Arthur Donaldson (1869 - 1955)

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Norsholm, Östergötlands län, Švédsko
(86 let) Long Island, New York, USA
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Snow White
Snow White
74 Děti svobody
Děti svobody
Love Em and Leave Em
Love Em and Leave Em
The Green God
The Green God
And So They Lived Happily Ever After
And So They Lived Happily Ever After

1934The Song of Famefilm

1931Old Lacefilm

1927Broadway Drifter, Thefilm

1927Winning Oar, Thefilm

1926Love 'Em and Leave 'Emfilm

1926Wives at Auctionfilm

1925Down Upon the Suwanee Riverfilm


1925School for Wivesfilm

1925Swan, Thefilm

1924Děti svobodyfilm

1924For Woman's Favorfilm

1924Pilgrims, Thefilm

1924The Bandolerofilm


1922Find the Womanfilm

1922When Knighthood Was in Flowerfilm

1921Gilded Liesfilm

1921Is Life Worth Living?film

1921Silver Lining, Thefilm

1921The Passionate Pilgrimfilm

1921The Rider of the King Logfilm

1921Wise Husbandsfilm

1920A Modern Salomefilm

1920Greater Than Famefilm

1920Hidden Light, Thefilm

1920Mothers of Menfilm

1919ABC of Love, Thefilm


1919Captain's Captain, Thefilm

1919Coax Mefilm

1919Daring Heartsfilm

1919Fighting Destinyfilm

1919Me and Captain Kiddfilm

1919Miss Dulcie From Dixiefilm

1919The Mind-the-Paint Girlfilm

1918Bird of Bagdad, Afilm

1918Find the Womanfilm

1918Green God, Thefilm

1918Over the Topfilm

1918The Golden Goalfilm

1917Babbling Tonguesfilm

1917Danger Trailfilm

1917Enlighten Thy Daughterfilm

1917For Francefilm

1917His Own Peoplefilm

1917I Will Repayfilm

1917Who Goes There?film

1916Her American Princefilm

1916Should a Baby Die?film

1916Snow Whitefilm

1916The Faded Flowerfilm

1916Woman's Honor, Afilm

1915At the Bottom of Thingsfilm

1915Ghost of Twisted Oaks, Thefilm

1915Hearts of Menfilm

1915Moth and the Flame, Thefilm

1915Runaway Junefilm

1914And So They Lived Happily Ever Afterfilm

1914Day of Days, Thefilm

1914Land of the Lost, Thefilm

1914Over Niagra Fallsfilm

1914Three Weeksfilm

1914Wolfe; Or, The Conquest of Quebecfilm

1913Atheist, Thefilm

1913The Blind Basket Weaverfilm

1913The Bribefilm

1913The Padrone's Plotfilm

1912His Motherfilm

1912Musikens maktfilm


1911Rory O'Morefilm

1911The Colleen Bawnfilm

1910A Lad from Old Irelandfilm

1910The Roses of the Virginfilm

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