Almira Sessions (1888 - 1974)

Almira Sessions, Actress: Sullivan's Travels. A member of a very socially prominent Washington family, Sessions played vaudeville, radio, television and film for sixty years. Sessions made her debut in 1909 in a comic opera. She has appeared over 500 times in movies and on television. Session sang comic songs in cabarets before going to New York to act on the stage. In 1940, she went to ...

Washington, District of Columbia
(85 let) Los Angeles, Kalifornie, USA
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Almira Sessions oblíbené filmy

83 Rosemary má děťátko
Rosemary má děťátko
86 Život je krásný
Život je krásný
80 Rebel bez příčiny
Rebel bez příčiny
79 Montana
Slightly Dangerous
Slightly Dangerous
82 Madame Curie
Madame Curie


1970Spravedlnost černého mužefilm

1970Watermelon Manfilm

1969The Over-the-Hill GangTV film

1968Bostonský případfilm


1968Rosemary má děťátkofilm

1966The Last of the Secret Agents?film

1965Rage to Live, Afilm

1963Pod stromem věčného pokušenífilm

1962Paradise Alleyfilm

1961Summer and Smokefilm

1958Andy Hardy Comes Homefilm

1958The Badlandersfilm

1958The Female Animalfilm

1957Loving Youfilm

1956Calling Homicidefilm

1956The Scarlet Hourfilm

1955It's Always Fair Weatherfilm

1955Rebel bez příčinyfilm

1955The Prodigalfilm

1954Hell's Outpostfilm

1953Code Twofilm

1953Forever Femalefilm

1953Paris Modelfilm

1953Ride, Vaquero!film

1953Slunce jasně svítífilm

1953Sweethearts on Paradefilm

1953The Affairs of Dobie Gillisfilm

1953The Blue Gardeniafilm

1953The Moonlighterfilm

1952Jack a fazolový stonekfilm

1952Oklahoma Anniefilm

1952Wagons Westfilm

1951A Millionaire for Christyfilm

1951Journey Into Lightfilm

1951Oh! Susannafilm

1951Přichází ženichfilm

1951The Lemon Drop Kidfilm


1950Black Handfilm

1950Fancy Pantsfilm


1950Joe Palooka in Humphrey Takes a Chancefilm

1950Kill the Umpirefilm


1950Please Believe Mefilm

1950Summer Stockfilm

1950The Blazing Sunfilm

1950The Old Frontierfilm


1949Láska s potížemifilm

1949Night Unto Nightfilm

1949Roseanna McCoyfilm

1949The Fountainheadfilm


1948Apartment for Peggyfilm

1948Arthur Takes Overfilm

1948Family Honeymoonfilm

1948Good Samfilm

1948Julia Misbehavesfilm

1948Ladies of the Chorusfilm

1948The Bride Goes Wildfilm

1947Cass Timberlanefilm

1947For the Love of Rustyfilm

1947I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Nowfilm

1947Love and Learnfilm

1947Merton of the Moviesfilm

1947Pan Verdouxfilm

1947The Bishop's Wifefilm

1947West of Dodge Cityfilm

1946Cross My Heartfilm

1946Deník komornéfilm

1946Do You Love Mefilm


1946Night and Dayfilm

1946The Missing Ladyfilm

1946Život je krásnýfilm

1945Muž z Jihufilm

1945She Wouldn't Say Yesfilm

1945State Fairfilm

1945The All-Star Bond Rallyfilm

1945Two O'Clock Couragefilm

1945Woman Who Came Back, Thefilm

1944Bathing Beautyfilm

1944Can't Help Singingfilm

1944Dixie Jamboreefilm

1944Henry Aldrich's Little Secretfilm

1944I Love a Soldierfilm

1944Maisie Goes to Renofilm

1944San Diego I Love Youfilm

1944The Doughgirlsfilm

1944Zázrak v Morganově Potocefilm

1943Assignment in Brittanyfilm

1943Happy Go Luckyfilm

1943Jízda do Ox-Bowfilm

1943Madame Curiefilm

1943My Kingdom for a Cookfilm

1943Presenting Lily Marsfilm

1943Seeing Nellie Homefilm

1943Slightly Dangerousfilm

1943The Heat's Onfilm

1943Young Ideasfilm

1942Blondie for Victoryfilm

1942I Married an Angelfilm

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1941Blondie in Societyfilm

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1941She Knew All the Answersfilm

1941Sullivanovy cestyfilm

1941Three Girls About Townfilm

1941Zasněžená romancefilm

1940Chad Hannafilm


1940Little Nellie Kellyfilm

1940Ramparts We Watch, Thefilm

1937Flowers from the Skyfilm

1936Shake, Mr. Shakespearefilm

1932The Symphony Murder Mysteryfilm


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