Francis Ford

Francis Ford (1881 - 1953)

Portland, Maine, USA
(72 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Francis Ford oblíbené filmy

81 Přepadení
77 Jízda do Ox-Bow
Jízda do Ox-Bow
The Road Back
The Road Back
Incendiary Blonde
Incendiary Blonde
74 Air Mail
Air Mail
Poslední otrokář
Poslední otrokář

1953Slunce jasně svítífilm

1950Father Makes Goodfilm

1949Frontier Investigatorfilm

1948The Far Frontierfilm

1947High Tidefilm

1946A Tale of Two Cafesfilm

1946Sister Kennyfilm

1945Incendiary Blondefilm

1945Mom and Dadfilm

1943Jízda do Ox-Bowfilm

1942King of the Mountiesfilm

1942The Man Who Wouldn't Diefilm

1940South of Pago Pagofilm

1940Viva Cisco Kidfilm

1939Bubny vířífilm

1939Colorado Sunsetfilm


1938Kentucky Moonshinefilm


1937Chicago hořífilm

1937Poslední otrokářfilm

1937The Road Backfilm

1937Zajatec na Zenděfilm

1936Charlie Chan at the Circusfilm

1936Charlie Chanovo tajemstvífilm

1936Educating Fatherfilm

1936Paddy O'Dayfilm

1936Sins of Manfilm

1936The Plough and the Starsfilm

1934Charlie Chan's Couragefilm

1934Judge Priestfilm

1934Murder In Trinidadfilm

1934Pirate Treasurefilm

1934The World Moves Onfilm

1933Charlie Chan's Greatest Casefilm

1933Clancy of the Mountedfilm

1933Gordon of Ghost Cityfilm

1932Air Mailfilm

1932Destry Rides Againfilm

1932Heroes of the Westfilm

1932Tangled Fortunesfilm

1932The Lost Specialfilm

1932The Rider of Death Valleyfilm

1931Battling with Buffalo Billfilm

1931The Front Pagefilm

1931The Last Ridefilm

1930Captain of the Guardfilm

1930Kathleen Mavourneenfilm

1930Song of the Caballerofilm

1930The Indians Are Comingfilm

1930The Mounted Strangerfilm

1929The Drake Casefilm

1928Sisters of Evefilm

1928The Chinatown Mysteryfilm

1928The Four-Footed Rangerfilm

1927Life in Hollywood No. 1film

1927Men of Daringfilm

1927One Glorious Scrapfilm

1927The Cruise of the Hellionfilm

1927The Wreck of the Hesperusfilm


1926Speed Copfilm

1925A Roaring Adventurefilm

1925Ridin' Thunderfilm

1925The Red Riderfilm

1925The Sign of the Cactusfilm

1924The Measure of a Manfilm

1923Mine to Keepfilm

1923The Haunted Valleyfilm

1921Eat and Be Happyfilm

1921The Great Rewardfilm

1921The Lady from Longacrefilm

1920A Man from Nowherefilm

1919The Mystery of 13film

1918Berlin Via Americafilm

1918The Cravingfilm

1918The Silent Mysteryfilm

1917John Ermine of Yellowstonefilm

1917The Mystery Shipfilm

1917Who Was the Other Man?film

1916The Phantom Islandfilm

1916The Purple Maskfilm

1915Campbells Are Coming, Thefilm

1915The Mystery of the Throne Roomfilm

1914The Mysterious Handfilm

1914The Phantom Violinfilm

1913A Bluegrass Romancefilm

1913A Frontier Wifefilm

1913Texas Kelly at Bayfilm

1913The Favorite Sonfilm

1913The Great Sacrificefilm

1913The Lost Dispatchfilm

1913When Lincoln Paidfilm

1913Will o' the Wispfilm

1913With Lee in Virginiafilm

1912The Altar of Deathfilm

1912The Army Surgeonfilm

1912The Ball Player and the Banditfilm

1912The Bandit's Gratitudefilm

1912The Deserterfilm

1912The Reckoningfilm

1912When Lee Surrendersfilm

1911A Spanish Love Songfilm

1911A Western Girlfilm

1911An Indian Martyrfilm

1911An Unwilling Cowboyfilm

1911Bar Z's New Cookfilm

1911Bessie's Ridefilm

1911Billy and His Palfilm

1911Changing Cooksfilm

1911Cowgirls' Pranksfilm

1911Falsely Accusedfilm

1911Getting His Manfilm

1911Her Faithful Heartfilm

1911Her Spoiled Boyfilm

1911In Time for Pressfilm

1911In the Hot Landsfilm

1911In the Right of Wayfilm

1911Jack Mason's Last Dealfilm

1911Mary's Strategemfilm

1911Mexican as It Is Spokenfilm

1911Only a Sisterfilm

1911Red Cloud's Secretfilm

1911Right or Wrongfilm

1911Sir Percy and the Punchersfilm

1911The Better Manfilm

1911The Call of the Wildernessfilm

1911The Crimson Scarsfilm

1911The Foreman's Couragefilm

1911The Great Heart of the Westfilm

1911The Immortal Alamofilm

1911The Kiss of Mary Janefilm

1911The Local Bullyfilm

1911The Mission Fatherfilm

1911The Mission Waiffilm

1911The Oil Country Romancefilm

1911The Owner of L.L. Ranchfilm

1911The Ranchman's Debt of Honorfilm

1911The Redemption of Rawhidefilm

1911The Reformation of Jack Robbinsfilm

1911The Snake in the Grassfilm

1911The Spring Round-Upfilm

1911The Strike at the Gringofilm

1911The Warrant for Red Rubefilm

1911When the Tables Turnedfilm

1910A Mountain Wifefilm

1910A Plucky American Girlfilm

1910A Postal Substitutefilm

1910A Rough Night on the Bridgefilm

1910A Texas Jokefilm

1910A Western Welcomefilm

1910Baseball, That's Allfilm

1910Billy's Sisterfilm

1910Branding a Thieffilm

1910Cyclone Pete's Matrimonyfilm

1910His Sergeant's Stripesfilm

1910In the Mission Shadowsfilm

1910In the Tall Grass Countryfilm

1910Love's C. Q.

1910Old Norris' Galfilm

1910Out for Mischieffilm


1910Return of Ta-Wa-Wafilm

1910Salt on the Bird's Tailfilm

1910Speed Versus Deathfilm

1910The Cowboys and the Bachelor Girlsfilm

1910The Golden Secretfilm

1910The Little Preacherfilm

1910The Newly Bornfilm

1910The Padre's Secretfilm

1910The Paleface Princessfilm

1910The Romance of Circle Ranchfilm

1910The Ruling Passionfilm

1910The Seal of the Churchfilm

1910Uncle Jimfilm

1910Under Stars and Barsfilm

1910What Great Bear Learnedfilm

1910White Doe's Loversfilm

1910Won in the Fifthfilm

1909Cinderella Up-to-Datefilm

1909For Sale: a Babyfilm

1909For the Cause of Suffragefilm

1909Fortune Favors the Bravefilm

1909The Stolen Wirelessfilm

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