Alister Williamson (1918 - 1999)

Alister Williamson, Actor: The Oblong Box. Alister Williamson (17 June 1918 - 19 May 1999) was an Australian-born character actor, who appeared in many British films and television series of the 1960s and 1970s. A big, craggy-faced man, he would usually be found playing gruff police inspectors or henchmen in adventure series and police dramas of the period. He was also notable as a ...

Sydney, Austrálie
(80 let) Berkshire, Anglie, Velká Británie
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Alister Williamson oblíbené filmy

82 Bitva o Británii
Bitva o Británii
76 V sobotu večer, v neděli ráno
V sobotu večer, v neděli ráno
71 The Gorgon
The Gorgon
69 Ohavný Dr. Phibes
Ohavný Dr. Phibes
67 The Curse of the Werewolf
The Curse of the Werewolf
69 Poutníci za sluncem
Poutníci za sluncem

1971Ohavný Dr. Phibesfilm

1969Bitva o Britániifilm

1969Last Shot You Hear, Thefilm

1969The Oblong Boxfilm

1966Deadly Bees, Thefilm

1966Major BarbaraTV film

1965Return of Mr. Moto, Thefilm

1964Crooks in Cloistersfilm

1964Frankensteinovo zlofilm

1964Man in the Middlefilm

1964The Gorgonfilm

1962Na obchůzcefilm

1962Pot Carriers, Thefilm

1962The Brainfilm

1961Book with Chapters in It, ATV film

1961The Curse of the Werewolffilm

1960Hell Is a Cityfilm

1960Poutníci za sluncemfilm

1960V sobotu večer, v neděli ránofilm

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