Nora Cecil

Nora Cecil (1878 - 1951)

Nora Cecil, Actress: Street Scene. Nora Cecil was born on September 26, 1878 in London, England. She was an actress, known for Street Scene (1931), Midnight Faces (1926) and His Majesty, Bunker Bean (1925). She died on May 1, 1951 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
(72 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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87 Věčná Eva
Věčná Eva
81 Přepadení
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Moře trávy
79 Pekelní andělé
Pekelní andělé
86 Byl jsem lynčován
Byl jsem lynčován
77 Union Pacific
Union Pacific

1947Hollywood Bounda.z.

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1943Two Weeks to Livefilm

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1942Apache Trailfilm

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1942Obliging Young Ladyfilm

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1942The Wife Takes a Flyerfilm


1941A Girl, a Guy, and a Gobfilm

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1941Unexpected Unclefilm

1941Věčná Evafilm

1940Anne of Windy Poplarsfilm

1940Little Menfilm

1940Lucky Partnersfilm

1940On Their Ownfilm

1940Queen of the Mobfilm

1940The Bank Dickfilm

1940The Captain Is a Ladyfilm

1940Those Were the Days!film

1940Young Peoplefilm


1939Some Like It Hotfilm

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1939The Adventures of Huckleberry Finnfilm

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1939What a Lifefilm


1938International Settlementfilm

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1938No Time to Marryfilm

1937Blossoms on Broadwayfilm

1937Borrowing Troublefilm

1937Champagne Waltzfilm

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1937Night Must Fallfilm

1937Night of Mysteryfilm

1937Nothing Sacredfilm

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1937The Mighty Trevefilm

1937Three Smart Boysfilm

1936Byl jsem lynčovánfilm

1936Career Womanfilm

1936College Holidayfilm


1936Dancing Piratefilm

1936Girl of the Ozarksfilm

1936Laughing at Troublefilm

1936Let's Make a Millionfilm

1936Little Miss Nobodyfilm

1936The Big Broadcast of 1937film

1936Two in the Darkfilm

1936Under Your Spellfilm

1935Biography of a Bachelor Girlfilm

1935Car 99film

1935Gold Diggers of 1935film

1935Grand Exitfilm

1935Memories and Melodiesfilm

1935Slightly Staticfilm

1935Vagabond Ladyfilm

1935Way Down Eastfilm

19346 Day Bike Riderfilm

1934Apples to You!film

1934Bachelor Baitfilm


1934Hollywood Partyfilm

1934Laughing Boyfilm

1934Mixed Nutsfilm

1934Once to Every Womanfilm

1934One-Horse Farmersfilm

1934Opened by Mistakefilm


1934Search for Beautyfilm

1934Spectacle Maker, Thefilm

1934The Old Fashioned Wayfilm


1934Veselá vdovafilm

1934You're Telling Me!film

1934Žena v poutechfilm

1933Asleep in the Feetfilm

1933Bílá sestrafilm

1933Doctor Bullfilm

1933Fast Workersfilm

1933Going Hollywoodfilm

1933King of the Junglefilm

1933Láska mezi umělcifilm

1933Meet the Baronfilm

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1932Mr. Bridefilm

1932Pack Up Your Troublesfilm

1932Stepping Sistersfilm

1932Week Ends Onlyfilm

1932Young Bridefilm


1931Caught Plasteredfilm

1931East Lynnefilm

1931Everything's Rosiefilm

1931False Roomersfilm

1931Melon-Drama, Afilm


1931Misbehaving Ladiesfilm

1931Street Scenefilm

1931The Ruling Voicefilm

1931The Sin of Madelon Claudetfilm

1930Little Accidentfilm

1930Only Saps Workfilm

1930Outward Boundfilm

1930Pekelní anděléfilm

1930Seven Days' Leavefilm

1930The Return of Dr. Fu Manchufilm

1929Footlights and Foolsfilm

1929Seven Footprints to Satanfilm


1928The Baby Cyclonefilm

1928The Cavalierfilm

1928Trick of Hearts, Afilm

1928V rukou policiefilm

1927Born to Battlefilm

1927Demi-Bride, Thefilm


1927Sensation Seekersfilm

1927The Devil Dancerfilm

1927The Fortune Hunterfilm

1927The Silent Riderfilm

1927Too Many Crooksfilm

1926Born to Battlefilm

1926Chip of the Flying Ufilm

1926Midnight Facesfilm

1926The Passionate Questfilm

1926The Scarlet Letterfilm

1925His Majesty, Bunker Beanfilm



1924Darwin Was Rightfilm

1924The Deadwood Coachfilm


1922The Town That Forgot Godfilm

1922Timothy's Questfilm

1921Poor, Dear Margaret Kirbyfilm

1920Red Foamfilm

1920The Daughter Paysfilm

1919An Amateur Widowfilm

1919Piccadilly Jimfilm

1919Woman, Woman!film

1918By Hook or Crookfilm


1918The Zero Hourfilm

1917A Royal Romancefilm

1917Dolarová princezničkafilm

1917The Wild Girlfilm

1917Tillie Wakes Upfilm

1916Stranger in His Own Home, Afilm

1916The Social Secretaryfilm

1915Alias Jimmy Valentinefilm

1915The Arrival of Perpetuafilm

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