Tom Santschi (1878 - 1931)

Tom Santschi, Actor: King of the Wild. American leading man and character actor of the silent period. Born in Crystal City, Missouri(though a number of popular reference works list Switzerland and Kokomo, Indiana). He is listed in the 1880 census as living in Kokomo at the age of two years. This means his date of birth must have been 1878. His father, Paul Santschi was born in ...

Lucern, Luzern, Švýcarsko
(52 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Du Barry, Woman of Passion
Du Barry, Woman of Passion
The Utah Kid
The Utah Kid
75 Rivers End
Rivers End
King of the Wild
King of the Wild
Barriers Burned Away
Barriers Burned Away
The Cowboys Adopted Child
The Cowboys Adopted Child

1931King of the Wildfilm

1931Ten Nights in a Barroomfilm

1931The Last Ridefilm

1931The Phantom of the Westfilm


1930Du Barry, Woman of Passionfilm

1930River's Endfilm

1930The Fourth Alarmfilm

1930The Utah Kidfilm

1929The Wagon Masterfilm

1929The Yellowbackfilm

1928Honor Boundfilm

1928Into No Man's Landfilm

1928Isle of Lost Menfilm

1928Land of the Silver Foxfilm

1928The Law and the Manfilm

1927Land of the Lawlessfilm

1927Old San Franciscofilm

1927The Cruise of the Hellionfilm

1927The Eyes of the Totemfilm

1927The Haunted Shipfilm

1927When a Man Lovesfilm

1926Forlorn Riverfilm

1926Hands Across the Borderfilm

1926Her Honor, the Governorfilm

1926My Own Palfilm

1926The Third Degreefilm

1925Barriers Burned Awayfilm

1925My Neighbor's Wifefilm

1925The Night Shipfilm

1925The Pride of the Forcefilm

1924Little Robinson Crusoefilm

1924The Plundererfilm

1924The Right of the Strongestfilm

1924The Street of Tearsfilm

1923Brass Commandmentsfilm

1923Is Divorce a Failure?film

1923Tropická vášeňfilm

1922Two Kinds of Womenfilm

1921The Sage-Brush Musketeersfilm

1920The Cradle of Couragefilm

1920The North Wind's Malicefilm

1919Eve in Exilefilm

1919Her Kingdom of Dreamsfilm

1919The Stronger Vowfilm

1918The Still Alarmfilm

1917A Man, a Girl, and a Lionfilm

1916The Adventures of Kathlynfilm

1916The Garden of Allahfilm

1915A Sultana of the Desertfilm

1915The Missing Rubyfilm

1914A Colonel in Chainsfilm

1914Caryl of the Mountainsfilm

1914The Court of Deathfilm

1914The Cruel Crownfilm

1914The Fifth Manfilm

1914The Forged Parchmentfilm

1914The Garden of Bridesfilm

1914The King's Willfilm

1914The Leopard's Foundlingfilm

1914The Royal Slavefilm

1914The Spellbound Multitudefilm

1914The Temple of the Lionfilm

1914The Two Ordealsfilm

1914The Warrior Maidfilm

1914Three Bags of Silverfilm

1914Země zlatafilm

1913A Prisoner of Cabanasfilm

1913A Revolutionary Romancefilm

1913A Wild Ridefilm

1913Alas! Poor Yorick!film

1913Alone in the Junglefilm

1913Dollar Down, Dollar a Weekfilm

1913Greater Wealthfilm

1913Hiram Buys an Autofilm


1913In the Long Agofilm

1913Man and His Other Selffilm

1913Sally in Our Alleyfilm

1913The Adventures of Kathlynfilm

1913The Dancer's Redemptionfilm

1913The Early Birdfilm

1913The Flaming Forgefilm

1913The Redemption of Railroad Jackfilm

1913The Three Wise Menfilm

1913The Wordless Messagefilm

1913Thor, Lord of the Junglesfilm

1913Vengeance Is Minefilm

1913When Lillian Was Little Red Riding Hoodfilm

1913When Men Forgetfilm

1912A Broken Spurfilm

1912A Crucial Testfilm

1912A Diplomat Interruptedfilm

1912A Humble Herofilm

1912A Reconstructed Rebelfilm

1912A Waif of the Seafilm

1912Bessie's Dreamfilm

1912Carmen of the Islesfilm

1912Darkfeather's Strategyfilm


1912His Masterpiecefilm

1912His Wedding Evefilm

1912Kings of the Forestfilm

1912Lake of Dreams, Thefilm

1912Me an' Billfilm

1912Mike's Brainstormfilm

1912Monte Cristofilm

1912Old Songs and Memoriesfilm

1912Opitsah: Apache for Sweetheartfilm



1912Sammy Orpheus; or, The Pied Piper of the Junglefilm

1912Sergeant Byrne of the Northwest Mounted Policefilm


1912The Bandit's Maskfilm

1912The Cowboy's Adopted Childfilm

1912The Danitesfilm

1912The Fisherboy's Faithfilm

1912The God of Goldfilm

1912The Great Droughtfilm

1912The Indelible Stainfilm

1912The Last of Her Tribefilm

1912The Little Indian Martyrfilm

1912The Little Organ Player of San Juanfilm

1912The Little Stowawayfilm

1912The Love of an Island Maidfilm

1912The Mate of the Alden Bessiefilm

1912The New Woman and the Lionfilm

1912The Ones Who Sufferfilm

1912The Pity of Itfilm

1912The Polo Substitutefilm

1912The Price of Artfilm

1912The Professor's Wooingfilm

1912The Secret Weddingfilm

1912The Shrinking Rawhidefilm

1912The Shuttle of Fatefilm

1912The Trianglefilm

1912The Vision Beautifulfilm

1911A Cup of Cold Waterfilm

1911Back to the Primitivefilm


1911Captain Brand's Wifefilm


1911How Algy Captured a Wild Manfilm

1911In Old California When the Gringos Camefilm

1911Lieutenant Grey of the Confederacyfilm

1911Lost in the Junglefilm

1911Making a Man of Himfilm

1911Old Billyfilm

1911One of Nature's Noblemenfilm

1911Range Palsfilm

1911Saved from the Snowfilm


1911Slick's Romancefilm

1911Stability vs. Nobilityfilm

1911The Blacksmith's Lovefilm

1911The Bootleggerfilm

1911The Coquettefilm

1911The Curse of the Redmanfilm

1911The Maid at the Helmfilm

1911The New Superintendentfilm

1911The Night Herderfilm

1911The Novicefilm

1911The Profligatefilm

1911The Regeneration of Apache Kidfilm

1911The Right Name, But the Wrong Manfilm

1911The Rival Stage Linesfilm

1911Their Only Sonfilm

1911Through Fire and Smokefilm

1910A Tale of the Seafilm

1910Across the Plainsfilm

1910Davy Crockettfilm

1910In the Great Northwestfilm

1910Mazeppa, or the Wild Horse of Tartaryfilm

1910Pride of the Rangefilm

1910The Courtship of Miles Standishfilm

1910The Girls of the Rangefilm

1910The Romanfilm

1910The Sergeantfilm

1909Ben's Kidfilm

1909Boots and Saddlesfilm

1909Briton and Boerfilm

1909In the Badlandsfilm

1909In the Sultan's Powerfilm

1909Mephisto and the Maidenfilm

1909On the Borderfilm

1909Pine Ridge Feudfilm

1909The Heart of a Race Toutfilm

1909The Leopard Queenfilm

1909The Stampedefilm

1909The Tenderfootfilm

1909Up San Juan Hillfilm

1908The Spirit of '76film

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