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Valerie Harper, Actress: Mary Tyler Moore. Making people laugh is only one facet of Valerie Harper's career, which extends from the stage to television and feature films. A native of Suffern, New York -- "I was born to suffer" -- Harper began her career as a dancer with the corps de ballet at Radio City Hall during its spectacular heyday. She gradually moved into acting, working in everything from industrial shows to regional theatre to ...

Suffern, New York, USA
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50 My Future Boyfriend
My Future Boyfriend
The Great Mom Swap
The Great Mom Swap
63 Za to může Rio
Za to může Rio
40 Tančírna Podzimní úplněk
Tančírna Podzimní úplněk
Rock Rock Rock!
Rock Rock Rock!

2016My Mom and the Girlfilm

2015Merry Xmasfilm

2014Town That Came A-Courtin', Thefilm



2011Fixing PeteTV film

2011My Future BoyfriendTV film

2007Golda's Balconyfilm

2002Tančírna Podzimní úplněkTV film

2000Mary and RhodaTV film

1997Dog's Best FriendTV film

1995Great Mom Swap, TheTV film

1995I Want Him Back!film

1994A Friend to Die ForTV film

1993Poetry Hall of Fame, TheTV film

1991Perry Mason: Případ smrtící módyTV film

1990Stolen: One HusbandTV film

1988People Across the Lake, TheTV film

1988Sbohem, supermámoTV film

1987Strange VoicesTV film

1987This Is Your LifeTV film

1985The ExecutionTV film

1984Za to může Riofilm

1983Invasion of Privacy, AnTV film

1982Don't Go to SleepTV film

1982Farrellová pro lidiTV film

1981Poslední den láskyTV film

1980Fun and GamesTV film

1980Poslední manželství v Americefilm

1980Shadow Box, TheTV film

1979Druhá kapitolafilm

1977Night TerrorTV film

1974Freebie and the Beanfilm

1974Thursday's GameTV film

1973Shape of Things, TheTV film

1972Columbo: Rozhodující zápasTV film

1969With a Feminine Touchfilm

1959Li'l Abnerfilm

1956Rock Rock Rock!film

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