Don Castle (1917 - 1966)

Don Castle, Actor: Born to Speed. The fresh-faced appeal and promising talent of darkly handsome "B" actor Don Castle was evident from the late 30s into the 40s, but it wasn't enough for him to reach topgrade stardom. Born Marion Goodman, Jr. in Beaumont Texas in 1918 and raised in Houston, Don enrolled at the University of Texas before heading West to California to try his luck ...

Beaumont, Texas, USA
(48 let) Hollywood, California, USA
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85 Strike Up the Band
Strike Up the Band
73 Přestřelka u ohrady O.K.
Přestřelka u ohrady O.K.
71 Cesta na severozápad
Cesta na severozápad
Star Spangled Rhythm
Star Spangled Rhythm
I Take This Woman
I Take This Woman
61 Wake Island
Wake Island

1957Přestřelka u ohrady

1957The Big Landfilm

1950Motor Patrolfilm


1948I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoesfilm

1948Madonna of the Desertfilm

1948Perilous Watersfilm

1948Souvenirs of Deathfilm

1948Strike It Richfilm

1948Who Killed Doc Robbin?film

1947Born to Speedfilm

1947High Tidefilm


1947Roses Are Redfilm

1947Seven Were Savedfilm

1947The Guiltyfilm

1947The Invisible Wallfilm

1946The Searching Windfilm

1942Star Spangled Rhythmfilm

1942Tombstone, the Town Too Tough to Diefilm

1942Wake Islandfilm

1941Power Divefilm

1941World Premierefilm

1941You're the Onefilm

1940Cesta na severozápadfilm

1940I Take This Womanfilm

1940Pound Foolishfilm

1940Strike Up the Bandfilm

1940Susan and Godfilm

1940The Ghost Comes Homefilm

1940We Who Are Youngfilm

1939An Hour for Lunchfilm

1939Nick Carter - Master Detectivefilm

1939These Glamour Girlsfilm

1939Thunder Afloatfilm

1939Ukradený rukopisfilm

1938Love Finds Andy Hardyfilm

1938Men in Frightfilm

1938Out West with the Hardysfilm

1938Rich Man, Poor Girlfilm

1938Tajemství ordinacefilm

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