Helen Jerome Eddy (1897 - 1990)

Helen Jerome Eddy, Actress: Stowaway. A gentle-mannered, somewhat mournful-looking actress, brown-haired Helen Jerome Eddy enjoyed a substantial career in the silents, often in genteel, well-bred roles which required a certain amount of pathos. After acting on the stage at the Pasadena Playhouse, she began in films with the Lubin company in 1915, initially cast as vamps in juicy ...

New York City, New York, USA
(92 let) Alhambra, California, USA
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Helen Jerome Eddy oblíbené filmy

82 Frankensteinova nevěsta
Frankensteinova nevěsta
88 Strike Up the Band
Strike Up the Band
76 Tajný život Waltera Mittyho
Tajný život Waltera Mittyho
78 Loď komediantů
Loď komediantů
The Divine Lady
The Divine Lady
86 Pan Smith přichází
Pan Smith přichází

1947Tajný život Waltera Mittyhofilm

1940Strike Up the Bandfilm

1939Blondie Brings Up Babyfilm

1939Burn 'Em Up O'Connorfilm

1939Good Girls Go to Parisfilm

1939Pan Smith přicházífilm

1939Scandal Sheetfilm

1938City Streetsfilm

1938Crime Ringfilm

1938Strange Case of Dr. Meadefilm

1938Tarnished Angelfilm

1937Jim Hanvey, Detectivefilm

1937Nancy Steele Is Missing!film

1937The Soldier and the Ladyfilm

1937The Women Men Marryfilm

1936Klondike Anniefilm

1936Loď komediantůfilm

1936Slepý pasažérfilm

1936The Country Doctorfilm

1936The Crime of Dr. Forbesfilm


1936Zahrada Allahovafilm

1935A Shot in the Darkfilm


1935Frankensteinova nevěstafilm


1935Rendezvous at Midnightfilm

1935The Girl from 10th Avenuefilm

1935The Keeper of the Beesfilm

1934A Girl of the Limberlostfilm

1934Dr. Monicafilm


1934Unknown Blondefilm

1933Broadway Through a Keyholefilm

1933Man's Castlefilm

1933Noční letfilm

1933Strictly Personalfilm

1933The Masqueraderfilm

1933Torch Singerfilm

1933Vášeň generála Yenafilm

1932Frisco Jennyfilm

1932Madame Butterflyfilm

1932Make Me a Starfilm

1932Manhattan Paradefilm

1932No Greater Lovefilm

1932Parisian Romance, Afilm

1932The Impatient Maidenfilm

1932The Night of June 13film

1931Girls Demand Excitementfilm

1931Mata Harifilm



1931That's News to Mefilm

1931The Great Meadowfilm

1930Niagara Fallsfilm

1930Reaching for the Moonfilm

1930War Nursefilm

1929Blue Skiesfilm



1929Small Talkfilm

1929The Divine Ladyfilm

192813 Washington Squarefilm

1928Chicago After Midnightfilm

1928Speed Classic, Thefilm

1928Two Loversfilm

1927Quality Streetfilm



1925Marry Mefilm

1925The Dark Angelfilm

1924The Fire Patrolfilm

1923Old Sweetheart of Mine, Anfilm

1923The Country Kidfilm

1923To the Ladiesfilm

1922The Flirtfilm

1922When Love Comesfilm

1921One Man in a Millionfilm

1921The March Harefilm

1921The Other Womanfilm

1921The Ten Dollar Raisefilm

1920A City Sparrowfilm

1920A Light Womanfilm

1920Forbidden Thing, Thefilm

1920Miss Hobbsfilm


1920The County Fairfilm

1920The House of Toysfilm

1919A Very Good Young Manfilm

1919The Boomerangfilm

1919The Man Beneathfilm

1919The Trembling Hourfilm

1919The Turn in the Roadfilm

1919Tong Man, Thefilm

1918Breakers Aheadfilm

1918Jules of the Strong Heartfilm

1918Old Wives for Newfilm

1918One More Americanfilm

1918The Spirit of '17film

1918Winner Takes Allfilm

1917As Men Lovefilm

1917His Sweetheartfilm

1917Lost in Transitfilm

1917Mary ze zadlužené farmyfilm

1917The Cook of Canyon Campfilm

1917The Fair Barbarianfilm

1917The Marcellini Millionsfilm

1917The Wax Modelfilm

1916Her Father's Sonfilm

1916Madame la Presidentefilm


1916Redeeming Lovefilm

1916The Code of Marcia Grayfilm

1916The Tongues of Menfilm

1915A Night in Old Spainfilm

1915The Gentleman from Indianafilm

1915The Inner Chamberfilm

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