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Charles Andrew Payne, Actor: Wrongfully Accused. Charles was raised by his grandparents in Grenada until age 8 when they sent him to live with his Father, stepmother and stepsisters in Vancouver Canada in 1975. He made the life changing trip as an unaccompanied minor and it was his first time on an airplane. Charles started his entertainment career as a model and was "discovered" by a casting ...

Grenada, British West Indies, Grenada
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68 Utopenec na útěku
Utopenec na útěku
49 Santa Claus 2
Santa Claus 2
49 Dlouhý víkend
Dlouhý víkend
58 Sesterstvo putovních kalhot
Sesterstvo putovních kalhot
38 Láska a zrada
Láska a zrada
37 Sladké lži
Sladké lži

2005Dlouhý víkendfilm

2005Sesterstvo putovních kalhotfilm

2004Connie a Carlafilm

2004Life, TheTV film

2003ProkletíTV film

2002Santa Claus 2film

2001Láska a zradaTV film

2000Schody smrtiTV film

2000Up, Up, and Away!TV film

1999Barva odvahyTV film

1998Sladké lžiTV film

1998Utopenec na útěkufilm

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