Masasa Moyo

Masasa Moyo, Actress: Team America: World Police. Masasa was born in Canada to a Zimbabwean Father and an American Irish/German Mother. Even though she aspired to become an actress since childhood, she only began acting in college doing local theatre productions. She continues to do so presently in Los Angeles to sharpen her skills when not filming. Masasa has been an adept mimic of accents and speech patterns since her days of torturing school ...
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Letadla 2: Hasiči a záchranáři
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Andělé a démoni
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Rodinka na tripu
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Mladí Titáni: Jidášova smlouva
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Zvědavý George
72 Doktor Strange
Doktor Strange

2017Mladí Titáni: Jidášova smlouvafilm

2014Letadla 2: Hasiči a záchranářifilm

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2007Doktor Strangefilm

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2004Full Clipfilm

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