Gladys Hulette (1896 - 1991)

Gladys Hulette, Actress: Tol'able David. The daughter of an opera star turned actress, Gladys Hulette began her career as a three-year old on the stage. On Broadway from 1906, she played juvenile leads in "The Kreutzer Sonata" and "A Doll's House". She was also Tyltyl in "The Blue Bird". A genuine pioneer of the movies, Gladys first starred on screen in Carl Laemmle's one-reel IMP ...

Arcade, New York, USA
(95 let) Montebello, California, USA
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72 Ocelový oř
Ocelový oř
Nepřátelé žen
Nepřátelé žen
The Girl from Missouri
The Girl from Missouri
Torch Singer
Torch Singer
76 Hoodman Blind
Hoodman Blind
Be Your Age
Be Your Age

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1934The Girl from Missourifilm

1933Her Resale Valuefilm

1933Torch Singerfilm

1928Faithless Loverfilm

1928Life's Crossroadsfilm

1928Making the Varsityfilm

1927A Bowery Cinderellafilm


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1926The Skyrocketfilm

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1926Unknown Treasuresfilm

1925Go Straightfilm

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1925On the Thresholdfilm

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1924Manželské poutofilm

1924Ocelový ořfilm

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1924The Ridin' Kid from Powder Riverfilm

1924The Slanderersfilm

1923Hoodman Blindfilm

1923Nepřátelé ženfilm

1923Whispering Palmsfilm

1922Fair Ladyfilm

1922How Women Lovefilm

1922Secrets of Parisfilm

1922The Refereefilm

1921David - mazlíčekfilm

1920High Speedfilm

1920The Silent Barrierfilm

1918Annexing Billfilm

1918For Salefilm

1918Mrs. Slackerfilm


1917A Crooked Romancefilm

1917Her New Yorkfilm

1917Miss Nobodyfilm

1917Over the Hillfilm

1917Pots-and-Pans Peggyfilm

1917The Candy Girlfilm

1917The Cigarette Girlfilm

1917The Last of the Carnabysfilm

1917The Streets of Illusionfilm

1916In the Name of the Lawfilm

1916Other People's Moneyfilm

1916Prudence, the Piratefilm

1916The Flight of the Duchessfilm

1916The Girl from Chicagofilm

1916The Shine Girlfilm

1916The Traffic Copfilm

1916What Doris Didfilm

1916When She Played Broadwayfilm

1915A Sprig of Shamrockfilm

1915A Thorn Among Rosesfilm


1915Count Macaronifilm

1915Eugene Aramfilm

1915His Majesty, the Kingfilm

1915Joey and His Trombonefilm

1915Out of the Ruinsfilm

1915The Corporal's Daughterfilm

1915The King of the Wirefilm

1915The Mission of Mr. Foofilm

1915The Working of a Miraclefilm

1915The Wrong Womanfilm

1915Tracked by the Houndsfilm

1915What Happened on the Barbudafilm

1915Won Through Meritfilm

1914A Canine Rivalfilm

1914A Deal in Statuaryfilm

1914A Double Elopementfilm

1914A Foolish Agreementfilm

1914A Millinery Mix-Upfilm

1914A Summer Resort Idyllfilm

1914A Transplanted Prairie Flowerfilm

1914A Village Scandalfilm

1914An Absent-Minded Cupidfilm

1914An American Kingfilm

1914Courting Betty's Beaufilm

1914George Washington Jonesfilm

1914Getting to the Ball Gamefilm

1914His Chorus Girl Wifefilm

1914How Bobby Called Her Blufffilm

1914Post No Billsfilm

1914The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailiesfilm

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1912How the Boys Fought the Indiansfilm

1912Jack and the Beanstalkfilm

1912Martin Chuzzlewitfilm

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1912The Librarianfilm

1911Captain Barnacle's Babyfilm

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1911Papa's Sweetheartfilm

1911Pull for the Shore, Sailor!film

1911Stage-Struck Lizziefilm

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1911The Star Spangled Bannerfilm

1911The Winds of Fatefilm

1910A Japanese Peach Boyfilm

1910Alice's Adventures in Wonderlandfilm

1909A Midsummer Night's Dreamfilm


1909Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke Fairyfilm

1909Thanksgiving, Then and Nowfilm

1908A Street Waif's Christmasfilm

1908Romeo and Julietfilm

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