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Ron Masak, Actor: Murder, She Wrote. Ron Masak (MAY-SACK) was born in Chicago, Illinois, the son of a salesman/musician (Floyd L.), and a mother (Mildred), who was a merchandise buyer. Ron attended Chicago City College, and studied theater at both the CCC and the Drama Guild. He made his acting debut with the Drama Guild in Chicago in Stalag 17 in 1954. During the course of his career, he has starred in 25 feature films and guest ...

Chicago, Illinois, USA
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56 Jelita ze střídačky
Jelita ze střídačky
81 Tora! Tora! Tora!
Tora! Tora! Tora!
61 Narušitelé
75 Columbo: Popel popelu
Columbo: Popel popelu
The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker
The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker
50 Polda

2014My Trip Back to the Dark Sidefilm

2012Lose Yourselffilm

2011My Trip to the Dark Sidefilm

2006(J)elita ze střídačkyfilm

2002Stoneman, Thefilm

2000Thundering 8th, Thefilm

1998Columbo: Popel popeluTV film


1997Snowden on IceTV film

1997Vhoďte minciTV film

1996Adventures of Nicholas at Roaring CampTV film

1995Cops n Robertsfilm

1992NarušiteléTV film

1989Velká výzvafilm

1982Kid from Nowhere, TheTV film

1982Neighborhood, TheTV film

1982Ya Gotta Believefilm

1980Aliens Are Coming, TheTV film

1980Police Story: Confessions of a Lady CopTV film

1979Pleasure CoveTV film

1978Bastard, TheTV film

1978Harper Valley

1978No Margin for ErrorTV film

1978Paprsky smrti z vesmírufilm

1978Woman in the Rainfilm

1977In the Glitter PalaceTV film

1977Safety, Check Your Carfilm

1976McNaughton's DaughterTV film

1975Hey CoachTV film

1975Jeremiah of Jacob's Neckfilm

1975Man From Clover Grove, Thefilm

1975Šťastná dámafilm

1974Law, TheTV film

1972Heat of AngerTV film

1971Assault on the WayneTV film

1971Evel Knievelfilm

1971Priest Killer, TheTV film

1971The Marriage of a Young Stockbrokerfilm

1970Tora! Tora! Tora!film

1969Daddy's Gone A-Huntingfilm

1969Time for Dying, Afilm

1969Vernon's VolunteersTV film

1968Polární stanice Zebrafilm

1968Second Effortfilm

1964Nightmare in ChicagoTV film

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