Julia Swayne Gordon (1878 - 1933)

Julia Swayne Gordon, Actress: My Lady's Slipper. Julia Swayne Gordon was born on October 29, 1878 in Columbus, Ohio, USA as Sarah Victoria Swayne. She was an actress, known for My Lady's Slipper (1916), The Painted World (1914) and The Painted World (1919). She died on May 28, 1933 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Columbus, Ohio, USA
(54 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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78 Vikingové
66 Král králů
Král králů
The Girl in the Glass Cage
The Girl in the Glass Cage
The Divine Lady
The Divine Lady
A Forgotten; orn Answered Prayer
A Forgotten; orn Answered Prayer

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1931Primrose Path, Thefilm

1931The Common Lawfilm

1931The Drums of Jeopardyfilm

1931Up for Murderfilm

1930Dumbbells in Erminefilm

1930For the Love o' Lilfilm

1930The Dude Wranglerfilm


1929Gold Diggers of Broadwayfilm

1929Is Everybody Happy?film


1929The Divine Ladyfilm

1929The Eternal Womanfilm

1929The Girl in the Glass Cagefilm

1929The Younger Generationfilm

192813 Washington Squarefilm

1928Hearts of Menfilm

1928Jedová chýšefilm

1928The Scarlet Dovefilm

1928The Smart Setfilm

1928Three Weekendsfilm


1927Děti rozvodufilm

1927Heaven on Earthfilm


1927Král králůfilm


1926Bride of the Stormfilm


1926Early to Wedfilm

1926The Far Cryfilm

1925Lights of Old Broadwayfilm

1925Not So Long Agofilm

1925The Wheelfilm


1923Tajemství východufilm

1923The Tie That Bindsfilm

1923You Can't Fool Your Wifefilm

1922How Women Lovefilm

1922My Old Kentucky Homefilm

1922The Darling of the Richfilm

1922Till We Meet Againfilm

1922What's Wrong with the Women?film

1922When the Desert Callsfilm

1922Wildness of Youthfilm

1922Women Men Marryfilm

1921Behind Masksfilm

1921Burn 'Em Up Barnesfilm

1921Handcuffs or Kissesfilm

1921Love, Hate and a Womanfilm

1921Silver Lining, Thefilm

1921The Passionate Pilgrimfilm

1921Why Girls Leave Homefilm

1920Child for Sale, Afilm

1920Greater Than Famefilm


1920Lifting Shadowsfilm

1920The Friendly Callfilm

1919A Stitch in Timefilm

1919Bramble Bush, Thefilm

1919Captain's Captain, Thefilm

1919Girl-Woman, Thefilm

1919Miss Dulcie From Dixiefilm

1919Shadows of the Pastfilm

1919The Girl Problemfilm

1919The Moonshine Trailfilm

1919The Painted Worldfilm

1919Two Womenfilm

1918Love Watchesfilm

1918Over the Topfilm

1918The Desired Womanfilm

1917Arsene Lupinfilm

1917Clover's Rebellionfilm

1917Her Right to Livefilm

1917In the Balancefilm

1917Soldiers of Chancefilm

1917Son of the Hills, Afilm

1917The Hawkfilm

1917The Maelstromfilm

1917The Message of the Mousefilm

1917The Soul Masterfilm

1916Enemy, Thefilm

1916My Lady's Slipperfilm

1916The Daring of Dianafilm

1916The Island of Surprisefilm

1916The Scarlet Runnerfilm

1916The Suspectfilm

1915Esterbrook Case, Thefilm

1915Hearts Ablazefilm

1915Lifting the Ban of Coventryfilm

1915Mr. Jarr and the Lady Reformerfilm

1915Mr. Jarr's Magnetic Friendfilm

1915The Battle Cry of Peacefilm

1915The Juggernautfilm

1915The Sins of the Mothersfilm

1915The Thirteenth Girlfilm

1915Two Womenfilm

1914A Million Bidfilm

1914An Affair for the Policefilm

1914Back to Broadwayfilm

1914Four Thirteenfilm

1914He Never Knewfilm

1914How Cissy Made Goodfilm

1914Old Reliablefilm

1914Shadows of the Pastfilm

1914The Battle of the Weakfilm

1914The Girl from Prosperityfilm

1914The Hidden Lettersfilm

1914The Painted Worldfilm

1914The Vanity Casefilm

1914Uncle Billfilm

1913Beau Brummelfilm



1913His Honor, the Mayorfilm

1913His House in Order; or, The Widower's Questfilm

1913Kiss of Retribution, Thefilm

1913Lion's Bride, Thefilm

1913Red and White Rosesfilm

1913The Artist's Great Madonnafilm

1913The Drop of Bloodfilm

1913The Lady and the Glovefilm

1913The Tiger Lilyfilm

1913The Vengeance of Durand; or, The Two Portraitsfilm

1913Thou Shalt Not Killfilm

1913Warmakers, Thefilm

1913When Mary Grew Upfilm

1913Whimsical Threads of Destiny, Thefilm

1912At Scrogginses' Cornerfilm

1912Bettina's Substitute; or, There's No Fool Like an Old Foolfilm

1912Burnt Corkfilm

1912Captain Jenks' Dilemmafilm

1912Cardinal Wolseyfilm

1912Chocolate Revolver, Thefilm


1912Coronets and Heartsfilm

1912Cylinder's Secret, Thefilm

1912Father's Hot Toddyfilm

1912Flirt or Heroinefilm

1912Fortunes of a Composerfilm


1912Her Boysfilm

1912Her Choicefilm

1912Her Last Shotfilm

1912Ida's Christmasfilm

1912Lord Browning and Cinderellafilm

1912Mrs. Carter's Necklacefilm

1912Rock of Agesfilm

1912Song of the Shellfilm

1912Stenographers Wantedfilm

1912The Days of Terror; or, In the Reign of Terrorfilm

1912The Diamond Broochfilm

1912The Gamblersfilm

1912The Higher Mercyfilm

1912The Jocular Winds of Fatefilm

1912The Lady of the Lakefilm

1912The Light That Failedfilm

1912The Love of John Ruskinfilm

1912The Meeting of the Waysfilm

1912The Troublesome Step-Daughtersfilm

1912The Victoria Crossfilm

1912The Woman Hatersfilm

1912Tom Tilling's Babyfilm

1912Vultures and Dovesfilm

1912Wanted, a Sisterfilm

1911A Friendly Marriagefilm

1911A Quaker Motherfilm

1911A Tale of Two Citiesfilm

1911Aching Void, Anfilm

1911Barriers Burned Awayfilm

1911Billy the Kidfilm

1911Carr's Regenerationfilm

1911Courage of Sortsfilm

1911Daddy's Boy and Mammyfilm

1911Dead Man's Honor, Afilm

1911Forgotten; or, An Answered Prayerfilm

1911How Betty Won the Schoolfilm

1911In Northern Forestsfilm

1911Lady Godivafilm

1911Saving the Specialfilm

1911Selecting His Heiressfilm

1911Society and the Manfilm

1911Suffer Little Childrenfilm

1911The Battle Hymn of the Republicfilm

1911The Lure of Vanityfilm

1911The Missing Willfilm

1911The Peace Offering; or, The Absconding Bridgetfilm

1911The Sacrificefilm

1911Though Your Sins Be as Scarletfilm

1911Treasure Trovefilm

1910Jean Goes Fishingfilm

1910The Fruits of Vengeancefilm

1910Twelfth Nightfilm

1909A Midsummer Night's Dreamfilm

1909King Learfilm

1908Merchant of Venice, Thefilm


1908Richard IIIfilm

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