Andy Clemence

Andy Clemence, Actor: Rise of the Zombies. Andy Clemence is an actor of both film, television, theatre and voice. He attended The Catholic University of America (CUA), graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Dramatic Arts. His voice work can be traced to Graphic Audio Productions starting from 2008 onward, portraying the voices of characters ranging from heroes to villains alike. He is also known for his work on screen, beginning...
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20 Bermudská příšera
Bermudská příšera
48 Obhajoba Santy
Obhajoba Santy
14 Air Force One: Poslední let
Air Force One: Poslední let
13 Super Cyklón
Super Cyklón
Černý les
Černý les
13 Tři mušketýři
Tři mušketýři

2014Bermudská příšeraTV film

2013Obhajoba Santyfilm

2012Air Force One: Poslední letfilm

2012Rise of the ZombiesTV film

2012Super Cyklónfilm

2012Černý lesTV film

2011Tři mušketýřifilm

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