Philip Stone (1924 - 2003)

Philip Stone, Actor: The Shining. Philip Stone (April 14, 1924 - June 15, 2003) was an English actor. He was born in Leeds. He was the only actor to appear in three consecutive Stanley Kubrick films. First, he played the central character Alex's "P" (as in "M" and "P" for "Ma" and "Pa") in Mechanický pomeranč (1971). Subsequently, he played Graham, the Lyndon family ...

Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire, Anglie, Velká Británie
(79 let) Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
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89 Osvícení
83 Indiana Jones a Chrám zkázy
Indiana Jones a Chrám zkázy
85 Mechanický pomeranč
Mechanický pomeranč
85 Dotek Medúzy
Dotek Medúzy
83 Kam orli nelétají
Kam orli nelétají
73 Bible - Starý zákon: Mojžíš
Bible - Starý zákon: Mojžíš

1999Strážní anděléTV film

1997Dalziel and Pascoe: DeadheadsTV film

1995Bible - Starý zákon: MojžíšTV film

1993Dítě z Maconufilm

1986Brat FarrarTV film

1986HaremTV film

1985Jenny's WarTV film

1985Lace IITV film

1985Monsignor QuijoteTV film

1985ShadowlandsTV film

1984Indiana Jones a Chrám zkázyfilm

1984LaceTV film

1984Pope John Paul IITV film

1983Fantom operyTV film

1981Zelený ledfilm

1980Flash Gordonfilm


1979S.O.S. TitanicTV film

1978Dotek Medúzyfilm

1977Philby, Burgess and MacleanTV film

1976Pouť zatracenýchfilm

1975Barry Lyndonfilm

1975Death in Deep WaterTV film

1975To by se zvěrolékaři stát nemělofilm

1973Hitler: The Last Ten Daysfilm

1973Šťastný to mužfilm

1972To Encourage the OthersTV film

1971Carry On at Your Conveniencefilm

1971Mechanický pomerančfilm

1971Quest for Lovefilm

1970Carry On Lovingfilm

1970The Man Who Had Power Over Womenfilm

1970Zlomek strachufilm

1969Two Gentlemen Sharingfilm

1968Kam orli nelétajífilm

1967Isle Is Full of Noise, TheTV film

1965LutherTV film


1964Never Mention Murderfilm

1963Unearthly Strangerfilm

1961Ship That Couldnt Stop, TheTV film

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