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Rinat Khismatouline, Actor: Stratton. Rinat Khismatouline graduated from the faculty of directing at the MGUKI University of Moscow in 1994. After, he decided to continue his training as an actor. He auditioned for all the four most important Russian schools of drama, The Russian University of Theatre Arts GITIS, The Vakhtangov Theatre Academy, MS Schepkin Higher Theatre School ...

Samara, Rusko
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45 John Stratton: V první linii
John Stratton: V první linii
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Všechny jsou zadané
76 Cavalieri che fecero limpresa, I
Cavalieri che fecero limpresa, I
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La foresta di ghiaccio
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Lultimo Papa Re
75 Graffio di tigre
Graffio di tigre

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