John Darrow (1907 - 1980)

John Darrow, Actor: The Racket. Joining a stock theater troupe directly after graduating high school, John Darrow made his film debut in 1927. He achieved a level of popularity in the '30s as a leading man, although mostly in lower-rank B pictures. In the mid-'30s he switched careers, however, and eventually became one of Hollywood's most successful talent agents.

Leonia, New Jersey, USA
(72 let) Malibu, California, USA
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John Darrow oblíbené filmy

79 Pekelní andělé
Pekelní andělé
Flirtation Walk
Flirtation Walk
Annapolis Farewell
Annapolis Farewell
The Racket
The Racket
Cheer Up and Smile
Cheer Up and Smile
I Give My Love
I Give My Love

1936Crime Over Londonfilm

1935A Notorious Gentlemanfilm

1935Annapolis Farewellfilm

1935Eight Bellsfilm

1935Square Shooterfilm

1935Symphony of Livingfilm

1934Flirtation Walkfilm

1934I Give My Lovefilm

1934I Like It That Wayfilm

1934Monte Carlo Nightsfilm

1934The Big Racefilm

1934The Curtain Fallsfilm

1933Big Chance, Thefilm


1933Midshipman Jackfilm

1933Strange Peoplefilm

1932Alias Mary Smithfilm

1932Forbidden Companyfilm

1932Midnight Lady, Thefilm


1932The All-Americanfilm

1931Everything's Rosiefilm

1931Fanny Foley Herselffilm

1931Primrose Path, Thefilm

1931Ten Nights in a Barroomfilm

1931The Bargainfilm

1931The Lady Refusesfilm

1930Cheer Up and Smilefilm

1930Go to Blazesfilm

1930Pekelní anděléfilm

1930Vacation Lovesfilm

1929Blue Skiesfilm

1929Girls Gone Wildfilm

1929The Argyle Casefilm


1928Prep and Pepfilm

1928The Racketfilm

1927High School Herofilm

1927Long Pantsfilm

1924Pilgrims, Thefilm

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