Ken Terrell (1904 - 1966)

Ken Terrell, Actor: Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. Stuntman and actor Kenneth Jones Terrell was born on April 29, 1904 in Coolidge, Georgia. Terrell moved with his family to Atlanta, Georgia at age fourteen. Ken went to Georgia Tech with the specific intention of playing football, but failed to make the team because he was considered too small. Terrell decided to rectify this situation by ...

Coolidge, Georgia, USA
(61 let) Sherman Oaks, California, USA
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83 Spartakus
81 Desatero přikázání
Desatero přikázání
73 Jak byl dobyt Západ
Jak byl dobyt Západ
77 Synkopy
58 The Conqueror
The Conqueror
83 The Proud Ones
The Proud Ones

1986Horrible Horrora.z.

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1966Sakima and the Masked MarvelTV film

1966Slaves of the Invisible MonsterTV film

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1944Tucson Raidersfilm

1944Winged Victoryfilm

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1943The Masked Marvelfilm

1942Call Out the Marinesfilm

1942Cowboy Serenadefilm

1942Don Winslow of the Navyfilm

1942Falcon Takes Over, Thefilm

1942King of the Mountiesfilm

1942Outlaws of Pine Ridgefilm

1942Perils of Nyokafilm

1942Raiders of the Rangefilm

1942Spy Smasherfilm


1942The Yukon Patrola.z.

1941Adventures of Captain Marvelfilm

1941Dick Tracy vs. Crime

1941In the Navyfilm

1941Jungle Girlfilm

1941King of the Texas Rangersfilm

1941Sailors on Leavefilm

1941Six-Gun Goldfilm

1941Sky Raidersfilm

1941Spider Returns, Thefilm

1940Adventures of Red Ryderfilm

1940Covered Wagon Daysfilm

1940Drums of Fu Manchufilm

1940King of the Royal Mountedfilm

1940Mysterious Doctor Satanfilm

1940Oklahoma Renegadesfilm

1940The Mummy's Handfilm

1940Under Texas Skiesfilm

1940Winners of the Westfilm

1939Daredevils of the Red Circlefilm

1939Dick Tracy's G-Menfilm

1939The Night of Nightsfilm

1939Zorro's Fighting Legionfilm

1937A Damsel In Distressfilm

1937Hraběnka Walewskáfilm

1937Living on Lovefilm

1936The King Steps Outfilm

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