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76 New Barbarians
New Barbarians
Postcards from Abroad
Postcards from Abroad
Beyond the Denver Dynasty
Beyond the Denver Dynasty
Philmore Butts Taking Care of Business
Philmore Butts Taking Care of Business
5 Star Nikki Tyler
5 Star Nikki Tyler
69 The New Barbarians 2
The New Barbarians 2

2011Calvin's Dreamfilm

2007Collen Brennan: Porns 1st Grandma!a.z.

20055 Star Nikki Tylerfilm

2005XXX on Demandfilm

2004Cum One Cum All 2film

2004Please Cum Inside Me 17film

2004Please Cum Inside Me 18film

2004Young Hot and Horny Girlsfilm

2003Brittany Spearedfilm

2003I Love Titsfilm

2003Love and Warfilm

2003Nurse Teannafilm

2003Please Cum Inside Me 11film

2003Please Cum Inside Me 12film

2003Please Cum Inside Me 13film

2003Please Cum Inside Me 14film

2003Please Cum Inside Me 15film

2003Please Cum Inside Me 16film

2003Up and Cummers 114film

2002Please Cum Inside Me 10film

2002Please Cum Inside Me 5film

2002Please Cum Inside Me 7film

2002Please Cum Inside Me 8film

2002Please Cum Inside Me 9film


2002Up and Cummers 100film

2002Up and Cummers 101film

2001Chez Twatfilm

2001Deep Inside Racquel Darrianfilm

2001Nikki Tyler: Extreme Close-Upfilm

2001Please Cum Inside Me 2film

2001Please Cum Inside Me 3film

2001Please Cum Inside Me 4film

2001The A-Listfilm

2001Up and Cummers 88film

2001Up and Cummers 97film

2001Up and Cummers 98film

2001Up the Buttfilm

2000Best of the Vivid Girls #30film

2000I Love Lesbians 8film

2000Pick-Up Lines 50film

2000Please Cum Inside Mefilm

2000Up and Cummers 80film

2000Up and Cummers 82film

2000Up and Cummers 84film

2000Up and Cummers 86film

2000Up and Cummers 87film

2000Up and Cummers 89film

1999Foot Lovers Onlyfilm

1999Nymph Feverfilm

1999Raw Sex 6film

1999Sodomania: Director's Cut Classics 2film

1999Swedish Erotica Four Hour, Vol. 19film

1999Up and Cummers 65film

1999Up and Cummers 67film

1999Up and Cummers 68film

1999Up and Cummers 69film

1999Up and Cummers 70film

1999Up and Cummers 71film

1998America's 10 Most Wanted 3film

1998Dinner Party at Sixfilm

1998Foreign Fucks & Sucksfilm

1998Mission Eroticafilm

1998Pick-Up Lines 25film

1998Up and Cummers 48film

1998Up and Cummers 49film

1998Up and Cummers 53film

1998Up and Cummers 57film

1998Up and Cummers 59film

1998Up and Cummers 60film

1997All American Pussy Searchfilm

1997American Hot Assfilm


1997Chasing Asiafilm

1997Cumback Pussy 7film

1997Daydreams Nightdreamsfilm

1997Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 35film

1997Hijacking Hollywoodfilm

1997LA Meatfilm

1997Last Little Whorehousefilm


1997Philmore Butts Taking Care of Businessfilm

1997Take 69film

1997Totally Tiffanyfilm

1997Twice in a Lifetimefilm

1997Up and Cummers 46film

1997Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 6film

1996Blondes Who Blowfilm

1996Blue Dreamsfilm

1996Carnal Cutiesfilm

1996Cum One, Cum All: The Best of Up and Cummers Early Volumesfilm

1996Expose Me Againfilm

1996Get Luckyfilm

1996Nikki Dial's Secrets of Sexcessfilm

1996Peyton's Placefilm

1996Pick-Up Lines 6film

1996Pick-Up Lines 8film

1996Primarily Yoursfilm

1996Pussy Clips 12film

1996Pussyman 14film

1996Ram It Upfilm

1996Scotty's X-Rated Adventurefilm

1996Suburban Swingers 2film

1996Taboo 16film

1996Up and Cummers 26film

1996Up and Cummers 31film

1996Up and Cummers 35film

1996Video Adventures of Peeping Tomfilm

1996Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 7, Thefilm

1996Vstup zakázánfilm


1996XXX T.V.film

1995Aroused 2film

1995Badgirls 4: Jayebirdfilm

1995Cumback Pussyfilm

1995Deep Inside Debi Diamondfilm

1995Deep Inside P.J. Sparxxfilm

1995Diamond Collection Double X 65film

1995Kink: Police Chroniclesfilm

1995Misty @ Midnightfilm

1995Pussywoman 3film

1995Radical Affairs 7film

1995Up and Cummers 15film

1995Up and Cummers 16film

1995Up and Cummers 17film

1995Up and Cummers 18film

1995Up and Cummers 19film

1995Up and Cummers 20film

1995Up and Cummers 21film

1995Whore Housefilm

1995World Sex Tour 2: Francefilm

1994Adult Affairsfilm

1994Boiling Pointfilm

1994Bottoms Upfilm

1994Butt Sisters Do Detroit, Thefilm

1994Certifiably Analfilm

1994Channel Blondefilm

1994Cheeks 7: Mirror Imagefilm


1994Dinner Party, Thefilm

1994Dirty Laundry 1film


1994Freak dat Bootyfilm

1994Hello Norma Jeanefilm

1994Little Pepper #4: Nikki Dialfilm

1994Masseuse 2film


1994Ms. Behavedfilm

1994Older Men with Younger Women 2film

1994Palm Springs or Bustfilm

1994Price Was Right, Thefilm

1994Raunch 10: Uncut Jewelfilm

1994Savanah Unleasedfilm

1994Sexy Nurses 2film

1994Sodomania: The Baddest of the Bestfilm

1994Strippers Inc.film

1994Strippers Inc. 2film

1994Strippers Inc. 3film


1994Superstar Sex Challengefilm

1994Takin' It to the Limitfilm

1994Tit for Tatfilm

1994Undercover Loverfilm

1994Up and Cummers 10film

1994Up and Cummers 11film

1994Up and Cummers 12film

1994Up and Cummers 13film

1994Up and Cummers 14film

1994Up and Cummers 4film

1994Up and Cummers 5film

1994Up and Cummers 6film

1994Up and Cummers 7film

1994Up and Cummers 8film

1994Up and Cummers 9film

1994Up and Cummers: The Moviefilm

1994Use It or Lose Itfilm

1993American Garterfilm

1993Anal Coedsfilm

1993Anal Rampage 2film

1993Anal Sensationsfilm

1993Anal Team, Thefilm

1993Anal-Europe Series 3: The Museum of the Living Art, Thefilm

1993Anus the Menacefilm

1993Back in Stylefilm

1993Backdoor Brides 4film

1993Backdoor to Cannesfilm

1993Bedtime Talesfilm

1993Behind the Backdoor 6film

1993Bend Over Backwardsfilm

1993Best of Christy Canyonfilm

1993Bikini Beachfilm

1993Bikini Beach 2film

1993Black Dirty Debutantes 1film

1993Blonde & the Beautiful 2, Thefilm

1993Blonde & the Beautiful, Thefilm

1993Blonde Ice 2film

1993Blow Job, Babyfilm

1993Bonnie & Clyde - Desperáti láskyfilm

1993Bonnie and Clyde: Desperadofilm

1993Boss, Thefilm

1993Bottoms Upfilm

1993Caged Furyfilm

1993Cherry Cheeksfilm

1993Club DV8film

1993Deep Inside Nina Hartleyfilm

1993Deep Inside Selena Steelefilm

1993Deep Inside Tiffany Mynxfilm

1993Dial N For Nikkifilm

1993Dial N for Nikkifilm

1993Diamond Collection Double X 79film

1993Dr. Butts 3film


1993Feds in Bedfilm

1993Femmes érotiques, Lesfilm

1993Full Moon Bayfilm

1993Geisha's Secret, Afilm

1993Hard to Stopfilm

1993Heads or Tails?film

1993Heaven Scentfilm

1993Hollywood Studsfilm

1993Howard Sperm Show, Thefilm

1993Hypnotic Passionsfilm


1993Kelly Eighteenfilm

1993Ladykiller: Casanova Returnsa.z.

1993Last Anal Hero, Thefilm

1993Lethal Lolitafilm

1993Miss Anal Americafilm

1993More Dirty Debutantes 18film

1993Nasty Travel Tailsfilm

1993Nasty Travel Tails 2film

1993Once Upon an Analfilm

1993One of Our Porn Stars Is Missingfilm

1993Orgy 2, Thefilm

1993Orgy 3, Thefilm

1993Orgy, Thefilm

1993Parlor Gamesfilm

1993Poor Little Rich Girl Part 1film


1993Psychic, Thefilm

1993Pussyman 2: The Prizefilm

1993Ready, Willing and Analfilm

1993Scent of a Girl, Afilm

1993Servin' It Upfilm

1993Sex Ranchfilm

1993Shameless Ladyfilm

1993Slave to Lovefilm

1993Stacked with Honorsfilm

1993Sticky Lipsfilm

1993Tattle Tail, Thefilm

1993The Goddaughter: Part 3a.z.

1993Too Hot to Touch 2film

1993Unashamed, Thefilm

1993Up and Cummers 1film

1993Up and Cummers 2film

1993Up and Cummers 3film

1993Vampire's Kissfilm

1993WPINK-TV 4film

1993WPINK-TV 5film

1993Warm Pinkfilm

1993Wicked Wish, Thefilm

1993Willing Womenfilm

19922 Hung 2 Tungfilm

1992A Chronicles, Thefilm

1992Amber Wavesfilm

1992Anal Analysisfilm

1992Anal Climax 3film

1992Anal Cuties of Chinatown IIfilm

1992Anal Cuties of Chinatown IIIfilm

1992Anal Encounters 8film

1992Anal Rookiesfilm

1992Anal Sluts and Sweetheartsfilm

1992Anal-Europe Series 2: Fantasies, Thefilm

1992Anals of History 2film

1992Andrew Blake's Girlsfilm

1992Asian Silkfilm

1992Backing in 3film

1992Barlow Affair, Thefilm

1992Bedrooms and Boardroomsfilm

1992Best Butte in the Westfilm

1992Best Rears of Our Lives, Thefilm

1992Best of Shaved Sinnersfilm

1992Black Encountersfilm


1992Cockateer 2, Thefilm


1992Constant Cravingfilm

1992Cookie 'n' Creamfilm

1992Dear Bridgettefilm

1992Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 1film


1992Dixie Dynamite and the All-Star Tit Queensfilm

1992Elvis Slept Herefilm


1992Gang Bang Girlfilm

1992Ghost Writerfilm


1992Goddaughter 2film

1992Group Therapyfilm


1992Hidden Obsessionsfilm

1992Honey I Blew Everybody... Againfilm

1992Indian Summerfilm

1992Lacy's Hot Anal Summerfilm

1992Latin Lustfilm

1992Legend 3film

1992Lies of Passionfilm

1992Married with Hormones 2film

1992Mirage 2film

1992Moore! Moore! Moore!: An Anal Explosionfilm

1992More Dirty Debutantes 17film

1992Nightmare on Dyke Streetfilm


1992Pretty in Peachfilm

1992Private Dancerfilm


1992Sex Trek 3: The Wrath of Bobfilm

1992Sex Under Glassfilm

1992Silver Elegancefilm

1992Silver Seductionfilm


1992Single Tight Femalefilm

1992Single White Womanfilm

1992Sittin' Pretty IIfilm

1992Sodom and Gomorrahfilm

1992Sodomania 2: More Tailsfilm

1992Spanish Flyfilm


1992Tailiens 2film

1992Tailiens 3film

1992The Goddaughterfilm

1992The Goddaughter: Part IIfilm

1992Ultra Headfilm

1992Unchained Melaniefilm

1992Used Carsfilm


1992Victoria and Companyfilm

1992Vision, Thefilm

1992Vánoční příběhfilm

1992Warm to the Touchfilm


1992Witching Hour, Thefilm

1992Wrapped Upfilm

199140 Something 2film

1991Acts of Confessionfilm

1991Americans Most Wantedfilm

1991Anal Encounters 1film

1991Anal Feverfilm

1991Ass Backwardsfilm


1991Autoerotica 2film

1991Back to Naturefilm

1991Beaver Ridgefilm

1991Biker Chicks in Lovefilm

1991Blonde Ridersfilm

1991Blonde Savagefilm

1991Blow Job Bettyfilm


1991Bush Pilots II: Deeper in the Bushfilm

1991Casey at the Batfilm

1991Cheeks 5: Cop a Feelfilm

1991Cum to Dinnerfilm

1991Debbie Does Wall Streetfilm


1991Dr. Buttsfilm

1991Easy Way, Thefilm



1991Four Alarmfilm

1991Friends & Lovers: The Sequelfilm

1991Gere Upfilm

1991Hothouse Rose Part 1film


1991Immorals 4: Choice Cutsfilm

1991Indian Summer 2: Sandstormfilm

1991Last Tango in Riofilm

1991Little Christmas Tail, Afilm

1991Malibu Spicefilm

1991Manbait 2film

1991Mark of Zarafilm

1991Married with Hormonesfilm

1991More Dirty Debutantes 10film

1991More Dirty Debutantes 11film

1991More Dirty Debutantes 7film

1991More Dirty Debutantes 9film

1991Městské derbyfilm

1991Nasty Ladies IIIfilm

1991Naughty Ninafilm

1991New Wave Hookers 2film

1991No Time for Lovefilm


1991Oral Majority 8film

1991Passion of Heather Lerefilm

1991Play Christy for Mefilm

1991Postcards from Abroadfilm

1991Purely Sexualfilm

1991Puttin' Her Ass on the Linefilm

1991Sex Trek II: The Search for Spermfilm

1991Shot in the Mouth 2, Afilm

1991Simply Irresistiblefilm

1991Skin Deepfilm

1991Stake Outfilm

1991Steamy Windowsfilm

1991Talk Dirty to Me 8film

1991Tamara's Blow Jobsfilm

1991Tasting, Thefilm

1991The Midas Touchfilm

1991Titty Slickersfilm

1991Transparent Desiresfilm

1991Trick Tracy 2: Tracy Loves Dickfilm

1991Two Times a Virginfilm

1991Vegas 5: Blackjackfilm

1991Wild Goose Chasefilm

1990All That Sexfilm

1990Amazing Tails 5film

1990Anal Nationfilm

1990Analizer, Thefilm

1990Another Rear Viewfilm

1990As Dirty as She Wants to Befilm

1990As the Spirit Moves Youfilm

1990Avenging Angelifilm

1990Backdoor to Hollywood 12film

1990Beauty and the Beast 2film

1990Big Gamefilm

1990Bimbo Bowlers from Bostonfilm

1990Blonde Icefilm


1990Club Headfilm


1990DeRenzy Tapesfilm

1990Dirty Looksfilm

1990Door to Doorfilm

1990Eat Em and Smilefilm

1990Edge of Sensationfilm


1990Even More Dangerousfilm

1990Everything Goesfilm

1990Famous Anusfilm

1990Ginger Then and Nowfilm

1990Great Expectationsfilm

1990Hidden Desirefilm

1990Holly Does Hollywood 4film

1990House of Dreamsfilm

1990I'm No Bratfilm

1990Images of Desirefilm

1990In the Jeans Againfilm

1990Introducing Daniellefilm

1990Introducing Tabithafilm


1990Kinky Business IIfilm

1990Ladies Roomfilm


1990Legend Part 2film

1990Lick My Lipsfilm

1990Loose Lipsfilm

1990Magic Box, Thefilm


1990Miss Directedfilm

1990Naked Truth, Thefilm

1990New Barbariansfilm

1990New Barbarians 2, Thefilm

1990Night Trips 2film

1990Noční výkřikfilm

1990Only the Best of Barbara Darefilm

1990Parting Shotsfilm

1990Passionate Lipsfilm

1990Passions of Heather Learfilm


1990Porn on the 4th of Julyfilm

1990Precious Peaksfilm

1990Put It In Gerefilm

1990Rainwoman 2film


1990Ravaged Rivalryfilm

1990Read My Lipsfilm

1990Ringside Knockoutfilm


1990Scarlet Mistress, Thefilm

1990Search for Pink October, Thefilm


1990Sexual Intentfilm

1990Sexual Relationsfilm

1990Shifting Gerefilm

1990Smart Ass 2: Rusty's Revenge, Thefilm

1990Smart Ass Vacation, Thefilm

1990Smooth and Easyfilm

1990Soft Tailfilm

1990Taboo VIIIfilm

1990Tale of Two Tittiesfilm

1990Tease, Thefilm

1990The Pawnbrokerfilm

1990The Taming of Tamifilm

1990Torrid Without a Cause 2film

1990Total Reballfilm

1990Touch of Gold, Afilm

1990Touch of Mink, Afilm

1990Trick Traceyfilm

1990Trick Tracyfilm

1990True Sinfilm

1990Vegas 3: Let It Ridefilm

1990Vegas 4: Joker's Wildfilm

1990Violation of Tori Wellesfilm


1990Wild Wild Chest, Thefilm

198950 Ways to Lick Your Loverfilm

1989Anal Attractionfilm

1989Angel of the Islandfilm

1989Australian Connectionfilm

1989Bazooka County 2film

1989Bedtime Storiesfilm


1989Behind You All the Way IIfilm

1989Big Thrill, Thefilm

1989Bimbo Bowlers from Buffalofilm

1989Black Silk Secretsfilm

1989Blowing in Stylefilm

1989Blue Moviefilm

1989Bod Squad, Thefilm

1989Body Musicfilm

1989Breast Stroke 2film

1989Bring On the Virginsfilm

1989Bush Whackersfilm



1989Casbah Fantasyfilm

1989Case of the Crooked Cathousefilm

1989Coming of Agefilm

1989Cool Sheetsfilm

1989Cum for Me Carolfilm

1989Cumshot Revue 5film

1989Deep Inside Barbiifilm

1989Dick Tracerfilm

1989Dirty Moviesfilm

1989Double Takefilm

1989Earthquake Girlsfilm

1989Easy Way Outfilm

1989Edge of Heat 2film

1989Educating Kaschafilm

1989Fistful of Bimbos, Afilm

1989For Her Pleasure Onlyfilm

1989For Your Lips Onlyfilm

1989Gang Bangs IIfilm

1989Girl with the Blue Jeans Off, Thefilm

1989Hawaii Vice 2film

1989Hawaii Vice 5film

1989I Dream of Christyfilm

1989Illicit Affairsfilm

1989Invasion of the Samurai Sluts from Hellfilm

1989Invitation Onlyfilm

1989Kisses Don't Liefilm

1989Late Night for Loversfilm

1989Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Thefilm

1989Legends of Porn IIfilm

1989Little Miss Dangerousfilm

1989Logical Conclusionfilm

1989Loose Ends VIfilm

1989Love Shack, Thefilm

1989Magic Shower, Thefilm

1989More Dirty Debutantes 5film

1989More Than Friendsfilm

1989My Bare Ladyfilm

1989My Wife Is a Call Girlfilm

1989Mystic Piecesfilm

1989On Your Honorfilm

1989One Wife to Givefilm

1989Paris Burningfilm

1989Perils of Paulafilm

1989Phone Sex Girls: Australiafilm

1989Play Mefilm

1989Pleasure Is My Businessfilm


1989Savage Fury 2film

1989Sea of Lustfilm


1989Sleeping Beauty Arousedfilm

1989Soft Warm Rainfilm

1989Splash Shotsfilm

1989Squirt on the Huntfilm

1989Swedish Erotica Featurettes 2film

1989Taboo VII: The Wild and the Innocentfilm

1989Talk Dirty to Me, Part 6film

1989Talk Dirty to Me: Part 7film

1989Taste of Arielfilm

1989Taste of Tori Wellesfilm

1989The End of the Innocencefilm

1989The Invisible Girlfilm

1989The Outlawfilm

1989Those Lynn Girlsfilm

1989Torrid Housefilm

1989Torrid Without a Causefilm


1989True Confessions of Tori Wellesfilm

1989Uniform Behaviorfilm

1989Who Framed Ginger Grant?film

1989Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit? 2film

1989Wild Women 19: Elle Riofilm

1989Wild Women 44: Keishafilm

1989Words of Lovefilm

1989X Dreamsfilm

1989Young and the Wrestling 2, Thefilm


1988All American Girlfilm

1988Angel Risingfilm

1988Back to Rearsfilm

1988Barbii Unleashedfilm

1988Batteries Includedfilm

1988Beyond the Denver Dynastyfilm

1988Bimbo Cheerleaders from Outer Spacefilm

1988Bionca on Firefilm

1988Bitch Is Back, Thefilm

1988Built for Sexfilm

1988Cat Scratch Feverfilm

1988Debbie 4 Hirefilm

1988Debbie Does 'Em All Part IIfilm

1988Diamond Collection Double X 16film

1988Empire of the Sinsfilm

1988Fast Girls 2film

1988Foolish Pleasuresfilm

1988Honky Tonk Angelsfilm

1988I Can't Get No... Satisfactionfilm

1988In a Crystal Fantasyfilm

1988Mammary Lanefilm


1988Nicole Stanton Story, Thefilm

1988Nina's Knockoutsfilm

1988Power Blondefilm

1988Precious Gemsfilm


1988Rachel Ryan RRfilm

1988Robofox IIfilm

1988Robofox II: 'The Collectorfilm


1988Saturday Night Specialfilm

1988Sex Lives of the Rich and Famous 1film

1988Sex Lives of the Rich and Famous 2film

1988Sins of Angel Kellyfilm

1988Skin Divefilm

1988The Bitch Is Backfilm

1988The Eleventh Commandmentfilm

1988Unchain My Heartfilm

1988Wet Dream on Elm Streetfilm

1988What's Up Docfilm

1988Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit?film

1988Wild in the Woodsfilm

1988Young and the Wrestling, Thefilm

1987A's Have It, Thefilm

1987Adult Video Therapistfilm

1987Amber Lynn's 976 Hot Linefilm

1987Barbara the Barbarianfilm

1987Black Valley Girlsfilm

1987Blazing Bedroomsfilm

1987Cabaret Sinfilm

1987California Gigolofilm

1987Casing the Crackfilm

1987Charmed and Dangerousfilm

1987Dr. Juice's Love Potionfilm

1987Electric Blue 56film

1987Girls Who Love to Suckfilm

1987Good Lust Charmfilm

1987Holiday for Angelsfilm

1987Hotline 976film

1987Insatiable Hyapatia Lee, Thefilm


1987L.A. Rawfilm

1987Load Warrior II, Thefilm

1987Load Warrior, Thefilm

1987Loose Ends IIIfilm

1987Love Scenes... for Loving Couplesa.z.

1987Lust Weekendfilm

1987Mitzi's Honorfilm

1987Oral Maniafilm

1987Peggy Suefilm

1987Playing for Passionfilm

1987Private Encountersfilm

1987Pumping Irene 2film

1987Red Hot Fire Girlsfilm



1987Star Cuts 61: Keishafilm

1987Sticky Situationfilm

1987Strictly Businessfilm

1987Summer Loversfilm

1987Switch Hittersfilm

1987Tales of the Uncensoredfilm

1987Tracey and the Banditfilm



1987Wide World of Sexfilm

1987Young and Innocentfilm

1986Amber Pays the Rentfilm

1986Autobiography of Herman Flogger, Thefilm

1986Bachelor's Paradisefilm

1986Backdoor to Hollywood 2film

1986Backside to the Futurefilm

1986Battle of the Titansfilm

1986Ber 52film

1986Beverly Hills Copulatorfilm

1986Beverly Hills Coxfilm

1986Bottoms Up! Series 8film

1986Club Gingerfilm

1986Convenience Store Girlsfilm

1986Crocodile Blondeefilm

1986Dark Side of the Moon, Afilm

1986Devil in Miss Dare, Thefilm

1986Dirty Harrietfilm

1986Double Standardsfilm

1986Dr. Truth's Great Sexfilm

1986Electric Blue 40film

1986Forbidden Bodiesfilm

1986Gentlemen Prefer Gingerfilm

1986Gettin' Readyfilm

1986Girls on F Street, Thefilm

1986Hannah Does Her Sistersfilm

1986Having It All!film

1986Honeymoon Harlotsfilm

1986Hot Chocolate 2film

1986Hot Gunfilm

1986Hříšné snyfilm

1986I Wanna Be a Bad Girlfilm

1986In All the Right Placesfilm

1986Jane Bond Meets Octopussyfilm


1986Luscious Lucy in Lovefilm

1986Lust with the Strangerfilm

1986Miami Spicefilm

1986Miami Spice IIfilm


1986Pumping Irenefilm

1986Red Garterfilm

1986Ride a Pink Ladyfilm

1986Rough Draftfilm

1986Science Frictionfilm

1986Seduction of Jenniferfilm

1986Sex with a Strangerfilm

1986Sexy Delightsfilm

1986Sophisticated Womenfilm

1986Temperatures Risingfilm

1986The Red Garterfilm

1986To Lust in LAfilm

1986Tunnel of Lovefilm

1986Up All Nightfilm

1986World According to Ginger, Thefilm

1986Year of the Sex Dragon, Thefilm

1985Age of Consentfilm

1985Backdoor to Hollywoodfilm

1985Bedtime Talesfilm

1985Bodies by Jackiefilm

1985Cumshot Revue 2film

1985Debbie Does 'em Allfilm

1985Desperate Womenfilm

1985Free and Easya.z.

1985Looking for Mr. Goodsexfilm


1985Squalor Motelfilm


1985Toto je mé tělofilm

1984Cagney & Staceyfilm

1984Dial F for Fantasyfilm

1984Erotic Aerobicsfilm

1984Frisky Businessfilm

1984From Russia with Lustfilm

1984Intimate Realities 2film

1984More Reel People Part 2film

1984Stud Huntersfilm

1983Burning Desirefilm

1983Erotic Radio WSEXfilm

1983Naughty Girls Need Love Toofilm

1983Playing with Firefilm

1982Baby Cakesfilm

1982Between the Sheetsfilm

1982Body Talkfilm


1982Mistress, Thefilm


1982Wild Dallas Honeyfilm

1981Bad Girlsfilm


1981Country Comfortfilm

1981Seka's Fantasiesfilm

1981Sex Boatfilm


1981Swedish Erotica 28film

1981The Dancersfilm

1981The Erotic World of Vanessafilm

1980American Piefilm

1980Bon Appétitfilm

1980Dracula Exoticafilm

1980Filthy Rich: A 24 K-Dirty Movie, Thefilm

1980Her Name Was Lisafilm

1980Kiss and Tellfilm

1980Plato's, the Moviefilm

1980Samantha Fox's Fantasiesa.z.

1980Sweet Cheeksfilm

1980That Lucky Stifffilm

1980Tinsel Townfilm


1980Woman's Dream, Afilm


1979Nasty Nursesfilm



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