Valerie Solanas (1936 - 1988)

Valerie Solanas, Actress: Bike Boy. Valerie Solanas, born in 1936, had a childhood of abuse. While taking Biology at the University of Maryland in 1957, she studied human chromosomes (there are 23 pairs). She noticed the male sex chromosomes are XY, and the female are XX. Since the Y chromosome is like the X, but with a part missing, males are more susceptible to deficiencies like ...

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
(52 let) San Francisco, California, USA
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Bike Boy
Bike Boy
44 I, a Man
I, a Man
The Valerie Solanas Incident
The Valerie Solanas Incident

1971Valerie Solanas Incident, Thefilm

1967Bike Boyfilm

1967I, a Manfilm

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