John Indrisano (1905 - 1968)

John Indrisano, Actor: Live Wires. Born in East Boston, Johnny Indrisano was from a poverty stricken family. As a youth he vowed to "have money" some day. He boxed 155 amateur fights. He turned professional and went on to fight 83 main events in which he won 80. He defeated 5 world champions. His career lasted from 1924 to 1934. He defeated among others, Joe Dundee(World Welterweight Champ/non-title fight), Nick Testo, Johnny ...

Boston, Massachusetts, USA
(62 let) San Fernando Valley, Kalifornie, USA
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88 Někdo to rád horké
Někdo to rád horké
86 Život je krásný
Život je krásný
80 Hud
83 Bosé nohy v parku
Bosé nohy v parku
80 Ptáčník z Alcatrazu
Ptáčník z Alcatrazu
72 Dannyho jedenáctka
Dannyho jedenáctka

1968Legenda o Lylah Clarovéfilm

1968Smugglers, TheTV film

1968The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suitfilm

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1967The Ambushersfilm

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1964A House Is Not a Homefilm

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1963To je ale bláznivý světfilm

1963Tátovy nápadyfilm

1962Mandžuský kandidátfilm

1962Ptáčník z Alcatrazufilm

1962Requiem for a Heavyweightfilm

1962Two Weeks in Another Townfilm

1962Who's Got the Action?film

1961Blueprint for Robberyfilm

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1959Don't Give Up the Shipfilm

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1955Murder Is My Beatfilm

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1955The Naked Streetfilm

1954Charge of the Lancersfilm

1954Down Three Dark Streetsfilm

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1951Iron Manfilm


1951Meet Danny Wilsonfilm

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1950Wyoming Mailfilm

1949Adventure in Baltimorefilm

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1945Johnny Angelfilm

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1936Go West Young Manfilm

1936Laughing Irish Eyesfilm

1936The Plot Thickensfilm

1935Another Facefilm

1935She Gets Her Manfilm

1935The Winning Ticketfilm


1933King for a Nightfilm

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