Johnnie Walker (1894 - 1949)

Johnnie Walker, Actor: The Spirit of the USA. Johnnie Walker was born on January 7, 1894 in New York City, New York. At the age of 20 he began singing and dancing in vaudeville. He starred in Edison films and then went to Fox where he was billed as a star. Johnnie's greatest movies were Over the Hill (1920) in which he played the black sheep son who saved his mother from the poorhouse and Old...

New York City, New York, USA
(55 let) New York City, New York, USA
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Old Ironsides
Old Ironsides
67 Duše na prodej
Duše na prodej
73 Up the River
Up the River
Under Pressure
Under Pressure
Children of the Whirlwind
Children of the Whirlwind
Brown of Harvard
Brown of Harvard

1939Back Door to Heavenfilm

1937Boy of the Streetsfilm

1935Under Pressurefilm

1933Mr. Broadwayfilm

1931Enemies of the Lawfilm

1930Ladies in Lovefilm

1930Melody Manfilm

1930Román modelkyfilm

1930Swellhead, Thefilm

1930The Girl of the Golden Westfilm

1930The Voice of Hollywoodfilm

1930Up the Riverfilm

1928Bare Kneesfilm

1928Matinee Idol, Thefilm

1928So This Is Love?film

1928Vultures of the Seafilm

1927A Boy of the Streetsfilm

1927Cross Breedfilm

1927Good Time Charleyfilm

1927Held by th/e Lawfilm

1927Pretty Clothesfilm

1927Rose of the Boweryfilm

1927Swell-Head, Thefilm

1927The Clownfilm

1927The Flag: A Story Inspired by the Tradition of Betsy Rossfilm

1927The Princess on Broadwayfilm

1927The Snarl of Hatefilm

1927Where Trails Beginfilm

1927Wolves of the Airfilm

1926Fangs of Justicefilm

1926Honesty - The Best Policyfilm

1926Lightning Reporterfilm

1926Morganson's Finishfilm

1926Old Ironsidesfilm

1926The Earth Womanfilm

1926Transcontinental Limitedfilm

1925Children of the Whirlwindfilm

1925Lena Riversfilm

1925Lilies of the Streetsfilm


1925The Mad Dancerfilm

1925The Reckless Sexfilm

1925The Scarlet Westfilm

1924Galloping Hoofsfilm

1924Girls Men Forgetfilm

1924Life's Greatest Gamefilm

1924The Slanderersfilm

1924Wine of Youthfilm

1923Broken Hearts of Broadwayfilm

1923Children of the Dustfilm

1923Duše na prodejfilm

1923Fashionable Fakersfilm

1923Fourth Musketeer, Thefilm

1923Mary of the Moviesfilm

1923Red Lightsfilm

1922Captain Fly-by-Nightfilm

1922Extra! Extra!film

1922In the Name of the Lawfilm

1922My Dadfilm

1922The Sagebrush Trailfilm

1922The Third Alarmfilm

1921Live Wiresfilm

1921Play Squarefilm

1921The Joltfilm

1921What Love Will Dofilm


1920Greater Than Famefilm

1920Over the Hill to the Poorhousefilm

1919Impossible Catherinefilm

1919The Open Doorfilm

1918A Son of Strifefilm

1918Brown of Harvardfilm

1918His Daughter Paysfilm

1918The Knifefilm

1917The Beautiful Impostorfilm

1917The Masked Cupidfilm

1917The Untamedfilm

1916Behind the Veilfilm


1916Girl Who Didn't Tell, Thefilm

1916Love's Masqueradefilm

1916Man from Nowhere, Thefilm

1915Cohen's Luckfilm


1915Girl of the Gypsy Camp, Thefilm

1915Her Happinessfilm

1915On Dangerous Pathsfilm

1915Slavey Student, Thefilm

1915The Bribefilm

1915Won Through Meritfilm

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