkfilm

1952Montana Bellefilm



1951Dakota Kid, Thefilm

1951Den, kdy se zastavila Zeměfilm

1951Don Daredevil Rides Againfilm

1951Jim Thorpe -- All-Americanfilm

1951Texans Never Cryfilm

1950Cow Townfilm

1950Desperadoes of the Westfilm

1950Fence Ridersfilm

1950Lucky Losersfilm

1950North of the Great Dividefilm

1950Over the Borderfilm

1950Radar Secret Servicefilm

1950Ready to Ridefilm

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1950Six Gun Mesafilm

1950Storm Over Wyomingfilm

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1949Big Jackfilm

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1948Carson City Raidersfilm

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1947Buffalo Bill Rides Againfilm

1947Christmas Evefilm

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1947Jesse James Rides Againfilm


1947Song of the Wastelandfilm

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1946Wild Westfilm

1944Fuzzy Settles Downfilm

1942Wake Islandfilm

1941Go West, Young Ladyfilm

1924Ten, jehož políčkujífilm

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