Broderick O'Farrell (1882 - 1955)

Broderick O'Farrell, Actor: No Living Witness. Broderick O'Farrell had been unlocatable for several years before his death. He was a "lost player" who acted mostly in comic and some dramatic roles in "Laurel and Hardy" films in 1930's and up until 1944. At the time of death he was interred in San Fernando Mission Cemetery in Mission Hills, California.

Portland, Oregon, USA
(73 let) Burbank, California, USA
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Broderick O'Farrell oblíbené filmy

87 Věčná Eva
Věčná Eva
99 Zlomená srdce
Zlomená srdce
84 Rapsodie v modrém
Rapsodie v modrém
76 Tajný život Waltera Mittyho
Tajný život Waltera Mittyho
82 Muž, který se směje
Muž, který se směje
The White Parade
The White Parade

1949The Girl from Jones Beachfilm

1948Fighting Father Dunnefilm


1948Velké hodinyfilm

1948Whispering Smithfilm

1947Blaze of Noonfilm

1947I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Nowfilm

1947Mourning Becomes Electrafilm

1947Philo Vance Returnsfilm

1947Tajný život Waltera Mittyhofilm

1947That's My Galfilm

1947The Judge Steps Outfilm

1946Murder Is My Businessfilm


1946She Wrote the Bookfilm

1946The Locketfilm

1946Two Sisters from Bostonfilm

1946Under Nevada Skiesfilm

1945Abbott and Costello in Hollywoodfilm

1945Incendiary Blondefilm

1945Padlý andělfilm

1945Rapsodie v modrémfilm

1945Song for Miss Julie, Afilm

1944Bowery to Broadwayfilm

1944Experiment Perilousfilm

1944Ghost Catchersfilm

1944Music for Millionsfilm

1944Phantom Ladyfilm

1943Dangerous Blondesfilm

1943Gildersleeve's Bad Dayfilm

1943Girls in Chainsfilm

1943Is Everybody Happy?film

1943Jive Junctionfilm

1943Mountain Rhythmfilm

1943Someone to Rememberfilm

1943The Amazing Mrs. Hollidayfilm

1943The Great Gildersleevefilm

1943There's Something About a Soldierfilm

1942Born to Singfilm

1942Brooklyn Orchidfilm

1942Call of the Canyonfilm

1942Hi, Neighborfilm

1942Ice-Capades Revuefilm


1942Skleněný klíčfilm

1942The Man in the Trunkfilm

1942The Night Before the Divorcefilm

1941Buy Me That Townfilm

1941Father Takes a Wifefilm

1941Love Crazyfilm

1941Road Showfilm

1941The Night of January 16thfilm

1941Tvář ženyfilm

1941Věčná Evafilm

1941We Go Fastfilm

1940Hired Wifefilm

1940I'm Still Alivefilm

1940Private Affairsfilm

1940Stranger on the Third Floorfilm

1940The Courageous Dr. Christianfilm

1939Daredevils of the Red Circlefilm

1939Dick Tracy's G-Menfilm

1939Eternally Yoursfilm

1939First Lovefilm

1939Our Leading Citizenfilm

1939Rulers of the Seafilm

1939Society Smugglersfilm

1939The Mysterious Miss Xfilm

1939Tři děvčátka pokračujífilm

1938College Swingfilm

1938Come On, Rangersfilm

1938Red Barryfilm

1938Strange Facesfilm

1938Swing That Cheerfilm

1938The Jury's Secretfilm

1938Touchdown, Armyfilm

1938Who Killed Gail Preston?film

1937Behind the Mikefilm

1937Nobody's Babyfilm

1937Sky Racketfilm

1937That's My Story!film

1937The Man Who Found Himselffilm

1937Venus Makes Troublefilm

1937You Can't Buy Luckfilm

1936Along Came Lovefilm

1936Dangerous Intriguefilm

1936Easy Moneyfilm

1936Freshman Lovefilm

1936It Couldn't Have Happened - But It Didfilm

1936Mléčná dráhafilm



1936The Leavenworth Casefilm

1936The Little Red Schoolhousefilm

1936Without Ordersfilm

1936Úžasná událostfilm

1935A Shot in the Darkfilm

1935I Live My Lifefilm

1935It's in the Airfilm

1935Navy Wifefilm

1935Roaring Roadsfilm

1935Silk Hat Kidfilm

1935Smart Girlfilm

1935Stars Over Broadwayfilm

1935The E-Flat Manfilm

1935The Law Of The 45'sfilm

1935The Perfect Cluefilm

1935The Virginia Judgefilm

1935Zlomená srdcefilm

1934Badge of Honorfilm

1934Cross Streetsfilm

1934Fishing for Troublefilm

1934Guilty Parentsfilm

1934Half-Baked Relationsfilm


1934Love Detectivesfilm

1934Manhattan Love Songfilm

1934Men in Whitefilm

1934The Curtain Fallsfilm

1934The Marines Are Comingfilm

1934The Super Snooperfilm

1934The White Paradefilm

1934The World Accusesfilm

1933Curtain at Eightfilm

1933Reform Girlfilm


1933Sing, Sinner, Singfilm

1933The World Gone Madfilm

1933Turn Back the Clockfilm

1933What! No Beer?film



1932High Speedfilm

1932Madison Sq. Gardenfilm

1932Mother's Holidayfilm

1932No Living Witnessfilm

1932No More Orchidsfilm

1932Self Condemnedfilm


1932The Wet Paradefilm

1931A Private Scandalfilm

1931Beau Hunksfilm

1931Five and Tenfilm

1931Fly My Kitefilm

1931Laugh and Get Richfilm

1931Queenie of Hollywoodfilm

1931Scandal Sheetfilm

1931The Drums of Jeopardyfilm

1931The Public Defenderfilm

1931The Sea Ghostfilm

1931The Sky Raidersfilm

1931U. S. 311film

1930Back Payfilm

1930Burning Upfilm

1930Fast Workfilm

1930Love in the Roughfilm

1930Our Blushing Bridesfilm

1930Razored in Old Kentuckyfilm


1930Shadow of the Lawfilm

1930Street of Chancefilm

1930The Bishop Murder Casefilm

1929Behind Closed Doorsfilm

1929Blaze o' Gloryfilm

1929Chinatown Nightsfilm


1928Mating Call, Thefilm

1928Midnight Madnessfilm

1928Muž, který se smějefilm

1928Romance of the Underworldfilm

1928The Look Out Girlfilm

1928Tiger's Shadow, Thefilm

1927The Princess from Hobokenfilm

1927What Women Did for Mefilm

1926Merry Cavalier, Thefilm

1926Skinner's Dress Suitfilm

1926The Smoke Eatersfilm

1926What Happened to Jonesfilm

1925Ridin' Thunderfilm

1925Sporting Lifefilm

1924Andy's Stump Speechfilm

1924The City of Starsfilm

1920The Golden Trailfilm

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