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Tim Atack, Soundtrack: Romeo + Juliet. Tim writes contemporary film/TV music as well as writing, recording and producing songs with various collaborators. It was from working with the singer Des'ree that the song they wrote together "Kissing You" became the love theme for "William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet" (directed by Baz Lhurmann). TV credits include the music for the BBC's ...

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75 Cemetery Junction
Cemetery Junction
68 Poslední dny sopky Krakatoa
Poslední dny sopky Krakatoa
70 The Christmas Candle
The Christmas Candle
63 Umění lhát
Umění lhát
69 Berlin Job
Berlin Job
Elephant Juice
Elephant Juice

2013The Christmas Candlefilm

2012Berlin Jobfilm

2011Big Fat Gypsy Gangsterfilm

2010Cemetery Junctionfilm

2010Dead Certfilm

2010Reuniting the Rubinsfilm

2009Umění lhátfilm

2006Poslední dny sopky KrakatoaTV film

2005The Quatermass ExperimentTV film

2004Quite Ugly One MorningTV film

1999Elephant Juicefilm

1998Among Giantsfilm

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