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Angela DiMarco, Actress: The Parish. Angela DiMarco is an actor and producer known for The Parish, Brides To Be, Narco Hitman, and Switchmas with Elliott Gould. Angela's Directorial debut, Always, had it's international premiere in the 2018 Short Film Corner as part of the Festival de Cannes, and it's US premiere in SIFF 2018. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Angela was cast in...
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35 Beta Test
Beta Test
36 The Device
The Device
66 Čekání na světlo
Čekání na světlo
By Gods Grace
By Gods Grace
Second Nature
Second Nature
Legends from the Sky
Legends from the Sky

2019The Parishfilm


2018We Take the Low Roadfilm

2016A1C: Agents 1st Classfilm

2016Beta Testfilm

2016Brides to Befilm

2016Dead Westfilm


2016Second Naturefilm

2016Worst Laid Plansfilm

2015Legends from the Skyfilm

2014By God's Gracefilm

2014Device, Thefilm

2012Ira Finkelstein's Christmasfilm

2008What the Funnyfilm

2006Hollywood Killsfilm

1990Čekání na světlofilm

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