Sidney Olcott (1873 - 1949)

Toronto, Ontario, Kanada
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Sidney Olcott csfd

The ClawThe Amateur GentlemanThe White Black SheepNot So Long AgoSalome of the TenementsThe Best PeopleThe CharmerMonsieur BeaucaireThe Humming BirdThe Only WomanLittle Old New YorkThe Green GoddessTimothy's QuestGod's Country and the LawPardon My FrenchRight Way, TheScratch My BackMarriage for ConvenienceThe BelgianDaughter of MacGregor, TheDiplomacyInnocent Lie, TheJesus of NazarethMy Lady Incog.Poor Little PeppinaSmugglers, TheMadame ButterflyMoth and the Flame, TheSeven Sisters, TheFrom the Manger to the Cross; or, Jesus of NazarethArrah-Na-PogueIrish Honeymoon, AnCastaways, TheConfederate SpyForager, TheGirl Spy Before Vicksburg, TheMiser's Child, TheRomance of a Trained Nurse, TheStepmother, TheFlorida CrackersWay Down EastAll for Old IrelandFamous Men of TodayFamous Rulers of the WorldGhost of Twisted Oaks, TheGreat Americans Past and PresentNan o' the BackwoodsNew York and Its PeopleThe Gap of DunloeThe Railroad Raiders of '62The TaintCaptured by MexicansLady Peggy's EscapePerils of the SeaThe OctoroonThe Wives of JamestownUncle Tom's CabinA Prisoner of the HaremAn Arabian TragedyCaptain Rivera's Reward

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