Nelson Leigh (1905 - 1985)

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Mississippi, USA
(80 let) Hemet, California, USA
Nelson Leigh csfd

Nelson Leigh oblíbené filmy

69 Lassie se vrací
Lassie se vrací
80 Rebel bez příčiny
Rebel bez příčiny
85 Bílé útesy doverské
Bílé útesy doverské
72 Dannyho jedenáctka
Dannyho jedenáctka
76 The Hangman
The Hangman
66 The Virgin Queen
The Virgin Queen

1974The Nickel Ridefilm

1966The Silencersfilm

1963Srocení orlůfilm

1962Incident in an Alleyfilm

1961A Fever in the Bloodfilm

1961Lover Come Backfilm

1961The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Comefilm

1960Dannyho jedenáctkafilm

1960Dark at the Top of the Stairs, Thefilm

1960Hodiny odvahyfilm

1960Joyful HourTV film

1960Ma Barker's Killer Broodfilm

1960Vice Raidfilm

1959Operace Spodničkafilm

1959The Hangmanfilm

1959These Thousand Hillsfilm

1958In Love and Warfilm

1958Step Down to Terrorfilm

1958The Naked and the Deadfilm

1958Voice in the Mirrorfilm

1957Bombardéry B-52film

1957Book of Acts Series, Thefilm

1957God Is My Partnerfilm

1957Jet Pilotfilm

1957Přelet přes oceánfilm

1957Přestřelka u ohrady

1957The Unholy Wifefilm

1956Black Panther, Thefilm

1956Hold Back the Nightfilm


1956The First Texanfilm

1956Toward the Unknownfilm

1956Untamed Mistressfilm

1956World Without Endfilm

1955Big House,

1955Creature with the Atom Brainfilm

1955Rebel bez příčinyfilm

1955The Matchmaking Marshala.z.

1955The Virgin Queenfilm

1954Drums of Tahitifilm

1954Dynamite, the Story of Alfred NobelTV film

1954Jesse James vs. the Daltonsfilm

1954Outlaw's Daughterfilm

1954The Black Shield of Falworthfilm

1954The Saracen Bladefilm

1953Jack Sladefilm

1953Prisoners of the Casbahfilm

1953Savage Mutinyfilm

1953Split Secondfilm

1953Texas Bad Manfilm

1953The Great Adventures of Captain Kiddfilm

1953Valley of Head Huntersfilm

1952Bugles in the Afternoonfilm

1952Magnificent Adventurefilm

1952Thief of Damascusfilm

1951Home Town Storyfilm

1951Hurricane Islandfilm

1951Submarine Commandfilm

1951Yukon Manhuntfilm

1950Captive Girlfilm

1950Rogues of Sherwood Forestfilm

1949Barbary Piratefilm

1949Christmas Carol, TheTV film

1949Jolson Sings Againfilm

1949Life of St. Paul Seriesfilm

1949Pilgrimage Play, Thefilm

1949The Adventures of Sir Galahadfilm

1949The Lost Tribefilm

1948Angels' Alleyfilm

1948Congo Billfilm

1948Racing Luckfilm


1948The Black Arrowfilm

1948The Gallant Bladefilm

1947Brick Bradfordfilm

1946The Bandit of Sherwood Forestfilm


1945Identity Unknownfilm

1945It's a Pleasurefilm

1945Son of Lassiefilm

1945The Sailor Takes a Wifefilm

1945Tonight and Every Nightfilm

1944Bílé útesy doverskéfilm

1944Girl in the Casefilm

1944Jam Sessionfilm

1944Jdi za chlapcifilm

1944Louisiana Hayridefilm

1944Meet Miss Bobby Socksfilm

1944Mr. Winkle Goes to Warfilm

1944Texas Masqueradefilm

1944U-Boat Prisonerfilm

1943A Guy Named Joefilm

1943First Comes Couragefilm

1943Lassie se vracífilm

1943The Man from Down Underfilm

1943The Return of the Vampirefilm

1942No Greater Powerfilm

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